Me my friend and Mom

I did my first masturbation fantasizing about my hot mom and she is very sexy and she is the one who aroused my dick for the first time.

I am not going to describe her because she is damn hot and sexy and perfect woman. Before I used to sl**p with my mom in night and this happened when I am teenager I think as unusual we were sl**ping together and suddenly I woke up in the midnight as I felt to go for peeing.

I came back and lay down in the bed near my mom and I feel very unusual, once I saw my mom with saree and one of her boobs exposed. I really like that feel. I want to look at her boobss her curved boobs made me mad suddenly.

I thought to touch it slowly I took my hand near her boobs and slowly very softly I touched her boobs with my finger. I was started shivering I can’t stop it and I took my hand back but I was keep on stating at her boobs.

After my shivering stopped I took my hand again and touched slowly with my finger but gently I did not notice any movement then I hold her right side boobs gently that was the first time I cum.

Next day I went to bathroom for bath. I found my mom's bra and panty. A strange feeling rose in my mind look at those and I took her bra and smelt and also her panty I took and smelt and licked it.

The second time I masturbated with her undergarments and I cum in her cups. This continues for several weeks. One fine evening I went to friend's home, his name is Punit and he is my very close friend. I told him about my masturbation with bra and panty.

He asked whose bra and panty it is it neighbour's, I told him no it was my mother's. He was shocked and he told it was wrong you should not do like that, then I told it is just bra and panty and I thought about actress and did that any how he was convinced. I told him you can also try it was great feeling.

After two days went to his home again and we were watching some porn and I saw his cock raised inside his shorts and mine too. I told him to show his cock and he took his cock inside her shorts and showed to me. I slowly touched it and I took mine too outside. I started to rub his cock slowly, which he liked a lot.

Then he started holding mine and started to rub and that time he told, today I also masturbated with bra and panty and now the same questions whose undergarments it was he told it was his mom's and I am so excited to listen that.

We rubbed each other’s and suddenly we heard his moms voice then we stopped after some time I started to my home after some time and I ringed him and told him to come home the next day morning. The next day he came 10.30 mornings and I was alone as my mother had gone to her office.

Once he came we switched our system and started to see some porn after some time I took him to the bathroom, where we can find my mom's bra and panty. He was so excited to her undergarments, and then we took my mom's all used dress to my bed room. I took her bra and started smelling.

He also took her panty and started smelling and we both exchanged out thoughts as it was amazing then I told him to remove his pant and told him we can masturbate using this and we both became semi nude and he took
one cup of my mother's bra over his penis and i took the other.

I hold his cock and he holds mine and we started shaking while Shaking I heard his voice saying my mom's name Sharmila and I really like that but just I pretended don’t use her name think about some actress. I opened a folder where I stored lots of actress photos and I opened my favourite one.

We were shaking it in a full mood suddenly I left his cock and sit down and started kissing his penis over my mother's bra even though I am not a gay, but I liked such action that time and I asked him can I suck it.

He told yeah then I started to suck his dick really it was amazing feeling when I’m thinking about my mom and sucking his dick even he started moaning Sharmila Sharmi then I shake his cock and he cum in her bra then and we both lay in bed and I started shaking as I was horny.

He told me your mom is really very beautiful. I am sorry to say this but this is true. I told its ok I know she is very beautiful and I told him your mother also very hot, he just gave me a smile and started shaking mine and then I cum after some time again we started the topic of our mom's.

I told why not we try to fantasize about our mom and masturbate and he just hesitated but then later he agreed. I opened my mom's pictures in my pc and we starting rooming in and out to get clear image again our dick raised and I asked him can you suck mine.

He said sure and told me to wear my mom's panty and bra. I wear and he started to kiss my dick and started sucking. First time I’m feeling such experience I was amazed and we both gone in 69 and we enjoyed talking about our moms and doing like this.

It continued for several weeks. One day when we are together in his home and I showed my mom’s pictures in my mobile which I took while she was in kitchen with bare hips and her side views. He also showed his mom's pictures which he took while she was changing her dress.

We continued such activities several weeks and finally we decided. We should leave this and try something new and that was to try each other’s moms. We decided that he might try mine and I will try his as we decided such a strange thing and we have to plan for it.

I told you should come to my home when nobody was there and I will go to your home when nobody was there and try to make friendship with our moms and try our luck but he is the one who got it first. Yes he seduced my mom he fucked her and even he showed her nude pictures to me.

Before he succeeds and he use to call my mother in phone in front of me and used to flirt with her. The thing how he seduced was amazing when they were alone, he just tried to help her in kitchen and tried to touch her here and there and finally when my mom noticed he just admitted that he love her and hugged her.

My mom as she never expected this thing from him slapped him badly but he continued to come my home and talk to her in phone and finally got her in his trap. Ans the thing he mad me to fuck my mom is fantastic. He came to my home one night to stay with us. He told me I will make to fuck your mom today.

I was amazed when I give you missed call you should come to your mother's room, he told I know something going to happen today, but I did not expect this and after few minutes he got a message from my mom and he showed that message to me and the message says I am waiting for you come soon.

He woke up and told me be ready after few minutes I got a missed call. I slowly went to my mom's room and he was standing in the entrance and he took me inside slowly. I saw my mom lying in her bed with her hands and eyes tied. He told in my ears slowly it is your day go and enjoy.

I was really amazed to see her in such position. I went near her bed slowly and sit near her and very closely I looked her and she was wearing dark blue saree and dark blue blouse. I started shivering that moment. I hear my mom saying why you are waiting come to me.

I slowly touched her boobs and started pressing it was too soft. I was really in full joy. I took her saree and hold her cups in two hands and started kissing her boobs then I when tot her lips and sucked and kissed and she was giving to me her tongue and cant believe it and then

I removed her blouse and I saw her boobs in black jockey bra which was gifted by Punit. I removed and started sucking her nipples ohh noooo even if I think now I can’t believe then I removed her are fully and removed her all dress and I was over her.

I saw kissing her very hardly as it was the first time I’m with a woman she told me to give her dick in her mouth and I got up and took my cock near her mouth and inserted in her mouth and she was sucking like anything then I turned her and licked her ass hole amazing.

I licked her pussy softly and I finally I put my dick in her treasure and I fucked her and once I cum I hugged her tightly and kissed her and saw Punit and he was enjoying and recording in his mobile then he told me to go out and he told my mom that he will go and wash and come. Later he went and enjoy her till next day morning then thing how we got his mom that sure I will share next time.
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