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I go to the University of Alabama and I love it. I grew up in Tennessee but the atmosphere at this college is great. I'm a freshmen and I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Every morning, I walk outside of my fraternity to the same spot to watch people walk by until my first class starts at 11. I go to this spot because a lot of the sororities are nearby and the sorority s****rs walk to class. They are so good looking. I just relax and watch the babes walk by in their cute outfits that are tight, revealing, or both. It's not too difficult to get a semi-erection.

One morning, I was enjoying myself at the spot. The sunrise was pretty and the girls were about as usual. One girl really got my attention however. Her backpack had caused the left side of her dress to get stuck up above her butt. And what a sight it was - because of her thong, I got a really nice view of her ass cheek. It bounced with each step she took. I was staring and staring at it and I noticed how round it was and how easy it would be to grab. She was about 20 yards past me when she quickly grabbed her dress and covered herself and looked around embarrassed.

Sure enough, she caught me looking and I instinctively looked the other direction, pretending I was unaware of what was going on. I blushed, too, because I knew she knew I was watching. I thought she would keep going still embarrassed but she came up to me. As I heard her footsteps, I was getting very nervous. I thought she would call me a pervert and slap me or something like that but she just came up to me and asked, "Why didn't you tell me my butt was showing!?"

I didn't know what to say so I just stammered over my words, "um - I..."

That was not good enough for her. "So you would have let me keep walking like that?"

I looked down in shame, after all, that wasn't very chivalrous of me. I had no courage and said nothing.

She continued to make me feel guilty, "Did you like that little show? Did you enjoy that?" I didn't know what to do. "C'mon, be honest," she said.

I simply nodded and waited to see what would happen. To my surprise, she smiled! And what a beautiful smile; her teeth were white and straight, and her lips were full. I wanted to kiss them. "I guess I can't be too hard on you," she said, "you're just a guy and that's what y'all do. It's no big deal. Sorry to blow up on you like that."

"I'm sorry, too," I said. "I should have said something but then you would have covered up that beautiful ass of yours." I tried to see around her hips to her butt and she kinda rotated in my direction to give me a better view. I blushed again and averted my eyes. I was so shy because I had never had a real girlfriend, never had sex, only kissed a girl one time. This girl was probably really experienced. I'm sure she had a lot of attention from the guys. She was slim, but had those nice hips and that bouncy ass. Her tits were big and the dress she was wearing covered them up most of the way but since I was about 8 inches taller than she was, I was able to sneak a look down her dress. She noticed that and decided to sit down next to me. Her hair was curly and midway down her back. I reached for it and it was so soft! She kinda closed her eyes when I did that and that's when my adrenaline really started pumping.

She stopped me right there and grabbed my wrist. "My name is Carolyn. I'm from Oklahoma. I'm a third year Business major. How about you?"

I responded, "Just a freshman. Mechanical." I hoped she didn't get discouraged that I was younger.

"Oh so you're pretty new around here." She smiled again and my heart melted. "Have you ever been to my sorority house? I think I've seen you around."

"Yea, once," I said. "And I would have remembered seeing you. You are....gorgeous."

"Well, thanks. How 'bout you come by right now? I was going to meet someone but I can postpone." She winked at me. How could I say no?

We walked a block to the front door of the house and walked in. She said hi to one of her sorority s****rs and went up the stairs. I followed closely, to look like I belong there and to get a better look at that bouncy ass I saw earlier. We went down the hall and found her room. Her second story window looked down right to my spot that I am found each morning. No wonder she had seen me before. She had a queen size bed with white sheets. She didn't have much stuff in her room, just pictures.

"Why don't you have a seat on the bed. Make yourself at home." I did. I sat with my legs a little spread to maybe give her a hint at what I was thinking about. She glanced at my crotch which was becoming slightly more three dimensional. She took off her backpack, set it in the corner and sat down right next to me. My bl**d and mind were racing. There's no way this can be happening.

"You seem...tense." She said.

"Yea. I'm kinda nervous around you. Not in a bad way, you are just a really attractive girl and, well, I can't really control my thoughts right now."

