Hellen The Office Girl Part 2 (Continued)

A hour must of passed since I had left the girls on their own I could hear the moans and groans coming from the bedroom and knew that I could not resist in re-joining them , My cock was throbbing and I want to see what Hellen and Wendy had been up too.

As I stood in the doorway, Wendy was standing between Hellen’s spread upright legs her long blonde hair sticking to her face and tits and with Hellen moaning every time Wendy moved her body towards her, as I got closer I could see that Wendy had a strap-on dildo attached to her glistening body and fucking Hellen’s soaking pussy, another new found art with her lover.

I watch as Wendy slowly fucked her with long hard strokes forcing Hellen’s body to shudder as she became more aroused with Wendy getting deeper and deeper into her enlarged slit. I moved over to Hellen’s face and kissed her, her eyes opened she give out a cheeky smile and licked her lips I could taste Wendy’s juices on her soft silky mouth knowing that both girls had been tonguing and making love for the last hour and we began to kiss slowly as the days of just fucking had now gone.

Hellen, Wendy and me had now all became lovers no matter who was with who and yes we would have wild dirty sex with plenty of toys and the like, but Hellen was being made love too by Wendy and I want her to enjoy the experience of having a women and a man making love to her and not just fuck her as we had on our first time.

I climbed onto the bed and Hellen took hold of my cock and slowly licked my balls and shaft making me get even harder, She opened her mouth and again slowly started to suck the full length of my manhood, Wendy could see that I was enjoying having my cock sucked so softly and join Hellen both taking it in turns pleasuring me and while one of them was sucking me the other one would be gently nibbling at my sack and sucking my balls.

I told to both them to get their face close together and with each turn of entering their soft mouths I could feel my load getting closer and closer to cumming. I held my cock tight and squirted my man fat over both of them, they looked like two puppies wanting water with their tongues hanging out and lapped at my hot cum, Wendy had taken some of my load on her face and Hellen licked it off her not wanting to miss any of the juice and soon both girls had started to kiss and tongue their filled mouths flicking my cream from one to the other.

I collapsed onto the bed and started to watch as both girls started to rub their pussies each working the hood of their clits and Wendy had removed the strap-on and pulling open her hood and lips slipped the head of the dildo deep into her cunt.
Hellen positioned her head underneath Wendy’s hole and quickly lashed her tongue over the exposed clit; Wendy buried her cunt over Hellen and began to work it into her face.

Wendy was working faster now and soon she came with a steady flow of her love juices squirting all over Hellen’s face and down to her tits, Wendy had never squirted this much before with me, But when making love with “Hels” never held back and stood over me and worked her soaking dripping love hole again letting me taste her this time as now she was having multiply orgasms and cumming as much as her body would let her.

Hellen kneeled down behind Wendy shaking body and open up her bum cheeks and began to insert the anal beaded dildo into her ass, she worked it deep into the hole and pushed Wendy forward onto the bed and with me holding her hips up, Hellen used the double ended dildo this time and soon her ass was filled with the pink latex shaft. Hellen positioned herself around and with me holding Wendy in place slid onto the other end of the shaft. Wendy had both holes filled with the strap-on still deep inside her.

Soon both girls were ass fucking each other and only leaving about 4 inches of the 16 inched dildo visible, Hellen was fucking Wendy ass much harder than Wendy was fucking “Hels” but I knew that Wendy loved being taken hard up her ass and soon Wendy collapsed as her body was over taken with another huge orgasm.

Hellen left the dildo up Wendy and moved around on the bed with her knees just on the edge, her bum hole was still expanded and as I insert my cock into it I could feel it contract around my shaft and now it was “Hels” turn to have her ass fucked good and hard, Wendy was laying in her side and while I was pounding this sweet soft hole Hellen inserted the other end of the dildo into Wendy’s waterfall of a pussy and double fucked both holes with her pussy filled with more toys than I had ever seen Wendy take with each movement of my cock.

I could feel that I was going to come and filled her ass and pussy with creamy man juice, I was all done now and Hellen squatted over Wendy flushed face and let her taste my still warm sticky cream, Wendy was totally fucked out now her cunt and ass still taking the toys and could barely lick Hellen’s pussy but as soon as she could smell her lovers cunt and my cum soon proceeded to lapped and lick her clean ready for our next time.................................................
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very good
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well I guess a day (or night) is only soooo long!