Another time Another Place Finale


A taxi was waiting outside. I was ushered by Richard towards the rear door and he hissed, “Don’t forget you are a girl now Charlotte and you should have been taught how to get into a taxi” In a haze of nervousness I did as I had been told. I tried to follow Renata’s instructions but it was not so easy with a real car. Richard got in the other side and issued some instructions to the driver about the centre of Roma.

He sat close to me and was holding my hand down close to my left leg with my other hand I tried to pull my dress down but still there was a huge expanse of silk stocking showing with an occasional glimpse of the welt and the suspenders at the top.

I expected the taxi driver to laugh and ask why this teenage boy was dressed up like a girl or at least to say something. He didn’t bat an eyelid and drove off as directed occasionally looking in the rear view mirror at my exposed thighs grinning salaciously.

I said nothing for fear of the driver thinking my voice was not as girl like as I hoped it might sound. Richard kept up a conversation with him in Italian. At one point I thought I heard the word ‘prostitute’ and them both laugh.

I sat looking out of the car window with my emotions doing leapfrogs – I loved being dressed as a girl, I loved the way men leered at me from the street as we went passed. On the earlier occasion that day that I had been driven by Richard, no one had bothered to look or glance in my direction now, every man we passed tried to make eye contact with me. I loved the fact that I was being mistaken for the sexy young girl I had always wanted to be but I was also afraid – what was to become of me?

We drove into the centre of Roma where the night life was beginning to hit the streets.
The taxi pulled up on one of the main streets Richard got out and came around to my side and opened the door, “Come along Charlotte darling – out you get!”

He watched as I swung my legs out on to the pavement and looked appreciatively as my dark clad legs and feet with the painted nails and toe ring slid on to the pavement. He probably saw a glimpse of my stocking tops despite my attempts to be ladylike. I stood up, smoothing my dress down as instructed by my teacher earlier. Without a thought I shook my head like any girl would to reposition my hair and glanced in a nearby glass fronted shop to check the effect. Richard paid the driver and some ribald exchange took place with laughter and a rude gesture from the Italian as he took his tip.

“Richard what are you doing? - just what are you doing?” I was moved to speak now that we were out of the immediate hearing of anyone. “Don’t take on so Charlie or should I say Charlotte – just come and have a drink and I’ll explain.” He took my arm in his and motioned me towards an elegant looking bar and street café which was about thirty metres away.

Walking as taught, I gracefully strolled alongside him – as we walked it was clear that I was an object of some attention to the men on the street. I was whistled, leered and generally appreciated by them. I was both embarrassed and excited by this attention. I noted that other girls got similar treatment if they were young and attractive.

We reached the café/bar and Richard pulled out a chair, at one of the pavement table, and said, “Is this OK darling?” in a reasonably loud voice. I nodded and mumbled, “Yes thank you.” I sat carefully, aware of the men around looking at my dress as it moved up my thighs as I lowered myself onto the chair. I hadn’t noticed before but the false nipples were showing through the dress quite clearly and men were looking intently at them. I was disconcerted to find that my restrained penis was now growing at an alarming rate as I sat looking around at these men who obviously thought I was a young girl or more likely a prostitute out with her client. Richard ordered a bottle of red wine from a leering waiter whose eyes never left my ankles and thighs.

Richard sat near me, his hand resting on my thigh. His face close to mine he spoke quietly into my ear.

“OK I know this was all a bit of a shock but following on from our conversation the other night I thought you might like to see what it is really like to be a girl ….. So, what do you think then - is it how you thought?”

I turned my head to speak quietly in his ear, “I I I m not entirely sure it’s all been a bit of a shock – I do like it but why didn’t you tell me what you were going to do?”

He laughed lightly and said, “Because you would never have done it if I had revealed exactly what would happen – this way you find out without having to think about it first.” I had to agree that being presented fait accompli as it were meant that I had never had to make any decisions and I would have wimped out if I had been given the choice.

The wine arrived; the waiter poured it glancing again at my legs and tits. As I took a large sip of it, Richard then had another surprise for me. “Your dad wanted me to find out if you were a poof you know?” I nearly spat the wine out, “What?” “Oh yes that is part of the deal – he thought he saw you dressed up in woman’s clothes so he asked me to find out!” “Are you going to tell him??” I was in a panic on hearing this news and I nearly blew my cover by dropping my voice.

“Calm down, calm down don’t draw attention to yourself” as he said this he patted my knee reassuringly. “Now some pasta eh? – you won’t have eaten I expect?” Richard wandered off to find the waiter leaving me sitting alone with a myriad of thoughts and lots of leering men to consider.

