Sex in an Adult movie theater { Indian Gay }

Before i could start this is my first time writting any story.I will try to make it as seexy as possible.

Now im 22 average looking voluptuous guy.I prefer to be bottom most of the time.This happened in early June 11.I found a guy who was 35 through yahoo chat.We shared our likes and decided to meet.He gave me his number and i called him late in the evening and we met.
He was a bit fat and average.We started speaking about our social life and he asked me if we could go watch a adult movie which was running at MOOLAKADAI.I told him that i havent had sex with anyone in a public place but he assured me that this place was really safe and we started.
He told me the route to the theater.I was driving my bike and he was sitting behind me.The roads were nearly empty and he started playing with my body.He first kissed me behind the neck and and while doing that he started pressing my boobs.He pressed my boobs hardly and i started to moan.I was a bit scared though thinking that someone would watch it ;) ;D Then he started to insert one of his hands into my T-shirt n fondle my boobs and the other hand went into my underwear and started pressing and rubbing on my cock.He started to twist and turn my small nipples and pinching them once in a while.Then he left my boobs and started squeezing my hips and inserting his finger inside my navel and nibbling on my ear lobes.
He then stopped since the theater came.I tried to control my hard on but it was no use.The guy standing in the parking lot giving tickets for the vehicle noticed my hard on and gave a smile.Then me and my chat friend proceeded inside.We sat at the very last row and there were only a very few people there.A few of them were d***k and i got scared thinking about those guys.I asked my friend if it was safe and again he assured me that it was nothing to worry about.The movie started and there was silence and darkness everywhere.My friend started to move his hands all over my body again.Since it was very dark at the back and only the light of the movie he removed my T-shirt and started sucking my boobs and squeezing my other boob and hips.Then he started sucking my navel and proceeded to pull my shorts down and then slowly licked the pre cum on the tip of my cock.It sent shivers up my spine.What a wonderful feeling it was.Then he started to suck my whole cock.He pulled down my foreskin and started sucking it and i was flying in cloud nine.He sucked me for five minutes and then he started kissing me.Our tongues fought with each other,mine entered inside his mouth and started tasting his salaiva and he did the same to me.I was shaking his cock while this was going on.He then signaled me to suck his cock.I judged the size of it to be very big.It was about 8-9 inches uncut and very thick.I told him that this was my first time sucking such a big cock and he told me that wait till i insert it in my round black ass.I then started sucking the cock head which was oozing with pre cum.The taste of it was so good.I took the whole length of it inside my mouth and he started to mouth fuck me and at the same time pressing and spanking on my ass cheeks which i was really loving.I was gagging when was fucking my mouth.I told him to stop for minute since i wanted to catch some air.Then again he started to mouth fuck me.
Suddenly my friend pulled my head from his cock and i found out that another guy came and sat infront of our seat.Now i really got tensed since i was sitting there sucking my friend cock almost nude.I feared that he might have noticed it but the stranger gave no reaction and was watching the movie.Then my friend asked if he could fuck my ass.I told him that my ass would me really tight but he brought some lube which he applied in my asshole and started to finger fuck.One finger entered and then another one.The third finger was trying to enter and it was causing me some pain along with pleasure.After sometime i started adjusting to the rythm.Then she signaled me to move near the was and he came behind me.Slowly he inserted the head of his cock which was trying to pierce my asshole.He gave some pressure and he entered with the help of the lube.I gave out a loud moan when he entered me.Only 70% of his cock was inside me.Then he slowly started to fuck my ass and now my ass loosened up a bit and his cock was inside my ass fully.He increased his speed and started to spank my ass while fucking it.He also nibbled and sucked on my ear lobe and neck and this continued for about half hour.Finally if felt his cock stiffening and he increased his speed a bit and i started feeling his cock throb inside my ass.I felt it pulsating and shooting load after load deep inside my ass.He then just lay on my back for a minute before his limp cock pulled out of my asshole.Then he knelt before me and started to suck my hard cock.He sucked me for about 5mins before i shot my load down his throat which he drank without spilling even a bit.The guy sitting before us was watching all this and shaking his cock.
We then left the theater and he told me that i was the best sucker he ever met and he enjoyed fucking my ass.
SORRY if the story is quite a bit long and boring...This is my first story.Im looking forward for All your encouraging and sexy comments;) :*

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16 days ago
Even I love to get my ass fucked
21 days ago
I enjoy eating cocks butt I'm in heaven when I get my ass pussy fucked hard and long
3 months ago
Do such places still exist? It has always been my desire to go to such a place.
3 months ago
My pleasure ;)
3 months ago
Used to go to local News Theatre(Showed Cartoons)always somebody would come sit by me,hand move onto my leg,then pull my zip down,cock out,blow job,been fucked in there a few times.xxxxxxx
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing your adventure. It brought back so many happy memories of my times in adult theatres.
1 year ago
my ass is all urs :-*
1 year ago
Chandru I wish I cld fuck ur ass
2 years ago
Hot story :)
2 years ago
very hot story
2 years ago
What a sexy story!
3 years ago
tnx skybluebigbear :) :D
3 years ago
great story