fucking sheela 3

Once again she wrote, “ bas ek din main ghar mein akeli thi humen mauka mil gaya” (and once I was alone at home and we got chance) by this time I was getting aroused, and I asked back, “bahut dard hua hoga aapko”? (it would have pained you a lot) She wrote back in two short sentences, “ haan achhi khasi bleeding hui thi, par iss dard mein bhi mazza hai”

(yes, it bleeded well, but there is pleasure in this pain” I asked again, “fir aap logg regularly karne lagge hoge” (then you guy would have done it regularly) She wrote back, “ haan usske baad ek do bar aur kiya, fir hum logg yahan city mein wapas aa gaye” ( yes we did couple of times and then we came here in city) “fir dobara usske saath nahi kiya ”?

(and after that, you never did it with him?) I asked back, and she replied again “ kiya na, jab dobara gaaon gayi to fir kiya” (we did, when I went back to village, we did it again) then again she wrote, “fir meri shaadi ho gayi” (then I got married) this time question came in my mind was not naughty rather it was the thing which I really wanted to know and I asked back, “ok “tell me aapka divorce kyun hua”

(tell me why you got divorced). And she replied in text very casually, “bas ye matt puchhiye, hamari nahi bani aur ho gaya divorce” (don’t ask that, we couldn’t make it and finally got divorced” “Fir” means then, I asked again, and she replied, “ fir main yahan parents ke pass aa gayi, aur job join kar liya” ( then I came here to my parents and started working)

“I mean divorce ke baad kabhi sex nahi kiya kisi ke saath”? (I mean you had sex after getting divorce) I rephrased my question, and she tried to avoid that question and replied, “chalo ab aaj ke liye itna kaafi hai, app meri life ki jayada detail mein matt jaaiye” (forget it, it’s enough for today, don’t get into too much detail of my life) I wrote again and asked again,

“Ok, bas itna batta do divorce ke aapne baad kabhi sex kiya ya nahi.” (ok just tell me, did you had sex after divorce) and she asked me back, “what do you think, maine kiya hoga ya nahi”? For a second I got confused that what should I write, and finally I wrote, “I think Kiya hoga” (I think you would have done)

and Sheela Didi took some time to reply and I was getting eager to read next text and finally it appeared on my screen, “aap kafi samajhdar hain. chaliye aaj ke liye bahut ho gaya, bahut kaam padda hai” “you are really very intelligent, I think it’s enough for today, lot of work is pending) and more or less with that our that extra ordinary chat ended for that day.

By the end of the day I came back to my place, and first time in nearly one and a half year, from the time I first met Sheela Didi till today I was thinking about her in that way. I started recalling her body and specially her big breasts. That night first time I masturbated thinking about her and I cummed very early and massively in my hand.

Next day I saw all pictures taken from my camera in which Sheela Didi was there though I had hardly couple of pictures of her but with that I started visualizing her naked and this thing kept me horny through out day. I wanted to chat with her like yesterday, and couple of times I thought about calling her,

but every time I stopped myself and tried to focus on my work and failed every time and again and again landed up browsing that folder in which I had Sheela Didi's Pictures. Finally in the evening I got what I needed, she massaged me to get online and once again we started chatting, and unlike day before,

we did not wasted much time in ordinary conversation and started chatting to the point, which initially Sheela Didi started by writing, “Kal mere baare mein bahut baat ho gayi, aaj aapke baare mein baat karenge”. (yesterday we talked a lot about me, today we will talk about you) I wrote back, “mere pass kuch nahi hai batane ke liye” (I don’t have anything to share)

“koi girl friend” She asked me, “no” I replied “Ok Chaliye bataiye, jab aapka mann karta hai to kya karte hain”? (ok tell me, when you feel like doing it, then what you do) Sheela Didi asked me question after thinking few seconds, “Kuch nahi” (nothing) I replied, “Jhoot” (liar) She wrote back, “why” I asked, “masturbate nahi karte”? (don’t you masturbate).

Once again I was surprised with her statement, and I replied, “Karta hoon, but not much”, (I do. but not much) “kaise karte hain”? (how do you do) Sheela Didi asked me back, I wanted to avoid this, as I was feeling bit awkward, and I replied in that fashion, “jaise sab karte hain” (the way everybody do)

She took some time to reply and finally text appeared in two parts “detail mein bataiye kaise karte hain, kal maine aapki errection kari thi, aaj aapko meri panty gilli karni hai” (give detail, yesterday I made you hard, today you have to make me wet) Once again I was surprised, Sheela Didi was getting more and more free and slowly our chatting was getting vulgar,

I was also enjoying this and I started writing to give her detail and wrote, “ main apni rod ko haath se jerk karta hoon, aur sochta ho ki main sex karr raha hoon” ( I jerk my rod and think that I ma having sex) “mazza aata hai”? (do you feel good) She asked me back, “haan, aata hai”(yes I feel good). I replied, “kiske baare mein sochte hain” (about whom you think)

she immediately asked me another question, and I replied, “hain ek do ladkiyan mere friend circle mein, mere friends ki girl friend” once again she asked, (couple of girls of my friend circle, my friends girl friend) “aur koi, wahan koi nahi hai”?(anyone else, there) “haan, hai mere residence ke pass neghbourhood mein ek ladki hai, mainly sunday's ko dikhai deti hai”.

