My 1st interracial threesome

I met a guy and he came to my hotel after meeting him on a social network site. He was 6'2 and around 225 pounds military man. We instantly hit it off when he came into my room and gave me a passionate tongue kiss. He then dropped his pants and I sucked his hard 7 1/2 inch cock, he then ate my sweet ass pussy until I couldnt take it any more. Then he topped me and gave me a huge load. About 3 weeks later, he said he wanted some more, I told him that I was super horny and always wanted a 3sum. I was house sitting for a friend and after we emailed each other for about an hour, he agreed to have a 3 sum. I then looked at a couple of ads on one of the sites that I was apart of, and found a visitor, looking for fun. I emailed him a picture of me and explained that I was a sexy xdresser. He was very interested, he was 6'1 190lbs with a 8 inch cock. My 1st lover came over about 7pm, and I intstructed the visitor to come arounfd 7:15pm. I then dressed up in my sexy yellow top, with my bright yellow panties, that hugged my round firm ass. I also had on my yellow open toe pumps with my black toe nail polish. I instructed the traveler that the door would be unlocked, and when he came in the door to lock it and come upstairs to the 1st room on the right. When my 1st lover came over, we talked a little, had a cocktail and began to start tongue kissing. I then took his shirt off and began to lightly suck and lick his nipples. He then dropped his slacks and his bulging hard on was fully erect. I then kneeled down and started to suck his hard cock, and working the head of his cock. I then swallowed his whole cock and gagging on his erect cock. I then started to suck his fully loaded balls, he became super horny and made me stand up and turn and face the wall, and spread my legs. He then started rubbing his cock against my tight ass pussy. I moaned and looked at the clock and saw that it was 7:45pm, and figured oh well the other guy wont show. My lover then grabbed his hard cock and mounted my tight ass pussy. He began to stroke my tight ass pussy and grabbed my waist and started taking long deep slow strokes. We then heard someone open the front door and yell anyone home? I responded with we are up here, and my lover put his underwear back on. The traveler came upstairs and walked in the room, and he said he was shocked on how sexy I look. I told him to get comfortable and began to kiss my lover while he was getting undressed. The traveler then walked over behind me while I was kissing my lover, and he began to kiss my neck. My lover then instructed me to give him a kiss, so I truned around and started to kiss the traveler, his tongue was amazing. I knew that I wanted to him to eat my ass pussy out. My lover then began to kiss my neck, my clit in between my legs grew quickly to 9 inches. After they took turns kissing me, and nibbling on my neck, my lover made me kneel down and I started to suck both of there HARD cocks. I sucked both of there cocks for about 15 minutes. Then the traveler, walked around and got behind me and slid my sexy yellow panties to the side and began to lick and eat my sweet tight ass pussy. I contiued to suck my lovers cock and swallow his pre cum, he was so excited. I knew he was going to blow his load soon. I then walked over to the bed, and got in a standing doggie position the traveler took his fat head of his cock and gently slid his cock inside of my ass pussy, he was very aggressive and began to pound my pussy real hard. He had me moaning, as my lover laid on the bed and continued to suck his hard erect cock. The traveler then turned me around and laid me on the bed and mounted his cock with my legs spread wide and began to fuck me hard again. He said to my lover ( she has a tight wet ass pussy) my lover said I know, I was in it before you came. My lover then mounted my face and face fucked me with his cock. I was so turned on, being fucked my two hot white guys. My lover wanted some more, so they switched, my lover then began to pound my ass pussy. He then said he wanted me to ride his hard cock, so they both laid on the bed, and began to ride my lovers cock, while stroking the travelers cock. I then switched and started to ride the travelors cock. He then flipped me over and fucked me missionary while kissing me, I lightly played with his nipples, after about 10 minutes he hollared he was cumming, so he pulled out took his condom off and cummed all over my chest, it was so hot. My lover then turned me over and put his cock inside me in a doggie style position. After about 5 minutes he pulled out and told me to cum swallow his load. I opened wide and stuck my tongue out and he came in my mouth, he then made me show him his load cum and then told me to swallow. After I swallowed he made me show him that I swallowed his load. We all talked for about 20 minutes, and when my lover went to the bathroom to wash off, the traveler began kissing me again, and next thing you know it, he had his hard cock inside me again, thrusting his 8 inch cock in and out of my swollen ass pussy. I moaned and groaned and fucked me nice and hard. I then sat him at the edge of the bed, and rode him reverse cowgirl, while my lover watched him give it to me good. After riding his cock for about 10 minutes, he told me to get on my knees and he took his rubber off and stuck his cock in my mouth and he came all in my mouth, and I showed both of them my cum and then swallowed. I was so satisfied but so horny, we could have fucked all night.
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6 months ago
great story, you should write mre often.
6 months ago
very hot!!!
7 months ago
super hot
8 months ago
lucky gurl! straight to my faves!
8 months ago
love this one! into my faves!