"Oh yeah, what are you thinking about??" She put her hand just above my knee.

"Uhhhh, um, you...and....uh me."

"Mmmmmmm." She grinned. "Great minds think alike."

I kicked off my boots to get more comfortable and she did the same with her flats. I scooted very close to her face and just gazed in her eyes. They were green. I went for it.

I kissed her very lightly on the lips and retreated. She was smiling and her eyes were closed. I decided to kiss her again. Her lips were so juicy and soft. The next time, I went with tongue and she accepted it freely. She welcomed my tongue with hers and very soon our kissing was passionate and heated. I held her head and she touched my face. She scooted back to the head of the bed and asked me to take off my shirt. I took it off and my pants.

In my boxers, I crawled up to her and kissed her more. This time I ran my hands up and down her butt and hips. Her ass really was squishy and I had fun with that. She began to squeeze her breast and rub her pussy. She moaned every now and then and the vibrations went through her lips to mine and just made the experience even more exciting. She spread her toned legs and ripped off her thong. Her pussy was bare and a little wet.

I went down and kissed it. I kissed all around and finally got back to her vagina and added a little tongue. I found her clit immediately and she threw her head back and gasped. I felt like I was on top of the world. I continued to massage her warm pussy with my tongue and it was getting really wet in there. I scooted back and she took off her dress and I took of my boxers. Her bra was pink and I wanted her to rip it off. Instead, she slowly grabbed her tits and squeezed them until her bra straps came off. She undid the latch and slowly removed it. Her tits were swelling and her nipples were standing up. I immediately started to feel the left one and suck on the right one. It was fun to hear her moan and flinch when I would flick her nipple with my tongue. She was fingering her pussy to get wetter and my dick was ready to enter her. It was fully erected and emitting semen. She pushed me on my back and started to suck my cock.

What a feeling! Her mouth was warm and her tongue was all over my dick. I was pushing my pelvis back at her and using all my strength to keep from ejaculating so early. She sucked my balls a little and then crawled closer to my face. She grabbed my cock and touched it to her pussy. I was about to scream. She said, "You ready?" and all I could do was nod enthusiastically. She pushed it in a little bit and a few things happened at once. Her head went back and her eyes closed, her pussy began to tighten and push against my cock, and she began to get really wet. She went up and down slowly and she was moaning loudly. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy it. She went all the way and I felt my balls touch her vagina wall and the got her juice on them. She sped up.

We were going in and out quickly now and I was about to send cum all the way through her nose when someone burst in the room. Me being shy, I jumped on the other side of the bed, covering my pulsating cock. It was another girl. I recognized her from my health class. She sat behind me and she was really hot. She said to Carolyn, "I can hear you down the hall. It was making me hot so I thought I'd join you, is that cool?" My first thoughts were, "YES!" This girl was short and skinny but her rack was amazing! She was wearing a really tight shirt and spandex. Carolyn said, "Mmmm I've always wanted to see you climax. Come on in."

The shorter girl, Rachel, took her clothes off so quickly. I went to her, turned her on her front and set her up to receive my dick from behind. Her large tits hung and swung freely and as I thrusted in her, I grabbed her breasts and squeezed. Carolyn positioned herself in front of Rachel's mouth and Rachel started eating her out with passion and Carolyn almost screamed. I went in and out until it was time to cum and I locked legs with Rachel and sent cum all the way inside her.

I fell back a little and grinned. Carolyn saw me and said, "Oh you better not be done yet!" I grinned wider and waited to see what else would happen. I went over to Carolyn and kissed her more while Rachel sucked me off. I got under Carolyn and she sat on me and we picked up where we left off. Since I was laying on my back, Rachel put her wet pussy on my mouth and I made out furiously with her wet warm vagina. Rachel could barely hold herself up and after a few short minutes she sprayed cum all over my mouth. Meanwhile, Carolyn was still taking me in and out of her and she cummed at the exact same time. All this was too much and I shot a load just inside Carolyn.

We all laid back a little exhausted but thoroughly satisfied. What a first time.

I still sit at that spot eery morning, but never since has it turned out as well as that one morning. :)
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