aunty maal

1st of all let me tell you this is a real story you believe it not it’s real the character here have changed their name as privacy issue let me tell you about myself I am a 18 years boy slim love reading books I always wanted to write my own book but here I am starting to write my own story about my relation with my fathers s****r oopz I forgot to tell you my name it’s Krish I hope you love my story.

Like every boy at this age I always fantasised about having sex with my neigbour’s wife/daughter/ friends mother/s****r, which is normal. But dont you guys think about having sex with some of your relative I agree I do mastrubate looking at my s****rs photo from facebook she is sexy I started mastrubate on her when on Diwali I had been into her house and I saw her boobs when she was putting rangoli,its really amazing isnt it? The story begins from here on.

My father has three s****r,1 in USA,who found a rick dick to suck her name is Suasini,she’s type of modern I like her very much,she had even gifted me a psp 2 years before she had been to India last May and I just loved her clevage showing clothes,she never knew that I am looking at her boobs early morning she had a habit of doing yoga and I loved watching her doing that.once aunty was licking uncles dick at the hall of my house at afternoon as no was there at my place,

they thought I was sl**ping time passed I got bored watching that womans boob,as I saw it more then 50 time but I always imagined how her husband had fucked her?(that’s’ non of my business). Now talking about my fathers 2nd s****r her name is Shantini she is a teacher at school and most of the time she use to come to my house after school,she never wore a duppata in my house.she had a nice boobs and beautiful curved ass I had even loved mastrubating thinking of her ass licked by me.

And here comes the 3rd s****r of my father, name-Apeksha first of all let me tell you I had never seen her boobs she always use to wear tight punjabi dress,which prevented me from looking in,she was friendly with every one and she was close to my father too she stayed 10minutes walking distance from my house. During febraury it was hot like hell and she had came to my home wid loose Punjabi dress I was happy to notice that,

I told my self”Krish its the only chance you can get today and I was thinking how her boobs mayb which colour bra she must have wore did uncle ever lick her ass I was confused but sameway exicted. My grandma was making a bed of cotton so she was stiching the border of the clothes I was sitting opposite to my grandpa and suddenly my aunt apeksha came and sat down next to my grandma,”let me help you give me a needle”

She said to grandma, as grandma gave her needle she started stiching the other end of the bed. And now my luck ran she misplaced the needle and was trying tofind the needle under the cupboard which was next to her.she just bent over and I was so eager to look at those never looked boobs of her and I went close to her with an simple excuse to help her find needle but she was still bending and I kept a constant stare at those black bra and finally I zoomed my head and Ohh my Ghosh I could see her boobs for the 1st time she was still finding the needle and I kept starting moving front and unluckily she found the needle and moved her head upward and then too as moving upward I had full glance at her whole boobs with the sunlight directly falling into it I could not control myself and got my hand-job done. But this is not over I now wanted her anyway naked for me I kept thinking what if she looks at my dick and weather she would have taken uncles dick in mouth,

Trust me she looks beautiful with perfect ass and super tight boobs imagine if you never seen your aunts boob and finally you get to see that how wonderful it maybe just think. Now back to story it was when I was looking 2012 on my computer a phone rang grandma can you pick the phone I asked you have nothing to do then being inside the computer the whole day here my legs are paining and your ordering to pick the phone”she said moving towards the ring actually it was a phone from my aunt Apeksha,

She called for asking me to come to her house as plumbers where cuming to her house for repaing But she was frighten as she was alone so I had to go I knew she use to wear nighty at home. I kept walking towards her house thinking that if I would be lucky today. I finally reached her house she was wearing a pink nighty she brought me a thang juice and said you have scored less this semester your mom told me what went wrong hero”how could I say your boobs went wrong but I said”nothing aunty

I will work hard for next term acha ok help me getting the pipe rod from the shelf she said the shelf was up high in the wall ya aunty ok I will help I said she help me a stool I climbed on the stool she was holding the stool from down as I should not fall down I opened the shelf and found to small pipe rodes I gave it to her she bent it over to keep it on the ground and I quickly looked inside the nighty of this sexy lady and atlast I found her boobs,with a colourfull bra on them I got of the stool,