(yes, one girl stays near my residence, generally I see her on Sunday’s) I wrote back in two parts, “aur koi”? (anyone else) She further asked, I gave a thought to it, and decided to reveal another female and wrote back “ek married lady hai office mein” (there is a married lady in my office) “age kya hai uski” ( what would be her age)

Sheela Didi asked me again, “don't know, must be 6-7 years elder than me” I replied, “nearly my age”? She confirmed, and I replied, “may be” “kisi din akele mein office mein hi pakad leejiyega, kya pata oosi ke saath aapko aapka first experience mil jaaye” “just grab her someday in office when she is alone, who knows you get your first experience with her only)

Sheela Didi wrote back in two parts, “aap to maar padwaaoge mujhe” I replied back casually just in few seconds and she too replied immediately “ I know, main mazak karr rahi thi” ( I know I was just joking) then again she wrote and asked me “ achha aur koi hai jiske baare mein sochte hain” (ok tell, anyone else about whom you think that way)

I said “nahi” “no” she wrote again and confirmed, “sach bolo, darne ki koi baat nahi hai” (speak truth, don’t hesitate) Once again I wrote, “nahi aur koi nahi hai” “nobody” and she wrote again, “means mere baare mein kabhi nahi sochte” “means you don’t think about me” and this time once again I got confused that how should I reply this question and this time I lied a bit and said,

“nahi, kabhi nahi, never” “why” she asked back, “please, main aapko Didi kahke bulata hoon” (please, I address you s****r) I tried to give an explanation. “then what, I am not your real s****r, nor any cousin” she wrote back boldly, “Fir bhi, I cannot think about you like that” I replied, “this is my insult” she wrote back,

I smiled a bit and replied, “this is ethics and respect” “I don't need respect” she replied and now I could see that from here conversation will go even more wild and it happened. I asked back, “then what do you want” Sheela Didi took some time to think and wrote back in two parts, “I want you to think about me in that way” then again she wrote, “tonight you have to masturbate while thinking about me,

I will ask you tomorrow” I was really very surprised with this and I continued, and asked her back “do you think about me like that” “haan from last few days” she replied quickly, as if she knew that I am going to ask this, I asked her again, “you masturbate, thinking about me, I mean assuming that I am doing it with you” she wrote back after few seconds,

“I did that 2-3 times” then again she wrote, “waise masturbate karne se mera kaam nahi chalta, mujhe proper sex chahiye hota hai, ek dum hardcore” ( I don’t get satisfaction with masturbation, I need proper sex, hardcore) I asked back, “kiske saath karte ho”? (with whom you do) She replied, “hain ek mere parichit, aap nahi jante unko”

( with my known one, you don’t know him) I further tried to get more detail and asked, “unka naam kya hai”? (what is his name) And she immediately replied, “forget it, naam mein kya rakha hai” then she asked me, “kuch erection hui” (have you got some erection) I wrote back, “haan, achhi khasi ho gayi hai” (yes quit good) then I asked, “aapko wetness hui”

(have you got wet) she replied “no, bilkul nahi” (no not at all) then again she wrote, “aapko ladki ko arouse karna nahi aata, lekin aaj aapko karna padega” (you don’t know how to arouse a girl, but you have to do it), though I knew even then I asked back “kya karna padega”? And she replied, “mujhe arouse aur kya” I replied “ok” and gave a thought to it and asked Sheela Didi

“aap logg kahan karte ho” (where do you guys do) “kabhi hotel mein room lekar, kabhi unke vacant flat mein” (some times in a hotel room, some times in his vacant flat) she replied, I asked again with a thought that now I have to arouse Sheela Didi “achhe se karte ho”? (You do it nicely?) “haan poore din ke liye room lete hain aur subah se sham tak room mein hi rahte hain”

(yes, we book room for the whole day and remain there from morning till evening) she wrote back frankly, “mazza aata hai” (you feel good) I asked again, “bahut, aapko bhi experience karna chahiye” (a lot, you should also experience) she replied, I asked again, “last kab kiya tha”? (when you last had) “nearly three weeks pahle” she answered immediately,

I asked again as I was prepared with next question, “next kab karna hai”? (when are you doing next) “don't know kuch problem hai unnke ghar mein” (fon’t know, he is having some personal problem) I asked again, “wo married hain”? (is he married?) “Haan aur unki wife ko shak ho gaya hai” (yes and his wife has a doubt) Sheela Didi reveled truth after thinking a bit,

“ab kya karoge”? (now what you will do) I asked back with bit of curiosity to know what's in her mind, and she replied casually “kuch nahi, koi problem nahi hai, thode deeno mein everything will be back on track”. (nothing, as such there is no problem, soon everything will be back on track) “means wo fir se aapke saath sex karna shuru kar denge”

(means he will again start doing sex with you) I asked back and she replied quickly, “haan, tab tak aise hi aapke saath chatting se kaam chalana padega” (yes, and till then I have to spend time like this while chatting with you). I smiled a bit on her reply and asked back, “kuch wetness hui”? (have you got wet) And she accepted this time by writing, “haan bahut thodi si” (yes, a bit)

then again she wrote, “issi tarah baaten karte rahiya mazza aaraha hai” (keep on like this, I am enjoying) I further asked and once again tried to know Sheela Didi's bed partner, “unka naam kaya hai”? (what’s his name) But she did not reveal that and avoided by writing “chhodiye naam jaankar kya karenge, sex ki baaten kariye” (leave it, what you will do with name, talk about sex)
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