A recent visit as part of a Welsh trade group to NYC lead to this encounter at my hotel.

It's an early Sat morning and I'm enjoying the bar at the Waldorf. We had just flown into NYC from Cardiff.
I see him walk into the bar and he sits few seats along from me. Tall, slim,
I'm dressed in a short skirt tight white blouse strategically arranged to show off my red lacey bra and the tops of my large tits, shear black stockings and contrasting suspenders (so they'll stand out!), but no panties!
I'm directly opposite him and he can see the tops of my stockings and when the lighting is right, my bare pussy!
"Hello, what keeps you out at this hour!" he asks.
"Hi I'm Wendy, I'm staying here on business and have one last drink before I go to my room ..........what brings you here?

"Hi Wendy, what a nice name, I'm staying here too for a few more nights.
You're a very attractive lady you know.....
Oh, I'm sorry, I was so taken by you I didn't introduce myself, the name is Doug...."
"Hi Doug, I'm over here on business, my first time to the states, all the others have gone to bed but I'm trying to fight this jetlag and staying awake. It's very nice to meet you."
"Where are you from in the UK Wendy? I don't believe that's a Glaswegian accent!"
"I'm from Wales (giggles, this guy is cute and travelled!) .......have you ever been to the UK?" I giggle.
"Are you here on business as well, I'm the younger of the party I'm with and want some fun while I'm over here ........I'm married but enjoy doing my own thing when I get a chance."
"I really enjoyed Wales while I was in the UK a few years ago. I'm kind of a trouble shooter for my company on call 24/7/365 with bags packed! I'm very into having fun!"
He puts his arm around my shoulders,
"You smell very good to me."
He standing above me giving him a great view of my very nice breasts and bra, I feel my nipples swelling with anticipation.
"I'd like to help you with the jet lag, Wendy, would you like to talk for awhile?"
"Yes that would be great as I really want to meet people from the states besides work'" I open my legs slightly to expose my pussy and brush his cock with my arm.
He leans down and brushes his sexy lips against my cheek. He whispers to me, "you’re a very sexy vixen! Wendy, shall we go somewhere more private or would you like to give the patrons a little show?!"

I move my mouth to his and slowly kiss his perfect lips .... and move my hands around Doug's waist pulling him closer to me!
Doug places his hand between my legs and I open up for him to feel my wetness , we get some glances from others in the bar.........
Our tongues twist together as Doug sucks his mouth to mine. He coyly brushes my right breast lightly with his hand, then slides my breast from my bra cup and caresses my nipple! It electric as his other hand slides farther up my inner thigh to my pussy. I can smell the dampness as he moves his lips to my exposed breast.

The bartender comes over to us and looks at my exposed tit and asks us to stop what we doing! the lout! We leave the bar and move to the lift ............I started to rub Doug's hardening cock through his jeans as we enter the lift

"Your place or mine Wendy?"
"Mine! as I have my luggage and toys with me! hee hee!"
In the lift Doug slides his hand around my bare ass as he turn me and pushes my face against the wall and then slips his fingers under me and up to my hot dripping pussy and around my ass.
Doug slides two fingers deep into my cunt and I begin to moan with the pleasure his fingers are giving me and Doug is kissing the back of my neck and pulls on my nipples with his free other hand.

The door opens, its my floor as Doug quickly give my nipple a little twist.
We leave the lift with Doug still fingering my cunt and I have my hand down his pants pulling and stroking on his hard thick shaft.
We enter my room and Doug takes me in his arms and kisses me deeply and lustfully. His finger slides back into me to finger fuck me. He is moaning too with his mounting desire!

I unzip Doug's pants and take his cock out. I lick down his shaft and take his balls in my mouth gently sucking and puling on them ...he opens his legs and I move my mouth underneath Doug's sack and I lick his tightly closed butt cheeks. Doug slowly slides in and out of my lips as I suck him and stroke his balls.
Doug lifts me from beneath his ass and he pushes me down on the opened bed. He removes my white blouse and what is left of the red bra. I'm soaking wet and soooo horny, I want Doug inside me now! He pulls my skirt up over my tanned slim body and opens my legs and licks my inner thighs working towards my moist shaved tight pussy!

