It was near the end of summer and I had some time on my hands. I am always getting bored and find myself jerking off whenever i got a chance. I didnt have a girlfriend at the time so i was looking for something that could give me a little excitement. I had been doing some yard work before i went to lunch and i was in gym shorts and tshirt. When i got in my car it was hot from the sun being out and it was about 1230. Being in there after being in the sun working made me extra sweaty, aas the seat was warm against my testicles through my thin shorts. As im driving to get food for lunch i cant help to notice the tip of my gliming cock hanging out of my shorts. I pull the shorts up to show more of my cock and my hot testicles that are now exposed along with my cockk that is now rock hard. I have a huge urge to play with my hot throbbing cock in the middle of traffic during a hot summer day with cars right next to me. As i start stroking my cock im driving and enjoying the thrill of people passing catching a look. I pull up to a red light and start getting into it as im sweating i look over and this young girl is watching me with a shock on her face it turned me on even more as the light turned green and i never saw her again i pulled into an office parking lot that was huge and parked. I had been building up now and was ready to explode. I open my car door and lean out. To my surprise a middle aged woman who works the office is taking laps around the parking lot on her break and i did not notice until she was behind my car and looked over at my as im leaning out pumping my thick hot cock. As she looks at that moment she stands there staring right as a climax with a huge thick load in the hot summer sun. Her face went from shock to a huge smile. She did not say a word and neither did I i got in my car and she kept walking. It was the most thrilling moment having a complete stranger watch me as cum all over. It was one of the best jerkoff sessions i ever had
85% (9/2)
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hot story
3 years ago
And you my friend have just showed why I love to flash my nine inch cock to women in public!It's such a rush to have a strange women watch me jack my cock and cum in front of them!