Heidi's First Time 3some

Another story from Mick who wants to fuck Heidi and me ............. It would be her first time for a 3some ............do you think she would like ..............comments plese

You and Heidi go out for a meal and i arrange to come along after i have finished in the bar -- i manage to get away early and join you just as coffe's and liquors are being served .....perfect timing ..... you have both had a bottle of wine and are well on the way .... so anything i suggest you will both be more than willing to try....

When you go to the loo i say to Heidi that we ( me and you) would love to have her join us in a 3 some.. she laughs and says that is all you have talked about all night !!!!! and absolutely she would love to fuck us both and get fucked by both of us ..... when you come back you are laughing because you knew i would ask her ----- so i say come on girls i'll get the bill you drink up ---- you both say chill out babe we want to put on a bit of a show , as you are sitting together you reach in and kiss Heidi on the lips -- very gently and very passionately --- her hand moves to you thigh and slides up inside your short dress.

I watch her hand move higher and higher while you kiss then i see her body shudder and know that your fingers are working there magic on her pussy --- you break off the kiss to tell me ---- "her cunt is fucking soaking , feel how wet she is " you grab my hand and push it up her dress , straight to her dripping cunt --- it feels like she's been fuck already ... god knows what her cunt will be like when my cock spunks inside her ......you slide down in you seat and as you do your dress rises up your thighs until your beautiful shaven cunt is on show to anyone looking in your direction --- and yes your cum is running out of your cunt and gathering around your arsehole --- what a fuckin turn on .. Heidi has her hand on my throbbing cock now and i feel like i will shoot any second -- but i don't want to waste it in my jeans i want to share it out on you girls ..

I beg you both can we please go home girls .... so i go to pay with my cock looking more than obvious -- the guy says fuck them for me boss they look like 2 right sluts and gagging for cock and spunk

I drive and you both are realing getting into each other -- i look in the mirror and see you sucking hard on Heidi's nipples , she has her one leg over my shoulder and the other over the other front seat -- i can hear your fingers squelching in and out of her soaking wet cunt ---- heidi's legs kick out straight as she goes through another orgasm ----- i say taste her cum for me babe --- instead you put 3 dripping fingers in my mouth --- Wonderful !!!!!!

We pull into the garage and i get out to let you girls out ,your arse is up in the air and both asshole and cunt is gaping and cum dripping of your puffy lips ----- i drag you off her and when she slides across the leather seat to get out she leaves a trail of her cum --- just to good to resist i lick along the trail of cum and taste her beautiful juices ---

We litterally fall into the house ripping each others clothes off ,, Me and Heidi decide that you will get our full attention first , we sit you on the sofa -- Heidi says ,"do you mind if i lick Wendy " ? i say " she will so disappointed if you don't "

you pull your knees up which inturn opens your silky smooth pussy we can both see the build up of creamy cum in you cunt -- Heidi kneels between your legs ,puts her thumbs either side of your pussy lips and opens you right up --- you close your eyes in anticipation -- i watch her tongue disappear deep into your cunt --- your body shudders with an immediate orgasm --- she really starts to eat your lips and clit munching hard orgasm after orgasm washing over you --- i kneel on the sofa and you take my cock deep into your throat --gagging as i slowly fuck your mouth and throat......

After a good 10 minutes i join Heidi between your legs .... i tell her we are going to make you squirt --- we both slide 3 fingers into you cum filled cunt --- i strike your G spot while she bangs her fingers in and out of you ------ we take you way past an orgasm so you are screaming she pulls out her fingers and i massage your G spot even harder while she slaps your clit --- i tell Heidi -- here it comes ---- i pull out my fingers and a stream of cum shoots onto Heidi wonderful rounded Tits ---- i start to lick it off while you are coming round from the biggest Orgasm of your life ---- Heidi's nipples are huge as i suck and bite them ---- i tell her to just gently lick your now very swollen cunt ---- she is very gentle with you as i move behind her ---- she pushes her firm arse back toward me -- litterally begging me to fuck her ----- Not yet i tell her ---- i spread her cheeks and run my tongue around her arse hole --teasing and tasting her ----mmmmmm --

Heidi has a very large swollen clit and nice large dangling pussy lips --- which i suck and lick -- moving my mouth between her arse and her cunt --- she cums a couple of times --but never moves her mouth away from your aching cunt --- you say " its time Mick -- give her your cock and cum --Now !! i take my throbbing cock in my hand --- i see loads of Pre cum on the tip of my cock ---- i wipe the along the full length of the gapping cunt ----- Bang ---- i'm all the way inside her -- all the way to my balls --- She bites on your cunt ----- as i fuck her there is a wonderful Fanny fart sound because she is so wet ---- i'm looking at you while fucking her and you mouth to me to Fuck her arse now ----- i let my cock slip out of her cunt --- i wipe my cock around her arse getting it nice and wet with her own pussy juice ---- she pushes back trying to f***e my cock in --- dirty slut !! i push the end of my cock just inside her arse and suddenly her arse just envelopes my cock all the way in ---- i feel my balls rubbing on her cunt --- oh this is so good --- now i really start to pump her arse -- you tell me to cum in her arse ---- within 30 seconds of you telling me i start to give her the full load deep into her arse --- it just keeps pumping ---- as i slide out you sit up and tell her not to move --- you cum behind her and suck my cock clean and take the final dribbles of cum out of my shaft --- you lie on the floor and tell her to squat over your face ---- she lowers her arse and cunt over your mouth ---- then my full load starts to run like a stream into your mouth and some over your face ---- what a turn on --- i stand in front of her and tell her to taste her own arse on my cock which she greedily does -- eating my cock like the slut she is ----- you move from under her and she sits on the sofa -- you next to her --- you show her my full load in your mouth --- when you french kiss swapping it back and forward i am so turned on i wank and cum again over your faces....

that was only the foreplay !!!!!!!!
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2 years ago
great start
3 years ago
3 years ago
I know she would Love not just like ---- it gets me hard , she would be dripping when she reads it ----- and yes you are still a teasing cum whore !!!