Doug slides down and slides his tongue along my very erect clit. UHHHHHHHHH,MMMMM, yesssss
I can feel my clit enlarge as Doug works it with your tongue and cock and he works my sex with his fingers!
Doug drops his pants and he brings my cock head up to my dripping wet pussy lips to wet the head of his shaft then slides it along my clit with my erect clit sliding between the edges of his cum hole. I start to pulsate toward my first orgasms of many tonite!

My back arches and Doug grabs a breast and squeezes my nipple as my orgasm washes through my body!

I cum again as Doug's cock touches my love hole squirting my hot juices over your his cock head and he finger fucks me hard to get ever last drop of my juices from me! I scream out.
"I want you to pull on my nipples hard and bite them as I'm a dirty girl and I need a good fucking ............."
"Very nice Wendy, that's good start for tonight! Roll over please!"

I trembling as I go to the bedside drawer and take out my fav sex toys ......... butt plug and dildo .......
I roll over and lift my ass up ready for Doug, to use me in any way he wants ..........
Doug has been busy too, he went to his briefcase and removes two thick stacks of paper, each bound by a large spring clip. he sets the clips aside for now and also removes a tie.

I lay on my stomach as Doug place's two pillows under my hips and he takes a small toy and Wets it with my juices from my cunt.
Doug starts at the top of my buttocks and slides his tongue down my crack. And rims my anus with his tongue dipping it into my hole a little as he then slides the slick small toy into my ass. Doug swats my ass as he takes the butt plug to my lips and I lick it.

I feel Doug slowly but firmly insert the butt plug into my very tight ass and I move back onto it as he pushes it completely inside me! He locks the plug in place deep inside me, to prepare my ass for his later attentions!

Doug slaps my sexy buttocks as he slides his fingers into my soaked pussy. Thumb pressing my clit and against his fingers deep in my pussy. I can feel his fingers in me and how good it feels having both holes filled! Doug slaps my ass harder now calling me a dirty Welsh whore .......I love the fact that Doug can be rough with me, but still love making it with me.

The dildo now starts to slide into my pussy, slowly as I back onto it. I take the dildo from Doug's hand and hungrily push it deep inside my dripping pussy .........Doug is wanking his hard cock now ready to take my holes, pleassssse!

Doug begins to slowly fuck with the dildo as my moans get louder until I take Doug into my mouth. I suck his cock as he twists my nipple hard! There’s no way to stop the load that's on its way to my sucking throat!

Doug squirts his hot creamy cum deep in my mouth and over my face. I lick it from my lips and drink him! I slide him back to work his cock in and out of my cum filled mouth and I feel him getting hard again , I need Doug's cock inside me ............
"Please Doug, fill my holes with your cream " I need you so badly now!

Doug lifts my face to his and licks the remains of his cum from my face and neck.
"Now you high class Welsh whore, lay back and we'll see YOU cum!"

I beg Doug to take my ass!

"Relax baby take a breather" as He removes the dildo from my trebly pussy. The butt plug stays for now as he rolls me face up and spreads your very sexy legs!
"Ohhhhh god! Doug Fuck me!"
"Yes Doug make me cum like I've never cum before! You're so good, much better than my hubby at home!"

He wets a finger in my cum and places it on my hard erect clit. He starts to slowly rub in circles on my clit, slowly but continuously. He twangs the plug to see my hips jump as he continues to circle my clit!

"Please Doug fuck me as need you to take my whore's ass............"
I cum yet again as Doug's continues working my clit! and the flood of my juices run down to the plug adding lubrication so he could slip in a finger along side the plug opening my hole even more!!

Doug places the flared hood of his very hard shaft against my pussy lips, in a simple thrust his shaft slides deep into my pussy! and he begins thrusting into me hard as he slowly slips the plug from my waiting ass. Now that he is wet and my ass is wide he slides his cock from my pussy and into my burning ass.

"Yes give me your cock in my tight rose bud, Doug" take me hard as I take the dildo and push it up my cunt having both holes filled now and he pushes the butt plug into my mouth!

Doug is thrusting hard! into my abused ass, he reaches up and pulls my blond hair back lifting my head!
Thrust, thrust, thrust, his cock head is swelling as he shoots his seed into my waiting colon!
He pumps his load into me, but he's not done yet!
"Oh honey, I feel your cum filling my ass hole ..............yes I need you to fill me!!!!!"

