Loved My Aunty Rani

After I left her house i couldn’t sl**p whole night. I had enjoyed every bit and just thought of enjoying her again very next day were giving me sl**pless night. Anyway I reached her home at around 10 AM sharp. I rang bell and Rany open the door. She was well dressed in nightie and smelling good. She smiled and asked me to come in. She told me that her husband has left for his office along with his daughter. He has to take their daughter for admission in some nearby school.

I sat in the sofa and she sat in the dining table chair. I looked at her and she smiled. I asked her about the last night episode but she didn’t reply but only smiled.

I told her that she is looking beautiful and I couldn’t sl**p last night just thinking of her. I got up from my seat and went next to her. I put my hand on her shoulder and she kissed my hand. I bent down and kissed her neck and shoulder.

Her head bent backward and put my lips over her lips and smooched her. she opened her mouth and i put my tongue inside her and she started sucking it hard.

Within minutes she stood up and hugged me tightly. Holding my hand she proceeded to the bedroom. Next to the bed she again turned around and hugged me and started kissing my lips and cheeks. While kissing her, i took my hand toward her ass and grabbed it. She moaned. I separated her and i put my hand over her boobs. She was wearing bra so it was feeling tight.

I opened two-three front button of her nightie and could her deep cleavages. I kissed her again and started lifting her nightie. Now she was standing in front of me in bra and underskirt.

I made her sl**p on the bed and went beside her. I held one of her boobs in my hand and put other nipple in my mouth and started sucking her. I started rolling my tongue around her nipple and with my other hand started rubbing other nipple. She started moaning and her body began to jerk. Slowly i started moving my hand downward and pulled up her under skirt.

She was not wearing any panty and today her pussy were clean shaven. I think she shaved in morning only. It was soft as butter. I inserted my fingure inside her pussy and it was totally wet, juices were dripping. My finger went inside her pussy and she started pushing her body hard against my finger. Within no time her body jerked and she moaned loudly.

She reached orgasm and her body relaxed. She turned toward me and hugged me tightly. She said one word only ” thank you”. By that time i had also cummed inside my pant only. Slowly she stated unbuttoning my shirt and then pant and then my underwear.

My chest is full of hair and fortunately she told me she is crazy about men with hair in chest. I was turning out to be her dream men. After caressing my chest she went down. My dick was soaked in my semen. She looked at it and took the whole shaft inside her mouth. She pull foreskin of my penis and started licking the cum.

Again i got aroused. She started giving me blow job. She licked tip of my shaft, my balls and rolling her toungue all over my dick. I was feeling top of the world. In just few minute time, i reached climax and signalled her that i am about to cum. She took whole dick inside her mouth and she took full blow inside her.

She choked a little and again licked whatever cum was left. I can’t explain you the feeling i had when i cum inside her mouth. She was like goddess of sex. I was feeling lucky to have her.

I had two climaxes in a span of 5 minutes and i was feeling dizzy. She just came on top of me and slept like baby in my arms. After 10-15 minutes when we both got relaxed a bit. I put her aside and started licking her boobs again. Slowly i went down and spread her leg. She was still totally wet.

I started licking her juices from her thigh and went up. Her vagina was little fluffy with big labia. It was black colour. I separated her labia and started licking her pink pussy. She was enjoying every moment of it. Slowly i went to her clitoris and licked it. She just held my head down and asked me to put my tongue inside her pussy hole. I was licking every drop that was coming out of her.

It went for more than 10 minutes and i litrally dried her pussy. Suddenly she stated pulling my hair and she reached orgasm. This time her cry was very loud and i had to put my hand to shut her up.

Just for information of ISS readers, when any female reaches orgasm, no secretion flows out. It was just a feeling when every part of female body is involved. Male reaches climax when they ejaculate. Their orgasm is in penis only but female orgasm is in her body, heart and mind. Some female do squirt but it is very rare. I still have to come across female who can squirt while reaching orgasm.

After her orgasm, she just slept like a dead body. I hugged her again and we slept totally nude in each other arms for about an hour. When we woke up it was quarter to 12 PM. I asked her permission to leave but she said she want to feel my body inside her. I have to fuck her also. Again she went down and gave me blow job to wake up my tool. I asked her to come in 69 position so i can moist her pussy also.

For 2 minutes we were eating each other genitals. She got aroused very fast and started rubbing her pussy against my lip. I pulled her asked and climbed over her. I spread her legs and took my 6 inch tool inside her vagina. Her hole was tight. I was surprised.

She told she had delivery by C-section, so her pussy is still intact. Slowly i inserted it inside her pussy and started humping her. She started moaning again. She pussy hole had made tight grip around my dick and with each pull and push, pleasure was getting immense. I told her to signal me when she will be reaching orgasm. After 3 minute of humping, she signalled me. I increased my speed and we both cum together.

I realised my full load inside her and she moaned loudly again. She was in such a high mood that she scratched by back with her nails. After release of my load, i just fell aside with heavy breathing. She hugged me again and while kissing she said thank you, ten times.

She told me that this was the best part of her life and she want to continue our relationship at any cost. I also promised her same.

I left her house at 3 PM and by that time we had intercourse two more time.

I’m married now and having great relationship with my wife also. Also continuing relationship with Rani also. I can say that i had kept both my ladies happy till date. Rani is also living happily with her f****y. Extra marital affair can be dangerous but if it can bring alive some person (like Rani) then what’s wrong.
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