the hottest weekend of my life

Like a lot of 14 year olds do on summer break, we would spend our nights drinking or looking for someone old enough to buy us booze. My to older buddies went to town to find someone to buy. Two older guys pulled up and started talking to them. At some point they asked if they could buy some and they said sure. They purchased the booze and told them they had more at there apartment. When they arrived one asked my friend if he liked guys. This didn't go over so well and he told them to take them back to our party.
When they arrived back my friend told me what had happened. I hadn't drank anything so I told.him I would tell.the guys to leave. This was the opportunity I had been looking for to get two guys at once. I went out to the guys car to tell them to go and asked them what happened. Of course they denied it. But I told them I was interested. I told them to meet me down the road in a half an hour. I told my buddies I was going home that I was tired. The two picked me up.and took me to there apartment. On our way way there we talked about sex and what we liked. When we arrived Kevin which was about 35 asked if I wanted any drink and if I was sure I wanted this. I assured him I did. Chris who was about 25 said he was going to take a shower. Kevin got me a drink and said we could go in the bedroom. My heart was about to explode. I laid on his bed he asked what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to taste his cock. I had never seen a uncut cock before. He pulled it out he was 6 inches and thin, I started sucking it. He took my clothes off as I sucked. Chris came in with a towel on. He dropped his towel to show a 10 inch huge round cock. I told the two I had never had anal so Kevin spread me open and gently started putting his cock in me as he was doing this I put Chris's huge cock in my mouth. I immediately started cumming. Kevin leaned down and licked all the cum off my stomach. It didn't take long to get up again being 14 years old. Kevin ,Chris and I continued on through the night sucking and fucking. It truly was the hottest weekend of my life
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3 years ago
nice i had some thing like that done to me when i was 15 it was hot so iam bi love to suck cock and get fucked
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
So glad you had a nice intro to sex, and nothing bad happened to you.