Doug slides out from my ass and rolls me over to face up. He uses our clothes to tie my ankles to my wrists as he rolls my legs and hips up for max penetration! Doug licks my pussy as he begins to harden yet again.
Sliding the dildo into my ass, he strokes that hot whore pussy as I beg for more!

Doug can use me in anyway he wants now!

"Wendy I had your mouth and your sexy ass! Now I intend to fuck your cunt as you've never been fucked before!"

"Yes Doug take my cunt please ........I'm all yours!"

"But first....Wendy open your mouth, wider" he stuffs hi shorts into my mouth then ties his tie around my mouth. Doug now picks up those clips that were earlier holding the papers. My eyes go wide! What the!
Doug grabs my right breast and places the nipple into the open clip.
"Now Wendy this will hurt!" The clip closes, but not on my nipple, but on my aurora. God it hurts, but probably not as much as all the pressure just on my nipple. He repeats placing the clip on my left breast.
I try to scream, but nothing comes out! tears roll across my face as Doug smiles.

He mounts me by turning his hips sideways straddling my body with his leg as his cock drills into me! he slides all the way into me and I can feel the tip of his cock brushing against my cervix. He now turns his hips back to norm, which twists his cock 90 deg inside my slick pussy!
The feeling of my pussy twisting against him in INCREDIBLE!!!!! As he now begins to fuck me very hard!

I pull my legs even farther over my head letting Doug get all my pussy and I can feel him deeper than I've ever had a cock before! Doug is working my clit again and with each touch I can feel my cunt wanting to explode my juices again!

Climax! as we both cum! Doug pumps what he has left deep into my cunt!
He releases my legs, the clips from my tits, and holds me in his arms as we take a breather! and his cock slowly slides from within my exhausted body.

"Wendy, now don't fall asl**p now." He kisses my lips deeply. The bed is soaked by our love making, our juices intermixed.

We lay next to each other and he gently strokes my quivering cum covered body gently playing with my nipples. He slides my lips to my nipples as he places his trembling hand on my head. He places the other hand in my pussy for wetness before sliding it up to my clit. My clit is so sensitive and with every touch he send seismic shocks though my body and the bed.

Doug slowly touches my hairtrigger clit as I softly squirt my cum onto his fingers.
He brushes my hair from my face and kisses those trembling lips. He lays his head on my heaving chest.

A wonder ending to a wonderful night for both of us. How many times did I cum,....?who cares!

I get up to visit the restroom, I suddenly feel a different urgent need!!
After a few minutes of draining my bladder, Doug knocks softly on the door....
"Wendy, my darling, may I join you?"
"Doug walks into the bathroom, his flaccid cock is conveniently at lip level, I give in and caress his cock with my lips and tongue. I savour the feeling of my lover expanding once again in my mouth. I slide a damp finger around to his ass, slowly penetrating him as Doug loudly moans. I feel his balls lift as he prepares and suddenly he cums and I swallow him whole! He's unsteady on his feet as I pull him to my lap.
"Doug, may I shave your cock, balls and ass?"
"Yes, that would be wonderful, so we move to the tub where we spend a wonderful time as I shaved Doug.

We're absolutely exhausted and fortunately there is another bed in the room that we have not used. I lay in the bed with Doug next to me softly caressing my breast. very soon exhaustion over comes us. At seven, my phone rings, wake up call.
I'm alone. Did I dream last night! I'm certainly sore in all the right places! I roll over and see the other bed,,,,,,
Totally devastated, even the mattress is askew! Doug must have left early.
I go to take a very needed shower as I reek of sex!
I wrap myself in the hotel robe and enter the room. What's this? An envelope on the floor where there was none before. I pick it up, hotel stationary. Wendy on the front! I rip open the envelope to find a card,
Room 1619, Please Call!
Suddenly I'm not at all tired. So much for jet lag!!!

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3 years ago
Love it - jet lag leads to all sorts of adventures x Chris
3 years ago
very adventurous story
3 years ago
love it !
3 years ago
very nice
good job
3 years ago
Great story...
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
A favorite! (In more ways than one, thanks!)
3 years ago
nice story