I wanted to masturbate but I taught this not the right time maybe there would be more for me. I also have to find some cement powder Apkesha aunty said “where is it kept I questioned it’s in the storeroom mayb”she answered she went walking towards the storeroom this storeroom is very small with all exrta or rare used equipment

I followed her and finally we both were in the small storeroom can you see a yellow colour cement bag”she said bending over her ass was touching my penis now Which was already hard she looked back at me she said nothing and was still bending over I tried pushing liltle harder to her ass I was in cloud 9

I thought of touching it but she stood up and said maybe the cement is not here I followed her again. I heard from grandma that you be in front of computer all day what do you watch porn? She askes me I was pale red ah what? No, aunty with shaking voice Choto I know how c***dren are now aday tell me dont you watch porn it will be a secret between you

And me, ya, aunty sometimes I replied ohh grown up my babu ha, She always talk this way,”baby and stuff ya I was thinking what was happening you young guys must also be thinking of womans no? Thinking of what about womans? I replied “don’t act Krish,come on it mean thinking of woman to have sex with you, ya,every guys feels that I said with a shame don’t worry its your age now tell me with whom do you feel like doing sex

She asked me while bending over to remove the newspaper under the table her boobs were clearly visible now with you I said I don’t know how it came out of mouth what? She said with sudden change in her face “ya aunty I feel your so sexy I am telling the truth I don’t want to hide anything I said with a firm voice “but baby I am married na, so, what aunty I still feel that for you I said her with confidence (I know she was cuming under) she kept silent.

You know what aunty when I was with you in the storeroom I was so much aroused and 1 more thing when you bended I felt something what you felt she asked with louder voice Aunty your ass I liked it was touching my penis I said her I was enjoying but had fear too.
“What all do you think about me?
“Think about you?hmm I love you I replied what?do you really love me?
“Yes, aunty I do.”
“My babu, I think you’re so grown up now”she said coming near to me.

Yes, I am grown up for manything like what? She asked, like anything you want I said but I want that”she said poiting toward my zip. I had made her fall for me now it’s time for me to get her naked and fuck i want closer to her she closed her eyes and I was kissing her my hand went back of her slowly sliding down her butt I was softly pressing her butt wait let’s do it in room”she said “ok,madam,

I picked her she was slim figure and placed her on bed we were kissing while I was slowing moving my hands towards her boobs she was enjoying I removed her nighy, Now she was only in her bra&underwear she made me remove my top. I lifted her making her sit on my lap such as we were facing each other and my penis was touching her ass.
It’s so big or what”she said
Ya do you want it?
Not, now you satisfy me first she told me

I hooked up her bra and finally the white boob of her was all mine I was licking it constantly after that I even removed her underwer.she was wet I opened her ass and started licking it and I came back down to her pussy and licked it harder.she was enjoying me ahhh ahhh”she was moaning I want you inside me she said she removed my underwer both nephew and ant were naked for each other in love. I slipped back my foreskin and stretched her legs and was entering inside her.

I started stroking harder and harder baby I love you your so much better then your uncle”she was all in me now “yes for sure I love you to I said then I turned her to doggie style please I never done that before”she said with a fear in a face, it won’t harm you dont you trust your baby? I said “yes I trust you a lot, my whole body is for you.”She replied I started entering in her ass it was hard for me a lot but I managed pushing it anyways I stroked harder then

I stroked inside pussy ahhh I want you in my bed daily Krish I stroked more harder yeah I am all yours my sperm was going to burst in her tiny ass hole wait uffffffff it ran over out of her hole I lost my energy laying on bed she came upto me she kissed me on my cheek and we slept for 1 hour naked we decided to do again but the plumber was goin to come. Now apkesha aunty was all mine she loved me more than anything. I loved going to her house as we make love together most of the time (a bit of fiction is involved)
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