Part Two Of Our Story

I pull at the cord of my robe and lie on the bed exposing my oiled body, I feel my bum throb with the butt plug still in me and adjust myself to get comfortable. My hand fine my soaking pussy and I start to flick at my clit and soon I am pulling at my erect nipples and even making myself flinch as I tweak and squeeze at them. I look around the room and see a bag on the night stand I peer into it and find that Charlie has been shopping, I reach inside and pull out a rabbit vibrator, he has got me one again as the last and only time I had used one was in his office with me naked on his desk and suck on his cock while he worked my pussy deep and hard with it and again I had one of the most amazing orgasms ever, and here I am now with my favourite toy and able to play with no interruption and make as much noise as I want.

I suck on the shaft of the rabbit spitting on it to lube it a little, not that it needs it as my pussy is dripping and soon I have it buzzing in my hand and rubbing it over my clit and down to my lips, I feel it enter me so easy but find a discomfort with the butt plug still inside me, I pull at the plug and a pop sound is made as it slips out of my expand rose petal and I place it on the bed as now I'm working in "my rabbit" into my wet soaking pussy.............................................

I enter the room and as look towards the bed Wendy looks such a wonderful sight her legs wide open and eyes closed and "her rabbit " gently buzzing deep inside her with the ears pressed hard on to her throbbing clit and I open my robe and start to pull at my manhood, watching Wendy play alone is so horny and soon my cock has sprung into life in the palm of my hand.

Wendy opens her eyes and look like a little girl who's been caught by an adult for the first time in the act of playing with herself, I move over towards the bed and place Wendy's hand back on "rabbit" and we both work it into her sweet love hole, soon I sense that she is about to cream and I move towards Wendy's face and we kiss passionately as an orgasm takes over her body and her love juices are wash from within her down the rabbits shaft on onto the white cotton sheets. Our tongues flick to and forth into each other’s mouths and once again Wendy climaxes’ her whole body shaking as it takes over her................................

This is so intense I think I love the way I just let my orgasm take over me and if it's going to be like this all weekend I'm going to be so drained, Charlie lays next to me and turns me onto my side and we spoon with his hard cock pressing into my thighs and bum, "rabbit" is gently buzzing inside me and I find his hardness and pull and wank at it feeling precum on the tip and I lick at my cum covered finger and pull at him more now want to have his man juice over and inside me.

Charlie pulls my legs up and as I try to remove "rabbit" he hold my hand in place and takes the discarded butt plug from the bed and slowly works it around my soaking rose petal bum hole, Oh fuck I think he's going to fill both my hole with toys and Charlie tells me to relax and soon my pussy and bum are filled by latex, the feeling is fucking amazing and I rock my lower body at enjoy a new experience for me, Charlie moves around the bed and soon I have all my holes filled as he enters my mouth with his manhood and I suck it deep and hard while my hands are now work both toys inside. Charlie take my head in his hands and works his cock into my mouth deeper and deeper "Fuck I think he’s mouth fucking me” and soon I can get a stronger taste of his precum in my mouth. The movement become faster and faster and I know from before he is going to shoot his load and I work the toys so that we can cream at the same time.................................

I pull my cock out of Wendy soft mouth and my first stream of cum shoots across her tits, the second one towards her chin and finally the last loads onto her mouth and sweet kissable lips, Wendy licks at my warm sticky cream and I lean down to kiss her mouth Wendy looks puzzled as I taste my own cum off her but I tell her that if I expect her to drink me it with only be fair that I will have to taste it as well. We flick the last remaining droplets of my cream from our tongues and I rub the first load into Wendy's tiits and nipples, I remove "rabbit" from Wendy well worked pussy and a waterfall of love juices flow from her I lick at her amazing taste and lap at perfect pussy lips, Wendy lies back and allows me to tongue at her once again and soon her love juice a pouring out into my mouth................................

The bed is soaking and I move out of the wet patch on the bed and towards the side, Charlie is still eating at my pussy and when he finally comes up from my wetness his mouth and chin glisten with my love juices. He’s say that we must start to get ready and cuddles and spoons me on the edge of the bed and soon I fall asl**p in his arms. When I finally wake up about what feels hours of sl**p I can hear the shower running and I pick my body up of the bed and feel the butt plug is still up my rose petal bum, I remove it once again and my once very tight bum hole is feeling slightly expand “maybe I could take his cock I think” and enter the bathroom to a sight that I did not expect to see.

Charlie is pulling on his sack and shaving any slight hair from it, next he pulls his soft shaft and shaves again from underneath the sack and along his cock, Fuck it is such a turn seeing a guy shaving himself and I watch for what seems 10 mins and Charlie says “Hi “as if it’s the normal and offers out me his hand to enter the shower cubical and starts to wash my back and shoulders.

I love the softness of his manly hands and he not only washes me with scented soap he also massages his fingers deep in my aching muscles. Charlie turns me towards him and soaps my

cum filled soaking pussy, he can’t leave it alone and soon is finger me once again and then he lift up my legs and push me again the glass panel. Soon his cock is finding my lips which he parts open and then he takes me deep and hard not even giving me chance to steady myself He pulls his manhood out of my cunt and I take hold and ram it hard into me feeling his hardness and without notice stream of hot cum shoot over my exposed pussy and we kiss and tongue until I feel Charlie go limp in my hand
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1 year ago
That is truly erotic storytelling
1 year ago
You nasty little slut Wendy !!! xxx