Naked Civil Servants Part £

I looked down at Annie’s strap-on which was still inserted into the girl on the sofa , She smiled at me and said that I was more than welcome to try it , I giggled to myself and Michelle ( whom I had now named Velvet due to her smooth soft pussy ) asked me would I like to fuck her with one, I said yes I want to make love to her in many ways and would she like me too.

Velvet took my hand and we soon collected our things from the cloak room and left the club getting cab back to her place. We got into the apartment and went into out respective bedroom, I entered her bedroom to find her lying on the bed with an array of all the toys we had bought early in the evening .......................

The double ended dildo was next to Velvet and between her legs was a big black strap on, I only had my stockings on and soon was being fitted with the toy by Velvet and I took hold of the shaft and gently probed around her lips opening them up ready for her to have her first fucking by a women.................. As I entered her wet pussy Velvet arched her back to let me fill her with the big black toy and soon I had the legs over her head and was pounding away at her dripping love hole like an expert.

Velvet poured some lube around her pussy with it running down to her tight bum hole and I slipped in my finger opening her up ready for more toying , I pulled out with her white creamy juices covered over the shaft and Velvet sucked on the shaft as if it was a really cock licking and lapping at her cum, I bent forward onto the bed and told Velvet that it was now my turn to be fuck and she took two toys the double ended dildo and a butt plug and insert both into my pussy stretching me open like I had never had before,

Velvet toyed at me so good with pains of pleasure running through my body wanting them deeper and harder. The strap-on was taken off me and it was my turn to be fucked I got up on all fours and before I could settle myself I was being ass fucked with the butt plug and then the black shaft was being f***ed into my wet slit.

As Velvet got the shaft deeper inside me I could feel her pushing on the butt plug with her love mound and I started to rub my clit as hard as I could and felt that I was about to explode my love juices, Within seconds my pussy was squirting like a guy taking a piss and I soaked Velvets bed for the second time that night.

Velvet slipped out of me as it was so wet and climbed on top of me offering the shaft and her pussy as she started to drink my squirting juices and pushed the butt plug deeper in my ass I had never experienced an orgasm like this even when having two guys fucking me and I just couldn’t stop my juices from running all over us .

I begged Velvet to stop as my legs started too shake as the multi orgasms took over my body and soon she buried her pussy into my face to stop me crying out and with that I just licked and lapped at the most sexy pussy I have ever had and felt her work herself off into my mouth.

We collapsed in a heap over each other,............. the bedding as wet as if it had been raining which it had with our love juices and we moved together face to face and just kissed with the smell and odour of our cum lingering on our skin , The toys soon become discarded and we now held out bodies close and softly touching feeling as one together we fell asl**p like this entwined in each other arms and legs.

We woke hours later the bed still soaking with out love juice to the apartment intercom ringing Velvet got up and quickly put on a bath robe and I could hear her chatting over the was a voice of a man and women....................and who’s voice I recognised ....did was Annie’s,

I quickly put on some sweat pants and vest top and went into the open planned apartment.

My pussy dripped as I walked and I just hoped that they wouldn’t see my wetness and my nipples poked out as they were still erect from my day of pleasure with Velvet.

They had brought over breakfast for us as they knew that we wouldn’t be doing any food that morning and as they entered both gives us approving smiles, with Michael asking when was it going to be they turn in some sexual pleasure with Michelle and me.

Annie moved closer to Velvet opening up her robe and touching her soft mound and kissing her on the lips saying that she want her pussy once more. Michael started gently brushed my nipples through my vest top making me feel horny once again........................

We all sat down and had our breakfast and soon discussed on what we had planned for the rest of the day..............................We arranged to met in a bar in the city later that day but first we need to shower and get clean as we both smelt of sex and need some more time together before we ended up as a 4some.........................................................

Final Part to follow
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3 years ago
brilliant story thanks
3 years ago
words fail me my orgasam didn't BRILLIANT!!!!!
3 years ago
mmmmm, love it! Now I need a shower