Dirty Tranny gang bang

Deep breath Charlotte, step into the night air and strut your stuff girl.

This is what I was born to do; I snuggle into my short white fleecy coat as my 5” platform heels click on the pavement. Glancing down I can see my shapely stocking clad legs and, the all important, ankle bracelet glitter in the light reflected from the street lamps.

It is not quite 8 pm as I walk the short distance from my hotel to the pre-arranged meeting place just outside the pub near Tower Bridge.

Two men walk past; mid thirties and well dressed, they have both been looking at me for some time, surreptitiously but I have seen them look at my legs, my knees and thighs showing as my coat parts as I walk towards them. I make sure that the hips are moving in a nice sexy sway, the feet placed gracefully and elegantly one in front of another; stomach in and tits out! They have looked at the blonde hair in an upsweep at the back and tendrils framing my beautifully made up face, the large gold hooped ear rings and the glittering nose stud, the thick long eyelashes fluttering as I glance at them with a smile on my face. A moment’s eye contact and they are passed. Did they realise? Who knows? Perhaps in that last moment they noticed the larger hands than most girls have? Perhaps not! Does it matter – certainly not to me; in some ways that it is part of the buzz that the realisation comes just as they pass me! I hope they looked back and saw the beautiful barely black, fully fashioned seamed stockings with the re-enf***ed heel. Maybe later they will wank themselves silly at the thought of this attractive girl actually really being a bloke?

No sooner have they passed then there is a singleton guy walking towards me; beanie hat pulled over his ears, tight jeans, trainers and earphones – he glances but is clearly immersed in other things. Then a lady in her mid forties – she doesn’t even glance my way but proceeds quickly onwards towards the bus stop at speed as a bus approaches so that she can board it.

A girl, maybe 22-24 years, old scoots by and smiles as she passes, I can help but notice her figure which is gorgeous in her jeans and leather jacket. She probably worked out what I was sooner than anyone else but it is not an issue for her – her smile said as much.

Similar encounters occur through the next couple of minutes or so as I walk around the corner where Sam said he would meet me. My mobile bleeps and I look at the message ‘Sorry babe running about 5 minutes late! xx’ I grin to myself – at one time I might have been in a panic but I stop and text back ‘no probs if u not there in 5 will meet you inside xx’. This girl is made of stern stuff and I re-route slightly to go and look in some shops across the road making sure I use the proper crossing – running to avoid traffic in these heels is just not an option.

I am so enjoying myself as I look in to a jewellers shop window, I can see my reflection and I like what I see – my smile is getting bigger and bigger. I finish looking and walk back across the road using a different crossing. Standing alongside some other girls waiting to cross and match their stride reasonable well as we cross. Without hesitating I note that there is no guy standing outside the pub so I just follow the same group of girls in and make way to the bar. I wait while they get their order; looking around nonchalantly noticing guys looking at my heels and legs.

My turn, “White wine spritzer please and oh! Can I have it made with lemonade not soda? Thanks!” The very pretty girl behind the bar smiles as she serves me and asks, “has it stopped raining yet?” “Yeh! Thank goodness I respond!” She must know because, although I am softly spoken, I do not try to talk in a silly squeaky voice – she doesn’t bat an eyelid – she has served me before I think.

As I rummage in my handbag to find my purse I feel an arm around me and a voice says, “Sorry I’m late Charlotte – I’ll get that!”

“Oh hi Sam darling” – he kisses me on the cheek and I reach for his hand which is headed for my waist – I hold it there for a second as he orders a pint of beer for himself. The girl behind the bar grins at me and raises her eyes and looks sideways at Sam in a way that says ‘he’s nice!’

He is very nice! 6ft 2ins of beautiful black studmuffin who any girl would want in her pants!

I grin back and slide my arm under Sam’s as he motions to a nearby table which is on a raised platform at the side of the pub. He puts out a manly arm for me to steady myself as I step up – I am aware of the gaze of some guys who are watching as the tight short dress I am wearing rises up a little showing a bit more thigh. Let ‘em look, it is very nice sight and worth it.

