My cousin jessie

well it was summer that time when my cousins came over to our house to visit, btw i have a cousin her name is jessie, we often take a bath together when we are k**s, after 8 years... "charlie fix your room your cousins are comming"mom said. "wait up mom one more minute i have to finish the game" i said. after an hour my cousins came, it is only her mom and jessie. i got downstairs and run to open the door. i turn the doornob and i saw this hot 16 yr old girl, my mom was behind me and she said "hey there jessie how are you". what the fuck? it was my cousin jessie. she got a nice ass and a huge tits for a 16yr old girl. i went out side look for my aunt(jessies mom) to pick their bags and put it on the guest room near my room, i go up the stairs with the heavy bags put it on the guest room and got back down stairs. "charlie me and ur aunt will go to vegas for 3 days, you and your cousin will stay here at the house" said mom. im really shy to be alone with my cousin jessie i told my mom "okay just be careful, bye!!!" i said. after i locked the door jessie was there standing with her mini skirt and her tank top looking at me."hey charlie nice to see you again its been 8 years since we never seen each other" said jessie. "well yeah its been so long" i said."im going to take a bath okay" said jessie. "okay i will be in my room if you need me" i said. after 5 min i walked up stairs, step by step i could hear the shower noise across the way to my room, i opened my room door sit on my bed and watch T.V. i looked at the bathroom door was half way opened, i knew jessie was still taking a shower, i walked to the bathroom and look at the mirror, i could see her hot body reflection. i saw her hot tits and her shaved pussy. i took out my cock and jerk while watching jessie taking her shower. im going faster and faster until jessie saw me jerking. "hey there charlie what where u doing are you jacking off?" jessie said. "ughh... dont tell mom but yea" i said. she pulled me near and said "wanna fuck me?". i was shocked and i know she is the hottest girl i ever seen in my life. "yes!" i said . we started to make out and we walked to my room and i said "are you sure you want to do this? because im going to take away your virginity". "yes, baby ive been waiting for this moment that you would fuck me in my tight pussy" jessie said. i layed her down in my bed and we started to take our clothes off. i got my cock very hard."put it in there baby, i want you in me now!" said jessie. i put my cock inside her and she moaned and moaned, as i got faster and faster jessie had an orgasm. "im cumming babyy" i said . "cum on my hot pussy charlie!!!! cumm" jessie said. after i cumm her pussy is filled with my hot thick cum. i asked her"are you in pills?"."no... just k**ding yes i am" said jessie, my heart rate got up when i heard no, but she said just k**ding i felt better. i layed beside her and i said "i took your virginity and did you have fun?"." hell yeah i did baby, i dont give shit if you take away my virginity" said jessie. after that day we have been doing it for a long time and now im 20 and jessie is 18 and still fucking...
i hope u like my real story!
63% (18/10)
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3 years ago
short and to the point,,very good ,,let us kno more please..mmmmm eat that pussy boy...
4 years ago
you are one lucky person
4 years ago
very good & hot but short
4 years ago
Charlie, great job, and a good job on writing the story....she sounds HOT, HOT, do you have pics...
4 years ago
Great story of first time for both.
Please tell us more.