should happen to me one day

This incident happen when my wife went for her pregnancy with my neighbor latha in Madurai. She is around 30’s with a two year daughter and her husband is working in Dubai and he used to come every six month. During this period he had just went so he won’t come for another six month.

I used to stay in second floor and that’s the last floor of the appt and in a floor only two house used to be there in one floor. So now in second floor myself, latha and her daughter used to stay.

Latha used to come to my house regularly and used to chat with my wife and sometimes with me also. When my wife went to her mother house latha used to provide me breakfast and dinner and lunch I used to take outside.

Latha height is around 5.3 and had a size of 38-30-38 with a little fair complex.

This incident happen one evening when there was an unusual heavy rain in Madurai and I was totally wet when I came home. Then I changed my cloth and I was only wearing a towel suddenly latha came to my house with a cup of coffee it was normal to me as she had seen me only in towel many times.

Suddenly my towel fell on the ground and she sees my 8” cock so quickly I picked my towel and hide my cock. Seeing my cock she got a little bit tense and got confused and she went to her home. Then without changing a cloth I sat and started seeing the TV.

Then after half n hour she came to my house with her daughter saranya as her daughter was in deep sl**p. Now latha was wearing a light grey color top and a blue color petticoat (we used to call this as pavada) and her black color bra was visible. She put her c***d in my bedroom and came and sat beside me.

She immediately put her hand in my cock and began to play with her hand and I was also feeling good as I have not had sex for more than 2 month. I immediately hugged her tightly and we both were kissing each other. Her one hand was on my back and her other hand was on my cock.

I was pressing her boobs and she started to moan and I slowly removed her top now she was only in her bra and pavada and then again started pressing her boobs. Now I had removed her bra and pavada. First time I saw her in a nude. Then she took my cock in her mouth and was sucking very badly as she was very bad need of sex.

She sucked my cock for ten min then I cummed in her mouth and she drank it completely. Then I started sucking her pussy and she cummed within five min.

Now I started to bite her nipple and she started to moan loudly and told to tear her pussy.

Then she spread her leg and I slowly inserted my cock in her pussy, her pussy was little bit tight and after two to three strokes it went freely and I started moving in and out for around ten mins then I cummed inside her pussy and then we both were lying nude on bed.

Suddenly her c***d woke up and began to cry so she cleaned herself and wore her dress and took her c***d to her home I was just lying nude on my bed.

Then after one hour she came to my house with dinner again we had sex then we cleaned our self and then had dinner.
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