first time foot fetish

It was a cold November day me and my friend Derrick were outside playing in the woods ,we were about 13 years old .we went inside to get warmed up and dry because it had been raining.we took our clothes off down to are underwear and put them in the dryer . We layed down on the couch under a afghan to get warm, I was at one end and he at the other. I noticed that I could see his cock because he had a pair of boxers on that were loose. This instantly made me horny. Because there wasn't much room on the couch he had one leg between my legs and mine his. He pretended like he was going to kick me in the cock just being silly and he really touched me. When he did this he noticed that I was raging hard and put his foot on me again. He moved closer to me so I could do the same. I only lasted a second or two before I came on his foot. He asked me if I would give him a blow job so I fulfilled his request. I had never ate cum before but I loved it. This started a long lustful adventure.
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3 years ago
fuck yeah...please tell us more of ur adventures
3 years ago
wow nice