Mistress Jessica and Max

I w****d my hands around Max's wais and whisperd “i need you now” he smiled back at me and he coulds see the lust the love the passion the heat in my eyes. I pinned him up aginst the wall and kissed him slowly parting his lips with my toung forcing his mouth open to take in my tougn our toungs danced togther me slowly sucking on his as the emnse heat and wetness built inbetween my legs.Max grabed my ass knowing if he did it would lead to a punishment for I am his misstress and he loves my fat 57 inch ass.I wimpered every so sligtly as he squezzed my ass.I growled “go change” as I'm not use to waiting or him disobeying the no touch rule.As I wait for Max my loving and devoted sub I begin to rub the source of my wet heat slowly but with intention i moan softly i sort of low growl.5 minutes later as i play and rub and pinch my wet pussy giving my self lil shots of pleasure Max walks back in to the room with the matching blue and black lace womens bra and panty set i bought our 1st month togther.I moan and growled softly for seeing him in this brings me to another level of nervana.“Come here”and like a good sub he dose as told.I lay him down on the bed kissing him passioantly sucking on his tougn biting his lower lip I stroke his stiffning cock thru the lacey silk.I begin to kiss his neck and jaw moaning softly...2 b continued
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Lucky sub tell us more