My Clit Ring

Story by Lotta --- Lotta Fagina ( aka mick69)

Finally we meet in the UK --- it’s a very tense 2 seconds -- until I say --- fuck your fit.......
We chat over lunch and cover hundreds of topics but when we hit on the topic that led to us meeting we are really both where in our element...
SEX ..... Hot . Dirty ... Passionate ... full on SEX
The afternoon went by very quickly and we really did hit it of straight away .

You had arranged to stay in the city as you have an early meeting at work next day ,, you invite me back for an early night cap --- which we never have as we just ripped each others clothes of and fucked in every way we could think ....

As the dawn came up we showered together and of course fucked again in the shower ..
As we dressed I say I have a present for you and pulled out a ring box ---- what the fucks this -- you panic a little ,getting totally the wrong idea .

I hand you the box and you open it its a gold ring about an inch wide and too small to go on your finger --- so what do I do with this you ask ----- sit on the bed and I will show you ...
You sit ---- now open your legs for me ....

You open your legs and your puffy pussy lips open nicely to expose your clit ,, I gently open the ring up -- as it has a strong hinge along its length ---- I pull back the hood of your enlarged clit ---- I slip the ring over your clit and clip it shut ------ it keeps your clit exposed ...and the hood rolled back -------- I tell you to wait a couple of seconds and you will get a really nice sensation ----- after a minute you say you can feel the bl**d pumping into your clit making it even more sensitive and twice as big as it normally gets ...

Fantastic I say now you should keep it on all day long ,but I will show you how to take it of --just in case ....

You have on a fantastic Armani 2 piece suit -- the skirt hugs your wonderful thighs and arse and the jacket buttons to just between your heaving breasts --- you have a sexy navy blue lace bra which really makes your tits bulge ---- you are about to put on your g string ---- I stop you and say wear these today ---- I hand you a pair of silk camisole knickers --- when you have them on you turn round --- fuck your arse looks wonderful in them ---- you say they feel fantastic ..... I say tell me later how good they feel

As we walk down the hallway to the lift you say fuck me my clit is rubbing on the silk and I think I'm going to cum ----- as the lift arrives you have your first orgasm with your new best friend --- The Ring ----
Fuck me where did you here about these – I said a lady friend I knew in France --- a very experienced lady who had them made especially ---- so I contacted her when I need to give a special person a special present ---- you say " I think I love her "!!

We kiss on the pavement and say our goodbye's I had a great time babe thanks again ---- you walk to work but as you are walking you are so aware or your clit and your sensations are incredible --- you have to stop 3 times in a normally 10 minute walk because your orgasms are just so strong ---- its just the silk rubbing and the motion of your thighs rubbing that keeps bringing you off ..

As you get to the lift to go up the 7 floors you are right at the back of the lift the guy in front of you has a brief case, the corner of which hits your clit ---- your arse pushes back and you have a huge orgasm --- that was the final straw after the walk --- it takes you right over the edge ----- you feel your cum running down your thighs and onto your stockings .....

When you finally limp into your office your best pal says “fuck look at you, it looks as though you’ve been fucking all night ---- you smile and say yes I have but its not that ----- come with me ----- you take her by the hand and take her into the toilets --- straight into the disabled toilet ----- you lift up your skirt ---- she says fuck girl you’ve pissed yourself ---- like the knickers by the way ---No I haven't -- this guy gave me this as a present and I’ve not stopped cumming since he fitted it ------ you pull the hanging gusset to the side and show her your clit ring ---- wow that’s beautiful she says ----- look how massive your clit is ----- yes and so fucking sensitive you say --- can I touch it ----- too late she rubs the head of your clit ----- bang another huge orgasm washes over you ---- you sit down but its too late your friend pulls the gusset across and puts her tongue straight on your clit ------ you pull her hair hard pulling her face into your cunt ---- its like an itch that really needs to be scratched hard but it just doesn't go away ---- you fuck yourself on her face cumming all over her --- as the orgasm subsides she comes up from your cunt with thick creamy cum dripping of the nose chin eyelids --- fuck that was good you say ---- it was for me too she says --

You pull yourself together and get ready for your big meeting --- aboard room full of men and just you the only woman ---- as you walk in the boss asks if you are OK because you are a little flushed ---- no I'm fine you assure him --- when you get to your seat you sit and cross your legs but the sensations are just to strong .. you end up by sliding down in the seat and have your legs open --- not very lady like but at least you can concentrate ..... when you get up to do your presentation the throbbing seems stronger than ever --all you can think is I have to get through this ---- then I am going to kill that fucker who has done this to me !!!!

