my friend and his mom

When I was a teen my buddy Derrick and I had been giving each other blowjobs for awhile. We were getting ready for bed and some fun. I fold him I had to go to the bathroom and to be ready when I got back. I was already horney and hard. His room was at the end of the hallway and you had to pass his parents room to get to the bathroom. As I passed there room I could here his mom moaning and a buzzing sound. I thought naaa I'm just imaging things. This made me even more horny because his mom was smoking hot, she would always tease and flirt with me. It was almost impossible to pee being so horny and hard. On my way back I slowed down to see if I was hearing things. I paused before passing her door, and I could hear the moaning and buzzing. I stood there for a minute about to explode. As I walked passed she called my name. I turned around and went back to her door. She asked me to come in, she asked if I was watching her. I said I could hear her moaning. She asked if I would play with her pussy while she used her vibrator. So I rubbed her clit while she pumped her dildo in and out of her wet pussy. I couldn't fake it anymore I moved her dildo and burried my face in her wetness. After a few minutes of licking her pussy I got on top of her and started fucking her pussy. Her pussy was the wetest I've ever seen. She came once and I was just about to cum when she stopped me. She thanked me and said I could go back to bed. So I'm rock hard and about to explode and dripping wet from her pussy. I pull up my underwear and go back to Derricks room where he's waiting for me with his cock out. I pull my unders off and he said wow your hard as a rock. He leans over and starts sucking me his moms juices still wet on my cock.
He says your precum taste different this was too much. I explode in his mouth.
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7 months ago
3 years ago
love moms like that
3 years ago
my cock sucking whore mother would have done the same