He was back a couple of minutes later and I was so relieved to see him that I grabbed his hand when he sat down and pulled him back towards me. “Please don’t leave me alone like that these men are a bit frightening!” “Well they think you’re a tart, a prostitute, a lady of easy virtue!” he said with a grin. “That ankle chain on your right ankle means you are for hire – did you not know that?” “No I bl**dy didn’t!!” I hissed “get me out of here!” Richard, rubbed my knee and smiled, “All in good time my little one, all in good time. - I need something to eat first then we’ll go.”

I was in no position to argue. The pasta came and I picked at it. I was a little hungry but the tight waist clincher and my precarious situation had taken the edge of my appetite. I did drink some wine though, and I began to feel slightly heady perhaps even a bit rash.

After what seemed an age Richard finished his pasta but insisted on having a brCharlie, an offer of which I declined.

Whilst he was finishing his drink, I again reflected that he was probably right – faced with the prospect of sitting in front of a lot of people dressed as a tart I would have be scared out of my wits and simply refused. I did like men looking at me and admiring me as a girl. I had started to glance at some of them and loved the reaction I was getting – this was probably a combination of the wine and the fact that I was accepted for what I was perceived to be. I realised with some shock that it was nearly ten o’ clock and that I had been there for some time enjoying small talk with Richard and actually flirting with him. Almost unnoticed I was talking and laughing in a more girly way and was fiddling with my hair and dress like girls do.

I needed the loo. This was going to be a test and a half! I said to Richard, “I have to use the Ladies!” – “Off you go then!” I took a deep breath and raised myself up now slightly wobbly from sitting and the drink. “Where is it?” I hissed at Richard. He grinned – “You’ll have to find out!!” Shit! The bastard! This is going to be harder than I thought.

I made my way into the café ensuring that I walked as sexily as I could – “Excuse can you direct me to the toilet?” I asked our waiter in what I hoped was a girly manner. “Si, Si, this way! This way!” He motioned me towards the back of the café and led me down a passage. Thankfully, I could see the ladies symbol on a door just to the right. As I walked towards it the waiter’s hand slid over my bottom and he pinched my arse. “Ow!” came out - but quietly as I had half expected it!

I got in to the toilet which was a single cubicle affair, lowered my knickers and relieved myself sitting down on the pan. I could still smell Renata’s vagina fragrance wafting up from the cotton gusset and my dick did a flick of appreciation.

I dried my pussy pole and checked my make-up using the items in the handbag Renata had given me. I flushed the loo and made my way back to Richard getting another pinch on my arse from another waiter as I headed back to our table. I would be going back to being a boy again soon and was, on the one hand relieved, but slightly sad that my excursion into this wonderful womanly world would soon be at an end.

“Would you like to walk for a while?” “Yes please.” I wanted to drag my experience out for as long as possible. Richard took my arm and we strolled along. I led him to windows to look at clothes and jewellery as we made our way along in front of the other cafes and shops. An entirely natural scene to anyone passing by and I found the thought that this was the case simply wonderful.

We had been walking for about 10 minutes when I realised two things – firstly, Richard had his arm around my waist now and again and in between times would touch my arm or bum and secondly, we were now away from the shops and cafes and in an area of older properties with not so many people about.

Richard said, “God I need a wee now – look we’ll just go down this alley so I can go!”

The alleyway went back about 5 yards into a very small courtyard which on two sides overlooked a park. Around the park was a half wall with some railings on top the whole structure being about 10 feet high.

I turned to give Richard some privacy as he undid his zipper and I heard the sounds of him relieving himself.

As he finished I started back towards the alleyway entrance when he grabbed my shoulder.

“Oh no! My little virgin this is where I want you!” Richards’s attitude had changed in an instant. From his jacket pocket he rapidly produced a pair of handcuffs. Expertly, he pulled my arms behind me and they were snapped over my wrists. “Hey Richard what are you doing – please let me go! let me go!”

“Shut it! And get over there!” “Noo! Please Richard please let me go home!” I started to sob slightly –

“That won’t do you any good – you wanted to find out what it is like to be a girl well now you are really going to find out you little bl**dy slut!”

His manner was very threatening and scary and I was very frightened.

I tried to struggle but he was very strong and he pushed me up against the low wall and on to a sort of stone ledge about waist height. He had another clip on the handcuffs and this he fastened to the railings.

