LICKALISHISH: pushing her head onto her clit as my cock was slideing into her lick my cock while my boyfriend fucks me she order and pushed the exs head on her pussy .As i shoot my warm cum in her pussy she pulled me out and with my cum running out her pussy she grinded my exs face into the cum and wiped it on her face saying you will never have his cock again, ginger came back to reality as fast as she departed, from there to her cubical .
at the office my wife allways plays till she explodes n her seat at the computer , only me n her knew till last week
sexy office was pace she always had fun, when the time she was about to flood her pantys a co-worker stepped
up in to her cubeical her office orgasmic fun was discovered . he knew what she was doing for a while to he told her my office gurl had been filmed and not 1 time 3 times explodsion orgasmic pleasure AT perciesely the time of arrival of he big soaping wet climax
: in of he told her he was gunna show the coorarate leaders all the videos she starred in and for sure she knew that ment a firing of her ass, n a loss of her retirement , an all she had been working for there for 15 yrs ,

: well when she fnally decided to go to the womens lavatory she had to pass toms desk n cubical, she dreaded his stare his knowing the dark genuine secret for so long only her husband knew,
: as wet s here pantys and dress were and no matter if she was humiliated beyond normal standards she had to change pout of her pee soaked garmits
garmits were now no secret
tom was busy with his fax machine she noticed out of the corner of her view of his work area
she went for it went to the santuary of the lavatory ,
soon as she got the door shut and hiked her skirt u[p ws , just starting to peel of her sheer to waist wolfords .when bam the lav door swung unusually hard , loud...there stood tom
: hey yur the solution to yur own problem ginger . if yu think about the lil secret i maybe could help yu keep , only then we can srecret get what both us want , ginger stood looking like a puppy getting a box not only one , a box of treats

: darkness fell over the parking lot tat evening after around 3 hours of the constant haRASSMENT AND SEXUAL FRENZY ,WILDly exacuted in the back seat the front seat the floor front n back and finally the trunk,
all worth the price of her penance for the deed of which she was guilty of . there at he cubical now though is gunna be a new secret , an secret from her husband and with nlt tom ,at the new office at her new cubicle with which she shares with tom , forever hers n his way of keeping peace n harmony in the workplace
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4 years ago
interesting try reready before you submit to catch the errors but a good story