Me & You

I`m not the kinda girl guys fall all over hell I`d be lucky if they even know i exist in the first place but this story has nothing to do with guys or girls but a fantsy i have about you and me... I watched your eyes grow bigger as i gently kissed your hand sucking one finger after another i was young stupid but craved to feel your touch who cares that this would just last one night at least for this one night i can have what i desier most...i look in to your beautiful eyes breathing in deeply i need you i want you i whisper you hesatite never seeing me like this befor usualy im quiet looking nervously around...but not to nite i lean in kissing ur lips gently placing ur hand by my wetness begging to be rubed felt loved just for tonite u kiss me slowly slideing ur toung in and out my mouth...u beginto finger me slowly and i begin to cum on ur fingers i moan slightly and remove your hand with a wimper i suck my juices off ur fingers and whispers to you eat me as i lay flat and you begin eating my wet pussy i move with the rythm of your motions yes yes gawwwwd yes mmmmm i never felt this way in my life then u come up u kiss me with your mouth full of my lifetover juices i kiss u eagerly mmmm then i begin to pleasure u wr****g my wet mouth around ur hard shaft taking my time sucking up down stoping every now and then to take in the pleasure on ur face i stop twirl my toung teasingly on the tip of ur cock and begin sucking on you again till you cum in my mout i take your hot stickyness in my mouth mmm so good i come back up forcing u to teast your cumm mmmm so hot u choke a lil never teasting ur self befor now but after you teast ur self you kiss me eagerly depply pulling me closer i begin to wimper to cry cause i know this will not last u just needed a quick fix i fix my clothes with longing disear and lust in my eyes as you dress and walk out the door..
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4 years ago
good but short
4 years ago
Really nice!