“Now here’s the deal tart – either do as you are told or I leave you here to fend for yourself and I tell your dad that I caught you dressed as a girl and you went off on your own in to Rome – I don’t think you would like either of those things would you?

“No please, please!” I sobbed. He lifted me on to the ledge and as he did so he slid his hands up my outer thighs bringing my dress up to my waist. The angle that I was lent back at made my feet lift off the pavement and as they did so Richard f***ed my legs open, knelt down and put his face in between my legs. He started to lick my stockinged legs and the area between the tops and the edge of my knickers. As he did so he grunted, rubbing his hands up and down my legs, slavering and leaving dribbles of spit around the tops of my legs like a man possessed.

After a couple of minutes he stopped and glanced over at the alley entrance. He got up off his knees and walked to the entrance into the alleyway. There was a wrought iron gate which was locked against the wall – He had a Key! He unlocked it and closed it across the opening locking it in place – “Just so we won’t be disturbed!” he leered at me as he made his way back.

I looked out of the alleyway into the street but those people who did pass by, of which there were very few, either did not look into the alley or simply glanced – perhaps they realised that a man was with his girl or tart and proceeded on their way not wishing to get involved.

I sobbed quietly as Richard recommenced his intimate act - continuing by putting his tongue into the edge in between my legs and the knicker elastic. He was grunting like a boar in heat and was clearly treating me like a slutty tart. After what seemed like an age he pulled my knickers down and slid them off one leg giving him greater access to my nether regions. He startled me by pushing his tongue right in the crack of my bum and then started licking around my anus. His tongue darted in and out making it wet and slippery. A finger followed the tongue which he slid expertly in and out – I was ashamed to realise that this activity had caused my own penis to engorge and strain against its restraint in a way I would have never thought possible. I was horrified to find that I was enjoying the sensation in my arse and let out an involuntary sigh of pleasure.

Despite this I continued to sob, in a very girly way, as these ministrations were made on my body but Richard continued with vengeance on my arsehole using his tongue and fingers to ‘open me up’.

All of a sudden he stopped and undid the attachment to the railings. He lifted me down from the ledge and hissed “Kneel you little fucker! Kneel!” I knelt on the pavement, my arms fastened behind me. He fully unfastened and his trousers, pulling his trousers and boxer shorts down. In the half light provided by the moon and what little light was shining from the street I saw his cock rise up. It was about 8 inches long, thick with huge veins running down the side. “Open up your slutty mouth you whore!” I could not believe that he was going to put his prick into my mouth but in surprise and fear I opened up. He pushed his cock towards me and told me to suck and lick it.

I licked the tip. “No all the way in – come on tart!” It slid into my mouth and throat with me gagging on it as he did so. “Get it right down – go on!!” I tried to let it in further but I choked and spluttered, “Noo please I can’t – it hurts – you’re choking me!” “You can do it you slut – go on!”

He re-positioned himself and made a straighter line as he pushed me head up and slid his penis in. “Spit on my cock you whore!” I did as I was told and he rubbed my spittle over the tip of his cockhead. He pushed it into my mouth again, holding my hair back so he could see by the light of a street lamp. I gurgled again as he attempted to ‘deep throat’ me. “Urrgh!, Urrgh!” I cried as he f***ed it in.

“Stop fighting it – push your tongue down to the bottom of your mouth and swallow!” I did as I was told. My throat hurt but then all of a sudden his prick just popped down my throat and he grunted again with satisfaction as my throat muscles gripped his erect member. I could hardly breathe but that did not stop him he fucked my mouth and throat like a man possessed. “God I’ve wanted to do this to you for a long time!” he grunted. Every so often he held my nose and I thought I would suffocate. Then his cock would slide out and I would gasp for breath. As I did so he reminded me that he was my master now and I would do exactly as I was told or face the consequences.

Someone walked passed the end of the alleyway – what they saw I do not know but presumably just a girl giving a guy a blow job.

After what seemed like a lifetime Richard withdrew his hardened cock from my mouth and throat and told me to stand up. He lifted and shoved me back on to the ledge and positioned himself pulling my legs up and apart. He pulled a tube of something from his pocket and rubbed it over his dick. Then he raised himself towards me and to my horror I felt his cock head at the entrance to my anus. I lay back against the railings aware that I was about to learn what it felt like to be penetrated by a rampant cock. After a couple of tentative stabs, during which my arsehole tried to resist he got cross. “Open up you fucker!” As he said it he put one hand around my already tender throat. “Relax your arse or I’ll squeeze you neck until you do!!” I let myself go - he was ready – taking his hand from my neck he pushed it over my mouth as he shoved his cockhead into my virgin arsehole. The hand was to stifle my squeal as my rectum was penetrated. The pain was almost unbearable but to my amazement in it went in quite a way – he pulled back a little then a second thrust took him up to his balls. He removed his hand, “Don’t make any noise or it will be the worse for you – understand?” I nodded unable to speak through my sobs and the pain. “Keep bl**dy quiet and still!” Richard hissed. I tried to but it wasn’t easy.

