Vintage Champagne

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You lead me into your bedroom by my cock sticking out of my jeans.

You are wearing a really sexy basque ,that just cups under your tits pushing them out,showing of your beautiful hard long nipples.

No panties to show of your beautiful hairy cunt ,hold up stockings mmmmmm you look good enough to eat .

You kneel on the edge of the bed and push your arse out to me ,i kneel on the floor and move my face in between your arse cheeks , i can smell your cum oozing from betwwen your open cunt lips .

I tease you by licking around your pussy lips but not actually licking your super hard clit ,, god you want to feel my tongue inside you ,, i put my thumbs either side of your lips and open you up as far as i can and just burry my face in your wetness ,,you taste incredibble ,i eat you out rubbing my teeth hard over you clit sucking and biting on it making you come over and over ....while i bite your cunt i reach between your legs and pull and twist your hard nipples ,pulling them towrd me..

I move my tongue from your cunt and lick out your arsehole too mmmm that tastes nice.

I ask you if you have any rope so that i can tie you to the bed ,we find some silk scarves that wprk perfectly .. you lie face down with 4 pillows under your stomach ,to raise your pussy and arse .,

you are tied to the corners of the bed totally unable to close your legs or get free.

you say you need to piss so i tell you just to do it ,, i open you up and a stream of hot piss shoots all over my cock and chest ... i call you a dirty bitch and slap your arse really hard ...

i take my revenge by kneeling in between your wide open legs and pissing into you opend cunt and arse holes .... the sensation you get is fantastic -- making you cun again..

i start to finger fuck both you holes at the same time ,, your cunt is just gushing cum all over the bed then i ease my knob into you pussy and finger fuck your arse at the same timer When i am ready i bang my cock deep into your cunt making you cry out in pleasure -- yes you love that you dirty slut don´t you !! i get deep fucking you and finally shoot deep inside you throbbing cunt ,, i take pictures of my cum load dribbling out od you and dripping of your clit .. You are lying ther panting and sweating legs wide open ...

I ask if you want a drink from the kitchen because i´nm not going to let you go just yet until your arse is also well and trully fucked !!!!!!

I go into the kitchen when i open the fridge i see a bottle of champagne ,, i have a great idea !!

I come back into the bedroom with this ice cold champagne and ask if you would like some ,, you say you would love some ... Ok i say lets give you some ..

I wipe the cold bottle in between your open cunt lips making you shudder ,, i pop the cork but hold my thumb over the open bottle ----- i push the bottle deep into you arse hole and shake the bottle making the champagne explode into your arse hole .... i push the bottle as deep as the label stretching you further than you arse has ever been stretched before the pain is awful but the senstion from the champagne is just fantastic ..

when half of the champagne is inside your arse i set the camera on viseo and slowly extract the bottle ,,, when the neck comes out of your arse a stream of champagne hits the bedroom wall . .. it is under so much pressure ..... i open my mouth and start to drink from your arse fountain ..... what a wonderful coctail .. Silky arse hole and champagne ... We got it all on video to watch later too.

I bring the bottle to your mouth and you are crying with pleasure , i feed the champagne into you mouth and ask you to keep the cold liquid in your mouth whil i stick my cock in at the same time .. .. you love the taste of your arse to . i go back to your arse and pour more cold champagne in until it just dribbles out , then i plunge my hard hot cock straight in up to my balls ... the sensation makes me cum straight away ,,, as i ease my cock out i see the cum and champagne gather at your arse opening , i get a glass of the side and hold it under you then tell you to f***e the cum and champagne out ... you fill the glass ..

I look at the glass and see a disoloured champagne with my cum floating in it .....i release you hands and feet , when you sit up on the bed there is another huge gush of champagne and my cum out of your arse , and a gush of your cream and the remains of my cum out of your cunt.. You hold the glass of champagne and cum and drink it down in one mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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3 years ago
If he's gone to the trouble to send this to you --- i think it means he wants to fuck you good and proper --- don't be a tease you cum slut you !!
3 years ago
very good