very sexy ......

you are taking a shower and you hear the door opening.
i smile at you and ask is the water sweety? hmm lovely you tell me, and i slowly start to undress slowly in front of you.
i can tell from your look that you are enjoying the view, and i undress extra gently and slowly for you.
very slowly i open the buttons of my jeans, and you can see i am waring nothing under my jeans. and with every button i can see a little more skin.

than i drop my jeans slowly for you and i am standing naked in front of you. i look into your eyes and step forward into the shower and pull you close to me.
hmmmm i am comming to soap you sweety..and i smile and kiss you on your soft lips.
i take the showersoap, and let it flow over your body.

than i stand behind you, and your beautifull and soft cheaks are pressing firmly against my body. my hands are slowly massaging your breasts with the soap. i feel your nipples reacting on my touch, and i pull you even closer to me.
you can feel me against your cheeks, and feel i am getting very exited. and at the same time you feel my hands massaging your breasts and nipples.
than i take more foam and i massage gently your belly, and kiss you very gently in your neck at the same time.
my hands are massaging you slowly..over your belly..slowly up again to your b**sts, and i let your nipples slide between my fingers as i massage your breasts.
i keep kissing you all the way trough your neck.

one hand hand is sliding down over your belly to your tighs. and gently i massage the inside of your tighs. i slowly touch your tighs, and massage your soft skin..but i just barely touch the lips of your pussy.
my other hand is still slowly massaging your breast and nipples.


than you turn yourself arround and we start kissing very passionatly ...both very exited we let our tongues find each other with deep passion.
we press our body's firmly against each other, and my hands gently squeeze your behind and i pull you very close against me.
you can feel how hard i did become, as my cock is pressing against the underside of your belly.
i can feel your erect nipples pressing against my chest. and all this together makes us even more exited than we already where.

my hands slowly cqarres you from your behind over your back to your breasts, and i start to kiss your lips..slowly down to your neck.
i look at you for a moment and i kiss my way down to your breasts.
gently i take your nipple into my mouth and suck very gently for a moment. than i lick arround your nipple en bite breafly and softly on your nipple...and i suck on your nipple again...slowly i kiss my way to your other breast and also this nipple i suck lick and bite gently.
i enjoy your erect nipples and i look at you while i am gently sucking your can see in my eyes how much this exites me...
than slowly i kiss my way up again and i kiss you passionatly on your mouth.

than i slowly stand behind you, and my hand is sliding over your back slowly down to your cheaks. very gently my hand slides bewteen your cheaks. i bearly toch the lips of your pussy while i do that, and i notice you bend over a bit, offering me your body.
hmmm i gently bend my knees a bit, and i start kissing your back....
slowly i kiss your back...down to your cheaks.
than i sit on my knees and i can see your cheaks in front of me..and i gently kiss every spot on your cheaks.
i can see your pussy is getting very swollen, and i gently toucht your lips with my finger... and i enjoy your reaction while touching your pussy.


slowly i play over the outside of your pussy lips with my fingers and i enjoy the view of your hot swollen pussy.
i just touch your clit a bit with my finger, and you can feel my tongoe following my finger now.
i gently lick the outside of your pussy lips...just touching the tip of your clit with the tip of my tongue.
than i gently lick over your clit, and i lick between the lips of your pussy, from your clit to your behind.
hmmmm than i lick my way back to your clit and i gently lick over your can feel at the same time two fingers sliding gently into your pussy.

i can feel how wet and hot you are now, and i take my fingers out of your pussy.... i let you lick my fingers, and than i hold your pussy wide open with my hands. my tongue is sliding deep in your pussy now..licking all of your hot juices deep out of you.

hmmm than i slowly stand up again,,and you can feel the tip of my hard cock pressing against your pussy. i take your breasts in my hands now, and squeeze them gently..and you can feel my cock entering your hot pussy at the same time. i push myself all the way deep into you....and you can feel how my cock gets even harder and bigger deep inside you.
slowly i start to move my hard cock in and out of your wet pussy...and my hands playing with your nipples.
i start to move faster and deepper.....both getting more and more exited....
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4 years ago
4 years ago
please tell us the rest
4 years ago
you should finish with the cum shot not before