He then fucked me with his cock for about 10 minutes – grunting a slavering as he thrust it into me. He held my ankles and lifted my legs up licking my seamed legs and high heels as he continued to thrust away seemingly oblivious to my sobs.

In and out, in and out with me just hoping he would soon finish.

Without warning he withdrew and dragged me back off the ledge. Did that mean he had come? “Back on your knees whore!” I fell onto my knees the worse for the fucking I had just received. Thank God it was over – how wrong was that!

He grabbed my head and pulled it towards his cock. “Open!” I did and as I did so he let out a grunt and a jet of spunk hit my tongue and teeth. I coughed and spluttered as another jet hit the side of my nose and eye. Then another on my chin. It tasted salty and was thick and glutinous sticking to my face.

Richard stood back regaining his breath after about a minute he looked at me grinning – “Now you little slut –that’s what little girls are for!! – Now lick me clean!” He put his cock back into my mouth and I licked around the end and under the edge of his foreskin.

I couldn’t believe the change in him, I tried to lower my chin to wipe the spunk off but he pulled me up to my feet – “Oh no that’s your badge of shame you whore – leave it!” He unlocked the alleyway gate and moved me towards it. “I am going to release the handcuffs – don’t do anything stupid!” I nodded and he unlocked them – Holding my hand he made me walk out back into the street and down towards the café again. I walked with me head low but he said, “Get that bl**dy chin up – you must show everyone what a slut you really are!” And with that I walked back with the cum on my face so that those passing could see what I had just done.

By the time we made it back to the area of brighter lights the spunk was beginning to dry. It stung very slightly and I was more aware of the smell – a bit like sweaty socks! I glanced down and saw my stockings were laddered around the knees from where I had been kneeling.

I said nothing but just walked. My mind was in turmoil – I had just been ****d by a man. I had nowhere to go but walk beside the man who had just done it. He hailed a cab and motioned me to get in - which I did. I sat in silence as we drove back to the brothel we had set out from.

I caught the eye of the taxi driver in the mirror and he leered at me. Could he see the dried semen stains on my face and lips? Probably. Did I care? No not much since I knew I was, in a way, responsible for what had happened.

Eventually, we arrived back but we did not go in through the original door but via a side entrance. Renata was waiting, a concerned look on her face which deepened when she saw my cum stained face and laddered stockings.

I was so pleased to see her as she put her arms around me. “Come my Charlotte I clean you oop.” We went towards the stairs and up to her room. All the time she kept saying, “Ooh! The first time for you my little one you will learn to accept the men’s attentions after a while!” I just sobbed quietly as she held my arm and walked me on.

She unlocked her door and I rushed in flinging myself face first on to her bed. I cried for a while as she took my shoes and stockings off. “There! There! it oh kay! it oh kay!”

After a while I sat up and she smiled at me – “First time always the worst my angel!”

“First and last time for me!” I spat the words out. I looked into her face and immediately realised that something was wrong. “Renata, what! What!” “My ‘oney I have been told to get you ready for Richard again – I so sorry but I must!”

“Buuut he’s had me now surely that’s it?” Sadly, as I was to learn worse things were to come.

“My love I ‘ave to prepare you for the members of the club.”

“I don’t understand what do you mean?”

Renata explained that Richard was a member of a special underground club which introduced young girls and boys to other members. I was his ticket to enjoying the benefits of fucking others like me but in turn I was made available to them. I was to be showcased to night so that other members could bid to use me.

“You must not resist my sweet‘art there are some very bad people involved with this – I must get you ready otherwise I too am in the trouble!”

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8 months ago
this was so erotic, fasanating, sexy , incredible very hot you made me cum ao hard I'm ready to cum again hope you write the next chapter soon
3 years ago
Wow need to see and reasd the next chapter thanks Candi
3 years ago
Next installment next week! Thanks for taking the time to post the coments guys! Xxx
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mmmm s hot and sexy, what happens next
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That would seem to be the case methinks!
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