Naked Civil Servants Part 2

We soon got dressed, Michelle in an opened back short red dress and me in my little black number very low cut at the front and again backless down to my bum, I left off my underwear and only had hold up stockings on, as soon as we got outside the apartment my nipples became erect with the cold wind blowing down the street.

Michelle ordered a cab and soon we ended up in Soho with all the clubs and sex shops lit up with neon lights, we strolled around giggling like two young school girls at the array of things on offer to us.

I took Michelle hand and lead her into a sex shop, we stood at the door looking around at the vast amount of items on sale and I made my way over the to sex toy section, soon Michelle and me were holding and playing with the toys,
I removed a double ended dildo off the rack and sucked at it, soon taking it deep into my mouth Michelle watched as I worked it with ease saying that I must have had plenty of practise in the way I took it, I laughed and said that’s due to the fact that I’ve suck more than one cock at a time and that my husband loved a great blow job.

Michelle took the dildo out of my mouth and licked at it wanting to taste me, I turned Michelle around slight bent her forward over a display stand and slipped the wet end of the dildo into her pussy, There was no problem in gliding the large tip into Michelle pussy as it was still moist from watching me play a few hours ago. Soon the shop staff came over and told us that “if we try we must buy “ and there is a changing area for us to go too, I lead Michelle toward the room licking at the toy and tasting her pussy juices for the first time ..............

My God she tasted so sweet and creamy I need more of this women’s love juice and before Michelle had stopped in the changing area I had my hand up her dress and feeling at her shaved mound and her wetness for the first time I kissed her back and she dropped down onto my fingers allowing me to enter her velvet lips deeper. I insert the dildo into her once again and hitched up my dress and stood back to back with her and slid onto the other end.

Michelle cried out as I thrust the toy into her soaking slit and soon we had moved closer together with the dildo now only showing a few inches between us, we held each other close and from our stance both started to rub each others clits working us off as we toy fucked our pussies and with that we came squirting juices over out fingers and new sex toy.

We turned to each other and Michelle had a small tear in the corner of her eye, I held her tight and ask what was the matter and Michelle said that was the best orgasm that she had ever experienced and that she was falling in love with me ................................

I wiped the tear away and kissed her face softly saying that from now on we would only ever make love and although that I was a married women and had another female friend whom I meet for fun, that we are now lovers and not just two people having sex.

Michelle giggled and said that I must be a bad influence on her as it was the first time that she had ever had sex in a public place let alone a sex shop and unknown to her it was my first time as well and if my husband knew on what I was getting up too on my “business trip “ would have been going ballistic with my antics........................................

After adjusting ourselves we left the changing area and looked around the shop selecting more things to heighten our sexual pleasures. The girl in the shop smiled at us as we paid for the items and said that all areas within the shop have CCTV cover and our sex show is now recorded, She thank us for the performance and laughed saying that we wouldn’t be the first to get it on in the shop and if we ever wanted to do a repeat show she would be more than willing to watch in person.

Michelle said that one woman was enough for her at the moment but we would return some day as she had always wanted a female 3somes ...........................

We left the area of Soho and found a hotel and entered the bar, a waiter came across and I ordered two large glass of white wine as my legs were still shaking one from my amazing orgasm and from having my first public sex show . I just hoped that the shop didn’t upload the video onto the internet as I knew that my husband was always looking at porn sites and I could imagine the look on his face finding me on the net ..............and making love to Michelle .

We chatted about our lives and families and work ,but soon we just got back to each other and on what we wanted from relationship. Michelle was now living her life to the full after being let down by her ex partner just wanted plenty of fun.

And with me being able to come to London more often on business we knew that we would become a couple even if from a distance. After a few more drinks Michelle said that it was now time for some fun and took me to a club, She had found it when out with Michael and Annie, a place were everybody did they own thing and nobody batted an eyelid, after being showed to a leather corner sofa we sat down as close as we could and kissed hard this time as if it was the first time of us meeting.

Michelle was touching my lower back and it sent a quiver down my spine feeling her soft hand on my skin I stroked her inner thighs until I felt the top of her stockings and once again my fingers probed out her velvet lips and with that I insert my come covered fingers into her and Michelle groaned out slightly into my ear and began to lick at it as she got finger fucked in the club,

My juice started to flow now and I need to go to the toilet as with wearing no knickers I didn’t want a damp patch showing up on my dress as I knew that we had a long night out on the town ahead of us .

I pulled my hand from Michelle and she looked in puzzlement as to why I had stopped, I said that I need the ladies room and would she show me were they are, As we walked across the club I could see plenty of people getting it on, single females with two guys sitting each side of them and both guys playing and kissing them, couples at dinning tables and some people underneath them male or female licking pussy or sucking cock, I had never been to club like this before and thought of my hubby as he would love to be in a place like this, very stylish but plenty of sexual pleasure.

We entered the toilet area which had more leather settees and as I looked around I could see two women pleasuring each other in the form of a sixty nine while a very attractive younger girl fucked one of the exposed pussies from behind with a strap on dildo. She had the longest legs I had ever seen and stood around 6ft plus ,Michelle started to chat to some girls whom she knew from previous visits to the club.

I went into the cubical and sat on the toilet touching my soaking cunt and now finger fucking myself with Michelle juices, I loved the club and had never been to such a place were everybody just enjoyed the sexual atmosphere and then I could hear somebody call over to Michelle and come and join them I guess that it was the girl with the strap on.

Michelle started telling her all about our evening so far and how we had played in the sex shop and club, then the girl said to Michelle that she knew that she would love pussy after them being together, My heart sank as Michelle had told me that she had only ever been with one women before an now it seemed that this was not the first time for her to have a women.

I opened the cubical door and saw the very attractive younger girl and Michelle ,standing close together . I thought that there was no way I could ever keep Michelle as my lover if this girl was on the scene, Michelle took hold of my hand and kissed my face and said that she would love for me to meet ....................................................


“And if not for Michael and Annie she would have never found her bi side and ended up with me” and we would only be having a working relationship and not a sexual one with me.
Annie put her arms around us and kissed both our cheeks saying that she was very pleased to meet me and hope that we had a good time at the club tonight ............................................................

Part 3 soon.......................
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3 years ago
OMG what a story, well written as only someone who lived it could write it!...I've been to Soho, but not for a decade! Sounds even sexier than back then!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Its damn good cum
3 years ago
Wow well done great story