The presentation went well they all congratulate you and say great job ----- you rush of to the toilet and unclip the ring ------ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you feel almost normal again ---- as you go back into the office your friend says all OK --- it is now you say --and open your hand showing her the ring ------ can I borrow it !!!!! --- fuck you --you say and laugh .

As the morning goes on you begin to miss the wonderful sensation between your legs and after 3 hours without it you go back to the toilet to try to refit it ----- fuck you can't put it on --- I had only told you how to take it off and not put it on ----- you call me from the toilet ---- I say hi babe how’s thinks --- how’s fucking things ,she says ---- meet me in the pub at lunch time ... and hangs up --- I think fuck me I have really fuck something up here --- don't know what though !!!!!!

I'm in the pub waiting -- nice quiet booth out of the way ---- when you come in all the guys look at the stunning blonde in the pinstripe suit ------ you have a look of thunder on your face -- I'm thinking " what the fuck can I have possibly done to her ???

You don't say a word --- you sit next too me and lean across to whisper in my ear --- YOU CUNT ---- how could you do that to me --what I say --- that fucking ring ---- what don't you like it ---- NO I FUCKIN LOVE IT AND CAN"T LIVE WITH OUT IT NOW !!!!!!

Then you totally change ---- PLEASE show me how to put it back on --PLEASE !!!! I NEED IT !!
So you do like my present then I tease --- you change again ---- Just fucking put it back --NOW ----
I lean across and kiss you – as I do I slide my hand up your skirt ,up over your stockings your warm wet thighs --- I joke --have you pissed yourself ---- ha ha very funny you say ---- give me the ring --- you ease up your skirt ---- I say this is how to put it on --- pull back the clit hood as far as it will go slide the ring over and close ----- that easy --- you pull your skirt back in place --- and say I can feel it working !!! ---- Thank you so much for my gift its wonderful ----- yes it is I think ........

Back to work and those glorious sensations --- you even start to tease yourself into orgasm ---- just because you can !!...

Late afternoon I call you at work ---- how’s things babe ---- wonderful thanks ------ why --- I need a favour --- what’s that hun -- fancy being my partner at a dinner I have this evening --- i just want you to be there looking fabulous ---- plus you get to stay over again ----- that’s if you want ?? I'll speak with C and let him know -- he'll be fine .
Good -- meet me at the stables restaurant at 7.00 we will be there a little earlier just having a drink --- this place is really quite exclusive and has a great reputation so you are really looking forward to tonight and especially looking to our sl**pover again...
When you arrive the waiter shows you to our stall --- there is a curtain pulled across for total privacy -- the waiter only comes when he is buzzed .....

When you come in the guys all stand ----- not a woman in sight --mm what’s going on you think ...-- I introduce you to the 4 guys explaining that we would be doing a project and this is just our celebration closing dinner so what ever you want --you get -- you say anything ??? Yes anything ..
You sit next to me and rub my thigh --- thanks for the gift you say it is truly amazing !!

As we eat and drink and drink and drink we all get a little d***k --- you suddenly stand up and say do you want to see my present off Mick ????? They all say yes we do ---- I say fucking sit down !! – “no I want to show them what a great guy you are” ---- oh fuck !!!

She raises her skirt the guys are like dogs on heat -- so are you ( slut !!!) stocking tops -wow camisole knickers fuck I'm rock hard already ---- then you pull the soaking gusset to the side and show them your ring ------------------ we pull you down onto the sofa, hands all over you tits out of your bra --- you just lie back and say go for it lads ----in a space of 5 mins you are sitting riding my cock

There is one of the guys up your arse one guy is sitting on the back of the sofa -- you are blowing his cock and the other 2 are playing with you tits and wanking ------------- you ride my cock to a fucking great orgasm and seconds later I cum deep inside you -- I just can't hold back any longer the guys take it in turns finishing in your cunt ---- 5 loads of creampie --- fucking wonderful ---- I press the buzzer for the waiter and ask for some strawberries for you to dip in your creamy hole ......
You thank the guys for a great evening and we go off to our hotel ------ I say can we walk babe ---- knowing the effect it has on your clit ....................................................

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2 years ago
oh I want one of those it sounds amazing
2 years ago
I played with my swollen, erect clit and got so into this HOT write like you know me, baby.
3 years ago
Where can I get one of those! Like a tiny cock ring!