“You still on for tonight babe?” Sam looks at me, as he takes a swig of his pint, with a gleeful glint in his eye.

“You betcha – been lookin’ forward to this for just about forever!”

“You still happy with the arrangements then?”

“You’ll look after me wont ya?” I give him a smile and he responds;

“Yeh! Of course darlin’ – you know you can trust me!”

“Yep!” Sam has always been a perfect gent and has always responded to my ‘safety word/signal’ without hesitation although I have only ever used it twice and once was as a test!

Sam drains his pint and says, “OK babes I’ll go and get the van and see you out front in what, say, 5 mins?”

“OK darlin’ – suits me fine!”

He leaves and I sit sipping my drink with anticipation of the night’s fun rising in me.

After 5 mins I collect our glasses and take them to the bar.

The girl at the bar smiles, “Thanks hun – where’s your fella gone?”

“Oh! He’s gone to get his van – we have some others to meet!” I giggle as I say it.

“Take care my love!”

“Will do – bye!”

I strut out through the double doors of the pub, a man about 50 holding the door open for me and I smile a thank you, and continue out to stand on the pavement – no sign of Sam yet but I know he will be here shortly.

His works Ford Transit comes around the corner and he pulls up in front of me. I open the door and lift my backside on to the seat swinging my legs up in behind me and showing some stocking top as I do so. (It was kind of deliberate for both Sam and the three blokes who are just walking past!)

“Looking foxy babe!” Sam pats my thighs and rubs his hand over the welt of the stockings and the black lacy suspender with the little red bow that is peeking out from my skirt.

“Have to look my best don’t I?” I giggle.

Sam drives about a mile and turns down a darkened street pulling on to an area of gravel. I climb out and remove my coat revealing the sexy Karen Millen dress I have chosen for tonight. Meanwhile Sam opens the back doors and I move round to climb in. Its quite a step up and I have to pull my dress right up to get in and he puts his hand on my bottom to steady me on my heels.

Once inside, he switches on a light and shuts the back doors. In the middle of the van there is a padded affair, about 2 feet of the floor. I pull my dress down and position my waist over it and Sam fastens my wrists into some leather restraints – these are fastened to the side of the van and he pulls on the loose rope tightening it so that my arms are outstretched. Into my hand he places a button affair which is attached to the wrist restraint so I can’t drop it. He fastens a collar around my neck and this also is pulled reasonably tight so that if I try to drop my head it hurts like hell.

Stepping around and over me he then pulls my legs off the floor – fastening restrains around my ankles and pulling my legs open so that I am kind of spread eagled with my waist taking all my weight. My penis is in its cache, under and between my legs, pulled back towards my arsehole; my crutch is resting on a padded lump which means that my penis cannot rise but is held pointing backwards.

“You OK Charlotte?”

“Yeh! I am fine thanks”

“Just test the buzzer!” I press it and a loud buzzer goes off in the van and the neck restraint loosens immediately.

He tightens it again and then inserts a spider gag into my mouth opening it up so that I can’t speak although I can make a kind of sound like a gurgling sink!

Then he opens the back doors and gets out. The light goes out and I hear Sam getting back into the front of the van and the engine start. We move off and with every bump I get a spasm of ecstasy through my crutch and penis.

We make our way through the London traffic and I can hear people outside and other cars but can see nothing.

After what seems like about 30 mins but is probably only 15 the vehicle comes to a final halt and I hear Sam talking to what sounds like a group of men.

The doors at the back and the one at the side are thrown open and some lights go on which flood the inside of the van.

I hear Sam’s voice say, “Right those with tokens A1 and M1 step forward!” I see a man standing in the side door, his flies are open and his penis is sticking out – I can see his cock head glistening and he makes straight towards my mouth. As he does so I can hear a man behind me step up into the van and a rough hand pulls my skirt upwards and I feel a rush of colder air around my nether regions. He tucks my dress out of the way and then pulls my knickers aside. Almost at once I feel his cock being pushed against my puckered hole and I squeeze my arsehole to push out some of the KY suppository I put in earlier to grease my man pussy.

