want to stand behind you while you are wearing only underwear. Kissing the back of your neck while my hands run from your hips around to your waist carressing their way up to your chest. i unhook ur bra one handed letting it drop to the floor as i run the tip of my finger along the small of your back whilst my right hand runs up the inside of your right thigh and across to ur pussy. i slowly run my finger over ur pussy and up to your clit through ur panties slightly pushing on ur clit increasing the pressure as i start to slowly rub it gently in circular motions gradually getting faster and faster. My other hand cups your breasts feeling your nipples getting harder with every rub of your clit. I change direction on ur clit while my other hand pushes ur panties to one slide running a finger along your wet pussy lips up to ur clit and back down again before sliding one finger knuckle deep inside u. you instantly gasp as i slide in another finger, the combination of two fingers inside u while ur clit being rubbed makes you begin to moan, your breathing getting deeper harder and faster as i start to rub ur clit harder and faster building up a rhythm. you begin to ride on my fingers thrusting your self forward on them and you tell me you are about to come. instantly i pull my fingers out of you and stop rubbing your clit. I drop to my knees still behind u and run my fingers along the back of ur calfs up to your waist and around them and slide your panties down. i turn u around where my head is level with your pussy and begin to kiss the inside of ur thighs down to your knee and up again while holding on to your arse. kissing ur pussy and then parting it i slide the length of my tongue from your hole and up to ur clit. I place ur leg on my shoulder and begin to push ur clit back and forth with my tongue as youcup your breasts. it isnt long before u begin gyrating your body on my tongue and i slide two fingers inside your dripping wet pussy before you tell me you want three. SLiding a third one in i begin to stimulte your g spot with my middle finger. easing ur pussy further down on my fingers and getting deeper penatration i can tell you are close to coming again. i push u down on the bed and lay a pillow under your arse so i can get deeper inside you. I push your legs back so your knees are around ur shoulders and i place myself in between them. Sliding my three fingers back inside you i am at the right position to penetrate your g spot. I begin slowly by hitting your g spot with my middle finger pushing further inside your pussy the pressure on your g spot increases, sliding my fingers in and out then leaving them in to make come here gestures on your g spot before pushing my fingers further inside. your pussy begins to contract around my fingers and this time im gonna allow your to come. as your breather gets heavier i go down on you again licking ur clit faster than you have ever had it licked before, you grab my hair and pull it as it is all you can do to take your mind of coming. You pussy contracts so tight around my fingers i cant slide them in of out as you let out a massive scream, you pussy contracts letting my fingers loose and i pull them out as you begin squirting everywhere. I let you lay there recovering for a few seconds before going down on you tasting your sweet juices and sliding my tongue across your clit as i run my hands from your waist up to your chest, your heart still beating fast.
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