My Maid And Me

Let me introduce myself, I am Ravi, I live in Mumbai and am 24 years old, I work as a banker and have an amazing story. Before I start, let me tell you that I have been a great fan of IndianSexStories ever since I turned 20, reading such amazing stories, I decided it was time I shared mine with you all.

This was back in 2006 when I was only 18 years old. I used to live in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh). All during my young teenage life I had very less female interactions. I had 2 female friends with whom I had minimal conversation and the only other girls I knew were my cousin s****rs. I used to go to a all boys school in Kanpur. In my apartment there were many young girls, but their parents were strict and would hardly allow them to hang out with boys.

During this time a maid named Sheela came to our house. She was 22,slim and unmarried. I would hardly ever talk to her. She did all the odd jobs around the house like cleaning, washing dished, ironing clothes and cook. Sheela was always very cheerful and never stopped talking.

During the summer my Mother and Father left for a trip to our cousins wedding. They left me alone as the caretaker of the house. My Mom had left me a list of things Sheela had to do while my mother was gone.

This point onwards the story gets interesting. I wrote it in the number od days it happened.

Day 1
I was reading a magazine when the door bell rang. I opened the door to find Sheela in a Light Blue salvaar kameez. I invited her inside and went to collect the work list that my mom had left. I gave her the list and went back to studying, after cleaning the house she came into my room and asked me

“Sir. I have cleaned the house, What should I cook for you?”

I answered. But before she could leave, I threw my pen on the floor and asked her to pick it up. She bent down her pajama was tight and I could see the shape of her sexy ass. I instantly got an erection, It was hard to control. I just wanted that ass, those boobs, her sexy figure. Before I could make a move she picked up the pen, kept it on the table and left for the kitchen.

She came back after 20 minutes and told me that she had cooked the food and kept it on the table. I paid her the 150Rs or the day and she left.

Day 2
She came into work a little upset, Her eyes were red and looked teary. I could see it on her face that something was bothering us. I asked her to come inside and took her to my room. I told her to sit down and started searching for the list. While searching I asked her

“Whats wrong Sheela?”
“Nothing Sir” she replied

I told her she could trust me. I asked her again “Whats wrong?”

This time looked less reluctant and told me her younger b*****r who was 14 is ill and that she needs 900Rs for the medicine and check up with the doctor

I told her, I could help her with her financial problem and dug deep into my mothers purse and gave her 1000Rs. Her face lit up and she sprang up to thank me. She took the money and came close to me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

She was shy and quickly ran out to do her work. After 2 hours of intense working, she came back and told me she was leaving. I gave her another 150Rs and she left.


She came into work wearing a Pink blouse and black sari. Oh GOD! She look super sexy in that dress. I asked her to come in and made her sit down on my bed. She asked me if she could leave early. I asked her why to which she replied by saying that she was tired and that she was at the hospital all night because her b*****r was sick.

She was sitting on my bed. I moved in and started massaging her shoulders, at first she looked at me with shock but did not tell me to stop. After a while she started moaning. I could not control myself, my dick had become as hard as a rock. Luckily my underwear held it in. I massaged her shoulder and starting moving down. I went from massaging her shoulders to her back and down to her stomach. She looked at me and said “Thank you Sir. For saving my b*****r”.

I smiled and slowly went to her thighs. She took my hands and kept it on her boobs. I massage her boobs from the outside, only her blouse was in between us. I went closer to her lips and kissed her, she did not resist and kept with the flow. We kissed and kissed as my dick got harder and harder. She pulled away and kept her hand on my dick. She said “Take it out”. I unzipped my pants and pulled down my underwear. My dick popped out.

She looked at it for a while then touched her with her hand, she started giving me a hand-job. I pulled my dick away from her and unbuttoned her blouse. She took her sari and at that moment. Me and her stood completely naked. I moved in and suck her tits. I licked her tits and started moving down. I kissed her stomach and kissed it more. I was about to lick her pussy but she stopped me. She said “Condom”.

I ran to my dads rooms and took out a condom from the box. I put it on and went back running.

I kissed sheela again. She told me to stay still and took my dick and put cream on it. She then went on to put my dick into her pussy. We started having sex. She was moaning loudly. I was having an amazing time. She screamed at me to go faster and I followed. She then sat up straight and put my dick in her mouth. She was sucking it well, taking my dick deep into her. She turned around and told me to go anal. I put my dick into her asshole and fucked her. As we had more sex. I took out my dick and cummed all over her face. She licked my cum and wiped my dick with her mouth. She then went on take a shower. I waited outside.

She came out did her job and left.

For the next 4 days we had continuous sex.

I think of her sometimes and hope she is fine.
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