I am sucking at the cock in my mouth since I have no choice really and the guy is pushing further and further in – I know to drop my tongue and swallow so the his erect member can have access to my throat.

Meanwhile, behind me my arsehole is being probed by what feels like a fairly substantial piece of meat. Suddenly there is a thrust and I have a nice big fat dick inside me pumping away and forcing my retrained penis against the padded retainer.

“Don’t forget if you are fucking her arse you must come in her mouth and if you are fucking her mouth you must come in her arse – otherwise you will be charged double!” Sam voice again.

I am now being well and truly fucked at both ends – I want to release my own semen but the way my cock is folded back I just can’t! The pain and pleasure engulfs me in waves and I throb with lust and excitement.

I can hear other men cheering the two guys on, making lewd comments about me and what a fucking slut I am. They are so right!

The guy in my arse pulls out with a sloppy, farty plop and goes around to the side door; the man in my mouth is pulled off and he darts around behind me. I get the cock that was just in my arse pushed into my mouth and my head and chin are held whilst it is thrust backwards and forwards – I cannot taste much but I know where it’s been and this make my own little penis strain even more.

I hear Sam rooting around behind me and know that he is placing a jug strategically under the area where my arse is sticking out. The guy that was previously in my mouth offers up his cockhead and my arsehole parts without protest as he drives himself in right up to his balls. I arch my back and a kind of squeal comes out of me – heavily muffled by the prick that is trying to reach my stomach.

Matey in my mouth suddenly groans and shouts, “Yes! Fuckin’ Yes!” The first squirt hits the back of my throat as he pulls out to show the other guys that he is cumming what feels like a pint of cum into my mouth. I gurgle, almost choking as the cum flies forward in my mouth and dribbles out and down my tongue. Almost at once I feel the frantic rhythm of the prick in my backside and then it stops; a pause with this prick buried deep within me; the hairy area around the guys scrotum pressed hard against my smooth backside as he grunts in ecstasy and I know from the convulsions and the grunting that his seed is being driven deep within me. He pulls out and I just know my arsehole is gaping; little dribbles of spunk run down my inside leg and I push to fart the cum out. It is not as easy or as simple as it might seem but after three or four squeezes I am rewarded with a wet fart and a cheer from the spectators and a “well done babe” from Sam. This presumably means he captured some of the cum in the jug.

“Right M2 and A2 get at her – she’s cooling off!” Sam laughs as he says this. Another guy steps up into the front of the van his dick at attention and starts an onslaught on my mouth. I feel the cheeks of my arse being pulled apart and another cock is pushed against, the now, very compliant hole with its lubrication from both the KY and the spunk that has splashed against it. It slides in reasonably easily but it is a fat bugger and I moan as it is pushed in with some vigour. My own cock is now fully trapped against the padded lump and my balls have ascended back in to me from whence they had come when I was about 14.

The fact that there is no preamble to get these guys hard is due to Karen and Rachael, two of Sam’s real girls who he pimps for, they are both ‘fluffing’ the blokes to ensure that I get the benefit of a nice hard cocks without doing too much work.

In fact it was because of Karen that I got involved with Sam. One night I was in a pub and she smiled at me and came over. She was very pretty, gorgeous black girl with skin like ebony, beautifully made up and looked like a tart in some very high heeled boots, short skirt and white seamed fishnets.

She slipped her arm through mine and placing her lips close to my ear whispered “Hi babes – you look fantastic hun! – took me a minute or so decide but you are a bloke aren’t you?”

I smiled, “Yeh! But thanks for the compliment hunny!”

“You wouldn’t like to earn some money would you?” Lips now placed even closer to my ear.

“What do you mean?” I was reasonably confident that the answer would either involve prostitution or d**gs, maybe both, but more likely the former.

“Well – Oh! By the way my name’s Karen!” “Charlotte!” I replied and she squeezed my arm. “Lovely name for a stunning babe!” she whispered again. “Listen, you’ve probably guessed what I do but my pimp is always being asked to find girls like you for special events!”

So that was that. I gave her my email address and almost at once Sam had met me for sex – which was awesome and he then offered me a part time job on the payroll.

