A 4some Lunch Date

This was wriiten for me by a guy who wants to get into my knickers ...............what do you think should I saty or should I go and try it out ............... please post your comments

I pick you up from work at lunch time , you have on a pretty mini skirt and open Blouse. Before meeting me you went into the toilets and took of your panties ( and rubbed your cunt just to get your juices flowing a little even though you where already soaking wet.

You see me waiting in the car and as you cross the carpark you pretend to pick something of the floor just to give me a show of your beautiful round arse , but not only that i see your open pussy lips and your beautiful dark arsehole .mmm my cock is rock hard in a second .

You get in the car and we kiss really hard and passionate ,you have your hand in my crutch squeezing and rubbing my hard cock through my jeans , my hands go straight to your tits --- no bra mmmmmm i pinch,squeeze and roll your hard nipples you start to moan mmm it feels good .

We part and i drive away you un zip my jeans and put your hand inside to feel my cock ,2 seconds later you have me in the back of your throat sucking for all you are worth .

I pull up at some traffic lights , a lorry pulls up beside us and the driver gives me the thumbs up as you just carry on sucking me off. I reach behind you and lift your skirt showing him your firm arse , i spread the cheeks of your arse to show him your arsehole --- he gives me the sign that he has his cock out and is wanking off --- we both miss the lights change ...

I tell him to follow me ---- we drive down this lane towrd a lake i know when i pull up you are still sucking me so hard i am ready to come ..

As i explode into your throat the driver and his buddy are watching you take my cum into you mouth and also my spunk is coming down your nose and out of your mouth too... you are totally un aware they are there ...... i open your window .... suddenly you feel not only my hand on your ass but you feel your cheeks being spread by more hands ,, then you feel fat fingers probing into your fat wet cunt ,,, 2 then 3 then 4 fingers god but they are strching you wide , you are still sucking the last of my come out of my cock but you know all to well you are about to be spit roast. My cock is spit rock hard in your mouth and i begin to thrust it back down your throat choking you and making you gag ,,,,, you hear the door open behind you ....strong hands lift you off my cock and out of the car ,,, you see 2 guys one older guy who is holding you and a younger guy who is undoing his trousers getting his 10 inch fully hard cock out --- you can't take your eyes of it ,,, its fucking huge and it s going inot one or all 3 of your open holes ......... the older guy takes down his trousers and his 7 inch cock shoots out but he is really thick -- fattre than a coke can !!! i get out and join the guys i have my jeans of you kneel in front of us and take it in turns suck each cock --- the 2 guys cockk s taste really sweaty then you lick there balls too but you are so turned on you don't give a shit .... I lie on the grass and you straddle my cock and take me deep inside your dripping cunt ,allthe way in mmmm you feel so fucking hot inside ...the young guy goes round behind you as the old guy f***es his fat cock well into your mouth ,,,, you are trying to take it alll in but he is just stretching your wouth too mush with his fat cock ,,,,,, you are gliding up and down on my cock , it feels so good ... them you are suprised to feel your asshole being fingerd as i slide into you , first 1 then 3 firngers deep into you tight ass hole

I can feel his fingers in your ass as i am fucking you ,,,,,,, i see him spit on the end oh his cock to get it moist and slippy , then i feel your whole body tense as he pushes the tip of his cock inside the rim of your asshole ,, you think he is going to split you open but your ass muscles are strong and suddenly the whole 10 inches glides deep into your asshole ,,, i feel his balls hitting my cock as he starts to pump your shit hole ,, his strokes get longer and faster ,,, his cock slides pout of your as leaving your hole gapping wide ,,, themn he bangs the full 10 inches back in ---- i get an amazing sensation as your cunt goes into orgasm and it feels as thought your cunt muscles are milking my cock ------- i explode into your cunt ---deep into your womb ,, my spunk just keeps coming and coming ,,, you want to scream out with your orgasm but can't because his cock is gaging you ,,,, i slide from under you and tell the young guy to finish of by fucking your cunt and leaving his cum deep inside you .... after 3 strokes of his cock into your cunt you cum again and this time your cunt starts to milk his cock dry too..... i tell the old man to fifnish of in your cunt too,,,he takes his cock out of your mouth and for the first time you say FUCK ME THIS IS INCREDIBBLE , at that i let you suck your cunt juices of my cock as the old man stretches your cucnt even wider with his fat cock ,,,, when you have cleaned my cock the young guy offers his cock which has been both deep in your asshole and deep in your cunt ,,,, the taste is fantastic as you clean him sucking hard --so hard in fact he lets go a little spurt of cum into you mouth ,,so you can taste your asshole cum your cunt cum and his cum also ------- fuck its driving you crazy --so many pleasures at once .... then the old man unloads the biggest load of cum you have ever had deep inside your cunt ,,,, as he pulls out your cunt is like a dam breaking as 3 heavy loads of cum erupt from your huge cunt hole ..... you kneel up with your hand underneath you catching as much cum as possible ---- you feed it into your mouth drinking it like crazy ....... i tell you to bend over and show me your open holes ,,, as you bend over your hole are huge ..... i take my cock and direct a line of piss into youropen asshole first until it is full and the ito your open cunt washing some little dribbles of cum from inside you ...

The guy thank me for letting me allow them to fuck my woman ,,,, but hey it's good to share ...

It was also too late as my cum had already made its way deep inside your womb and impregnated you.....

As you got dressed you thanked me for a lovely lunch and asked if we could do it again ...soon .... i said yes it would be fine but next time there would be at least 4 other guy to fuck you too...

I let you drive back to work but all the way back i finger fuck you as i suck on your nipples ......

See you soon i shout, at that you pretend to pick somthing of the floor and again give me a final great little show to keep me hard while i drive away ,, but this time i say 2 strams of cum ,1 running out of your asshole and one running out of your cunt ,,,,,, that will taste better than a cup of tea later i thought .. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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5 months ago
Extremely lucky! :)
3 years ago
You dirty cum slut whore -- you fuckin teasin the poor guy or what ---- let him fuck you
3 years ago
great story