Naughty Playtime

I moved slowly around the room, lighting candles. There were twelve, placed all around the room. They were white and thick. Several of them were WoodWick candles and gave off a slight flickering sound, reminiscent of a crackling fire place. The lights were dim, and the shades drawn. Darkness had set several hours ago. I sat down on the leather couch to wait. I inhaled the aroma of the room. It smelled of sandalwood, vanilla, and leather.

I could hear the sounds of my wife in the bedroom changing into the outfit I had given her. My beautiful, intelligent, playful, and very sexy wife. We always have had an amazing sex life, but last week, our bedroom life had gotten even Spicer. We had started playing dominate/submissive games. Not all the time, mind you. But we both found we enjoyed the eroticism of giving and taking of our selves. It takes a lot of trust to give your self to someone; to allow yourself to be bound by that person, your body taken over. I found that trust to be highly erotic.

The sound of high heals behind me captured my attention. My wife strutted around the couch in front of me stopping in the middle of the room to face me. She was wearing a black silk button down shirt, a red plaid micro-mini skirt, black lace thigh-highs and black high heals. She looked at me with her perfect blue eyes.

“It’s very naughty.” She said with a grin. She looked incredible.
“It is very naughty.” I replied. “But you’re a naughty girl.”
“I am a naughty girl.” She said in a low voice. The look in her eyes was enough to make me hard.
“And naughty girls get spankings don’t they?” I asked.
“If they’re lucky.” She replied.
“Take off your shirt.” She started to slowly unbutton her shirt, starting at the top. When she got to the bottom, she unhesitatingly slid it off of her shoulders and tossed it to the floor. She was wearing a matching plaid bra underneath. She looked every bit the sex goddess that she was. I stood and approached her. I leaned in and kissed her. We stood there, deeply kissing for several minuets; each of us delicately probing the others mouth.

After we broke the kiss, I whispered in her ear, “Stand like I taught you.” She opened her stance so her legs were shoulder width apart, and brought her arms up behind her back, crossing them and cupped her elbows. I circled around behind her, taking in the sight of her body. I touched her shoulders, and began to kiss the back of her neck. She moaned as she leaned in to me. My hands began to caress down the sides of her body.

When my hands found her hips, I began to nibble on her earlobe and kiss the side of her neck, just below her ear. Her breath became more rapid and shallow. My hand slid under her skirt and found a lacy thong underneath. I began to work my kisses down her neck as I caressed her ass. I soon reached up and freed her breasts from their bindings and cupped both of her breasts with my hands as my mouth continued to play on her neck and earlobe.

She gasped as my finger found her erect nipples, gently squeezing and rolling them with my finger and thumb. I felt her ass press against me. With my right hand I felt under her skirt. When I found her thong I pulled it aside and felt between her thighs. She was already wet with arousal. My fingers found her soft, slick clitoris, and began stroking slowly back and forth.
“Oh, yes.” She whispered, as her hips began to move in rhythm with my hand. I played with her clit for several moments, as her hips rocked. I stopped before she could orgasm.
“Oh, no you don’t. You don’t get to come yet.” I said. She grunted in frustration.
I led her over to the couch and bent her over. Flipping her skirt up, I pulled down her lacy black thong. My hand began to caress her bottom.
“You know what you are about to get don’t you?” I asked her.
“Yes.” She replied.
“Yes what?”
“Yes Sir.” She responded.
I responded with a quick smack on her right ass cheek. She gasped and wiggled her bottom back and forth. I gave her another smack on her left ass cheek. I waited a couple of heart beats and landed two more.

My fingers began to rub her wet lips, and when she pressed out to me I began to probe her pussy with my fingers. I found her g-spot and began to stroke it in a circle.
“Oh, God yes!” she exclaimed as I found it. Her hips began to ride my fingers with hunger. I let her ride until she was just on the edge of an orgasm, and I pulled my hand away and smacked her on the ass twice more rapidly.

I stood and walked in front of her. I removed my clothes while she watched. I sat on the couch and spread my legs. I was hard as a rock. My wife came to me and knelt down. She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. I moaned as she sucked me in. I reached down with my hands and found her breasts, caressing them and squeezing her nipples the way she likes. I could feel her tongue playing on my shaft as she went down on my rock hard cock. My wife is a master when it comes to giving head. I could totally lose control of my self when my cock is in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she licked and sucked, her hands caressing my balls as she did so. I continued to squeeze and tease her nipples, looking into her eyes as her lips completely enveloped my shaft.

I could only stand a few minuets of this before I would loose control and come in her mouth, so I stopped her. I turned her around and placed her on her knees, bent down, with her head touching a pillow in the floor. Her lovely ass was in the air. I flipped her skirt back, exposing her most intimate parts to me. Her pussy was open, waiting for me. It glistened in the candle light. When I see her like that, I can’t help myself. I must taste her.

I took her clit in my mouth, sucking and licking hungrily. Her sweet juices washed across my tongue. Her musky feminine scent filled my nose. I lapped and suckled in frenzy, her moans and cries getting louder. She pressed deeper onto my face. I couldn’t stand it any more! I had to have her. I wanted to come deep inside of her.

I thrust my rock hard cock deep inside of her as she let out a sharp cry.
“God, yes! Yes, fuck me!” She screamed. I began to thrust in and out rhythmically; grinding my hips into her as I would thrust in.
“God, I love your cock!” She moaned in that deep, sexy “I’m getting properly fucked” voice. With my right hand I reached around front and found her swollen clit with my fingers and began to tease. We thrust together over and over. I felt the orgasm building up in me. I felt the tingling, electrical sensation in my cock as the waves of orgasm rolled over my body. I felt her smooth muscles contracting around my shaft as I exploded into her. My vision clouded, and the room disappeared. I became aware only of my wife’s body. I rode the waves of pleasure and pure enchantment, not wanting it to stop.

We came together, our bodies writhing into each other; melting into one, if only for a moment. We finally collapsed on the floor. I held her naked body tightly against me, spooning. Our breath came in ragged pants, our bodies totally spent. We fell asl**p quickly, luxuriating in each other.

Le petit mort is what the French call it; a little death. Fitting, I think. The melding of two bodies and souls creating a pleasure so intense that the world around you ceases to exist; almost like a passage into Heaven. And then you are reborn, satiated, into each others arms.
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2 years ago
I'd be in ecstasy!!! Super hot!
2 years ago
awesomely sweet
3 years ago
this was delicious.
3 years ago
Very lovely, charliefoxtrot...not so much in what you said, but in what you didn't say that everyone reading this could feel...:)

Respectfully, sub Barbie...:)
3 years ago
I love a writer that sets the scene....for me them erotisism is in the details. I want to be there, the sounds, the smells, the taste, the definitely took me there. Thank you x
4 years ago
Mmmmmm yes loved it
4 years ago
very very nice writing
4 years ago
Nice job Charlie.

4 years ago
Simply beautiful.