This was my first group event and I was determined to do it well since not only was the money fantastic, but Sam would always give me a good seeing too just to make sure I was a happy bunny!

I had also had an interesting threesome with Karen and her lesbian lover Rachael, white, again very pretty, blonde with a body and legs to die for. These two girls got so much sex with men that they preferred each other’s company when not working

So they helped me with clothes, make-up and all things girly but at the same time after a hard night’s work they would very often snuggle up with me. Lucky or what?

Now I was working away with them in a supporting role. I was being banged good and proper by the second two, in fact they were a rough and a couple of times I nearly pressed the buzzer but knowing it might affect my fee persevered despite my neck hurting a bit. Soon they were swopping ends and this time I got a real face-full of sticky sperm which hit my left eye and cheek. When I farted out the cum it sounded and felt like there was quite a bit – the cheer going up being particularly loud.

They were replaced by two more but I was now beginning to flag quite a lot so it was with some relief after they had done the business that Sam announced, “Right we are going to turn her over for a DP!” my neck, hands and legs were unfastened and I was man handled upright and turned around. The relief on my dick was very welcome and I expected to come straight away but it was not until my arse was lowered on to what felt like a pole I actually spurted a huge jet of cum across the van as my dick sprang to attention and my balls descended.

By now I was pulled back over the padded lump and I realised that it was a captive dildo that I had been sat down onto – my hands were pulled back and fastened and the next guy was between my legs lifting them up on to his shoulders whilst he pushed his cock against the dildo and slid it into my little rosebud. How an arsehole can take such treatment I do not know but he was moaning and fucking me with all his might. Meanwhile another dick was pushed into my mouth and I gagged as my head was f***ed back to get the straight line to me throat. On this occasion the guy in my arse could not hold himself back and he came not long after he first penetrated me. That was too much for the other bloke who also lost it and I was splattered with fourth load of heman goo.

The two guys were replaced by two more and I was well and truly fucked again with more semen ending up in the jug as I was pulled of the dildo and farted out another creamy spurt.

At this point I was unfastened and dragged out of the van into what I could now see was a builders yard. Sam was lying on the top of some bricks with a blanket over them – his big black cock pointing skywards. I was lifted, face down, on top of him and I was aware of Karen grabbing his prick and pushing it into my, now gaping, hole. Sam put his arms around my back and pulled me down on to his chest and held me good a tight whilst a selection of guys penetrated me at the same time his prick remained in my rectum. Each on came then pulled out to be followed by another. Finally, I could feel Sam pumping at me and after another good shagging from this sex machine he came in my poor little arse thrashing and grunting a he did so.

I was dragged off him and holding me in a crouching position I squirted out what felt like a pint of cum into the waiting jug.

I was hauled up to the van my hands fastened behind my back – Karen called all the guys around and some work lights were shone on me. Rachael held my head back and Karen got the jug and slowly poured the contents into my mouth and over my face. I retched, choked and spluttered but she just kept pouring very slowly till it was all gone.

I coughed and coughed and eventually managed to get some air.

“Drinks time!” said Sam and he produced a tray of canned beers – the guys (there must have been about 20) all picked one up and opened them taking a deep swig.

“Oh baby do you want a drink?” Sam looked at me and I nodded, the cum still sliding down my face.

“Karen, Rachael give Charlotte a drink!” Sam motioned to the two girls towards me.

The both lifted their short skirts and pissed into my mouth washing some more of the cum in as they did so.

Afterwards the guys all went there separate way – Karen and Rachael cleaned me up and gave me a proper drink of some vintage champagne (my favourite after cum) and we sat there and divided out the huge amount of money I had just earned us – Sam is very generous and I get two thirds of it - the other third being split between him and the two fluffers.

Do it again? – You betcha! It’s the best way to earn cash there is.

100% (18/0)
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1 year ago
Love it! I could always use some extra spending money!
2 years ago
hot! well done charlotte
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great story
3 years ago
great story, much thanks for sharing it with us. loved it
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3 years ago
great story!
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Great stuff .. thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
Now that was a great time woud love todo that myself sometime thanks Candi