Tasha's Gang Bang

I really am having a good time now with Tasha -- abusing her at will ...
After the incident where I introduced her to the Glory Hole in the local pub ( remember the reason I did this was that my loving C had fucked Tasha in her Virgin asshole and then didn't try to deny he had fucked her at all ) -- Tasha will literally do anything I suggest and want her to do --- I am having so much fun and believe me this is only the start !!!!! ( In a way I’m glad C did fuck her bum so now she is my plaything and he can go fuck himself !! hee hee )

I've planned this Saturdays night out for 5 days now thanks to a suggestion from Mick ,I drive to Tasha’s house as soon as I pull up she comes running down the drive --- My instructions for dress code was very simple ---- Mini skirt ( very short ) stockings ,white see through blouse- no bra no panties !!!
When she jumps in the car she is so excited bless her --- I get a right royal flash of her pussy mmmmmmmmm very nice I say to her ---- I kiss her on the lips -- her mouth opens and I slide my tongue inside --- my pussy is soaking -- actually it was soaking before I got here because I had been thinking of what was going to happen to our Tasha tonight -- plus I had had phone sex with Mick and fuck if he didn't make me cum a couple of times over the phone !!
When I break the kiss and drive off Tasha asks where we are going ?? Just wait and see you’re gonna love it ---- WOW I am excited she says and looks at me with her puppy dog eyes .....
I do feel a little guilty for what we have planned but hey she is still in payback mode as far as I’m concerned !!! ( am I becoming a bit of a Dom I think ??? and she is my little whore bitch ??? fuckin absolutely !!!!!!!!! )

We drive out into the countryside I have my hand between her thighs rubbing her pussy -- she is dripping --plus the fact the slut loves it
I tell her to open her blouse and roll her dark hard nipples as I rub her --- she does it immediately .... Her sighs turn to moans and then just as I slow to pull into a pub car park she is screaming as her orgasm is pulsing through my fingers which is squeezing her clit so hard ---- streams of cum rum from her ---- very satisfactory --I think to myself --- good start !!!!

I park next to a people carrier --- one passenger in the drivers seat --- Me and Tasha get out --- the sliding back door of the van opens --- Hey babe --- hey Missy - Mick says --- I tell Tasha to get in --as I get in I reach over and kiss Mick hard on the lips -- he just had to be in on this venture as we came up with the idea together !!

I sit next to Tasha --- Mick tells us to buckle up and off we go ---- Now I can really work on Tasha ---- I start with a kiss and seconds later my fingers are so deep inside her working her cunt hard --- she is well lubricated though from our drive here --- my mouth goes down to her nipples ---- fuck they are like bullets so hard and so sensitive as I bite them gently --- she lifts her ass of her seat ---- fuck they are sensitive ---- I suck and bite each nipple in turn by the time both have been done twice she has pumped so much cream out of her cunt she is literally sitting in a pool of cum ....... Not to waste such lovely fluids I push her into the corner --- when my mouth is over her cunt -- the aroma from her juices is like a d**g to me -- I need it and have to have it ------ My tongue probes -- her fuck she does taste wonderful ...

Mick pulls over --- he slaps my ass and says hey Missy we are here --- get out of her cunt !! LOL
Bastard I say -- you could have driven round a bit longer so I could eat her some more --- Mick says --- if it was up to you I would be driving round all night !!!! And we both laugh .....

I look at Tasha and she has her skirt over her stomach - pussy gaping and dripping --- Tits out and nipples are on stalks ---- perfect I think ..

Tasha starts to pull herself together but I tell her to stop --- guess what -- she does and fuckin smiles !!!! Definitely not the sharpest knife in the draw this one !!!!! --- But she does have a great body and looks to match --- !!!! Bitch hehehe

Mick gets out and walks over to a couple of cars -- I see him chatting with some guys ---- 4 in all 3 white guys and one Black ...

They come across to the van --- I tell Tasha to get out ---- she does --- and Mick says these guys are friends of mine Tasha ---- OHH pleased to meet you !! She says ---

I say introduce yourself properly Tasha --- get on your knees ---- she does ---- the guys undo their zips and get their cocks out --- she looks distressed -- I say just suck their cocks in turn and introduce yourself as Missy's Cum whore slut Tasha --- she went around the guys sucking their cocks getting them hard --- and saying exactly what I told her to say ---- Good little Bitch I say !!!!!

Mick is standing behind me -- he knows exactly what I’m thinking and I feel his hand glide under my dress and hold my ass cheeks !! Mmmmmmmmm I love it when he does this --- he massages my holes open and closed --- fuck yes !! I say .....
The guys have Tasha with 2 cocks in her mouth as the other 2 guys feel her tits and finger her cunt ...
Just watching is making me so hot --- I reach behind me and get Mick’s cock in my hand his fingers are now inside my pussy and bum hole ----- I rest my head back on him and say -- slide him into my bum --- I push my ass back and in he goes !!!!!
Fuck ---- My ass is being used so much now by Mick I can take his thick shaft without much foreplay --- but it feels amazing his thick hot shaft deep inside my asshole mmmmmmmmm
The guys now have Tasha kneeling she's being spit roast -- one in her mouth and one up cunt -- its like my own private sex show and its wonderful !!!
Plus I can tell her and the guys what to do ----- Mick now has me bent over banging my asshole and fingering my sopping cunt at the same time -- The guys have now changed positions the one white guy has a massive cock --- I tell him to fuck her asshole !!!!!!!
I watch as he dips his cock in her cunt to get it wet and then I see him ease it into her asshole -- inch by inch ----- she is trying to scream out but the black guy has his cock down her throat !!!! The guy’s balls finally touch her ass cheeks ---- fuck she has taken it all -- the dirty fuckin slut !!!
Mick has just taken me through yet another orgasm -- Watching Tasha definitely bought it on quicker !!! Fantastic ..

The black guy starts to groan as he jets her throat with his cum --- she is swallowing but lots of spunk dribbles from the side of her mouth too she continues to suck him until her is limp in her mouth --- then he is replaced by one of the other guys --- she sucks hard on him trying to drain him of his cream straight away ---- the guys fuckin her asshole removes his cock and shows me just how wide her asshole is gaping ----- this makes me cum again ----- he spits in her hole and winks his cum all over her ass!!!! running down into her bum hole and down over her cunt too ----- as soon as he is finished he moves and the last guy takes her pussy --- as her starts to bang her juices are flying every where -- she is so fuckin wet -- the guy in her mouth pulls out and splashes his cum all over her face and in her hair -- she really looks the part of a cum slut !!! MY CUM SLUT !!!!
Mick’s breathing gets hard --I know he's cumming -- and then I feel the warm spunk wash inside my bum -- Fuck yes -- I cum one last time --- he eases his cock out of my ass and I clench my cheeks together ---- and kneel in front of Tasha --- Clean me Cum whore I tell her !!! Her tongue is deep inside my asshole --- fuck me I cum again -- the guy fucking her finally pulls out and splashes his man juice over her open cunt ---- within minutes the guys have driven away leaving Tasha cleaning my bum hole and me now sucking Mick’s cock back to life again --- I tell Tasha to get in the van now as I am thoroughly cleaned and have had more orgasms too ..

Mick asks if Tasha can suck him off while he drives ---- Fuck yes I say .....
The perfect end to our night out ............................

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1 year ago
That sounded like a good start to the evening, not the end. Needs more!!!
2 years ago
3 years ago
very nice