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Huma presents a new hot story of a dirty f****y. Hope all my kinky readers will love it.
I am 26 years old photographer, married to a sexbomb named Sarita who loves sex. I have been fucking her in all positions and at all places, like, bathroom, kitchen, in the lawn and soemtimes in bed too. I live with my mother Sunita who is a gorgeous looking woman of 46. She has a few male friends who used to be my dad's friends before my dad died two years ago. My wife tells me she fucks them like a whore. I did not belive my wife. I mean she could kiss her male friends but fuck! I could not belive it. Then my wife told me "Your mother has new a stud, Vicky, Sharma uncle's son. Boy is he hot!!!! He must be fucking your mother like crazy and he is just 28, almost as old as you, Rajesh! Just imagine your mother getting fucked by a man your age! I wish you could see her get fucked"

I was getting impatient by now. "Ok if what you say is true, call me when they are in bed and we will watch them together" I said and I did not have to wait long. The next day my wife called me at three."Your whore mother is with her new stud. Come and watch her get fucked!" I started my bike and was home in 15 minutes. My cock was throbbing with excitement. Sarita took hold of my cock and led me to mother's bedroom. Mother was there, nude, all right with the young lad, about my age. I and Sarita stood near the door which was open and watched inside.

Vicky was a tall muscular man and he was fucking my hot mother on her bed.We had a perfect view of mom's stud's muscular ass as he pumped my sexy mother's pussy with f***e. I also could see my mother's flushed face. Sunita was looking into her lover's eyes, telling him "Fuck me hard....deep....fuck...oooohhhhh...yesssss!" Sarita had taken my cock out and began stroking it while we were watching them fuck.

My mother has firm big breasts and a tight ass. Her passion seemed young cock. My mother started moaning louder as Vicky banged her pussy harder. By the way his big cock fucked her, I could tell that she was extremely wet. Soon she started spanking her stud's butt cheeks and she dug her fingernails into his asscheeks as she announced that she was cumming.

"Cum on my face bad boy. Cover me in your hot cum Vicky, mama wants your cream on her face!" my mom begged her lover.

I watched as Vicky pulled out of my mother's pussy and shot a load of cum on my mother's face. Then all of a sudden my mom turned her face towards us and looked directly into my eyes. She smiled at me shamelessly. We retreated to our room. .

With my heart beating fast we ran towards our bedroom. I found my wife trembling with excitement."We have watched her Rohit. Was she not a whore? I loved it when his big cock went into your mom's cunt. It was so fucking hot!" she said.

Once we were in my bedroom I sat on the edge of my bed. Sarita stood right before me and began to take off her gown. She looked so sexy and beautiful. She looked at me with her horny eyes and smiled. In front of my eyes, appeared the image of my mother. My wife parted my knees and sat on my right leg facing me directly. She was naked in my lap. Her pussy felt warm and very wet.

"It's ok Rohit, now you believe me? She is a bitch but you don't be ashamed. I have watched your mother fuck her studs everyday. Your mother makes me horny when I see her take a young lover. Rohit, feel the heat of my pussy. I need you in my cunt!", she started moving her pussy gently back and forth on my leg.

"Fuck me like Vicky fucked your mother. Hurry Up. Now take off your pants and fuck me like a dirty whore...please!" I was too horny to say no to my horny hot wife but the picture of my naked mother was exciting me. She got off my leg to let me take off my pants. I was completely naked in no time.

"That's a fucking beautiful cock you've got Hubby. Stroke it for me. I want to watch you do that. Oh God look at your big cock. I think your mother is the cause of your hardness, isnt she? That's so fucking Hot!"

I started stroking my shaft. Sarita cupped her breasts and touched her shaven cunt. I put one hand on her breast and played with her hard nipple.

"Do you think I'm prettier than your whore mother? Do you want to fuck your mom?"

"Well mom is a hot and sexy woman. Both of you are really hot. Yes, I would love to fuck her. If that boy can do it, why not me?"

Sarita suddenly grabbed my face in both hands and drew my face close to hers. She kissed me deeply on my mouth. Her tongue went as far as it could inside my mouth. My cock could not stand the excitement and I came as her ass rubbed on my cock. My hot cum landed all over her thighs and pussy.

I carried her on my bed. It did not take long for my cock to get hard again. She shifted her legs and put her wet pussy on top of my shaft as I lay under my wife. Then she grabbed my cock and put the tip of it on her swollen clit. She turned her head towards mine and we started kissing passionately again.

"Let me put it inside my cunt, you Motherfucking bastard. I think in your mind you will be fucking your mother when you are fucking me."

I kissed her again as she ground her clit harder against my cock. It did not take us long to burry my cock deep in her wet cunt. I was pounding her pussy as she rode my cock. She humped on my cock as it slid easily into her. Music of sex filled the room. I began to cum again in a flood. I came all over her pussy and stomach.

I woke up around night. Sarita was gone. I put on my shorts and went downstairs and there was no sign of anyone in the house. I went to fridge and poured a vodka. Suddenly Vicky walked into the room. He was completely naked. He had a big hard on. I was staring at his beautiful body and cock. He said hello to me. I blurted out hello. I met his smile with a smile of my own.

"I cant see my mother. Where is my mother?" I asked him stupidly

"Ah she is getting your wife ready for me. She wants me to spend the night with Sarita. She wants you to fuck her. You have seen her naked and you want to fuck your mother. Your wife told your mother about your desire to fuck her. Sarita wants my cock! I know she has been spying on us and tonight I will fuck your sweet wife!"

I was shocked to hear those words. I got up nervously and drank my drink in a gulp.

Just then my wife and mother came into the room, both of them were naked. My mother had her hands on my wife's ass as she hugged her. My wife kissed my mother and winked at me." Rohit, you have seen me with Vicky. Now I want you to fuck me. Vicky is dying to fuck your wife. It will be swap. I hope you wont be dissappoined by having me in bed." mother said to me as she came towards me. I did not say a word. I watched Vicky cup my wife's tits as she clung to him.

My mother reached down with her finger. She touched the tip of my swelling cock. She began to fist my cock. "But Mom, Sarita!!! Does she want to do it?," I said. "In fact she suggested it. She told me about your desire for me. Vicky has been pressing me for my daughter in law. It is time we give her to him" Mother said. I stared at her without saying anything. My cock twitched and started to swell up.

"Come to bed Rohit. This double bed is big enough for four of us," she said and all obeyed her.

My cock was really hard now. Mother's hand was on my cock and she began to fist it roughly. My wife and Vicky laid next to me and mother,"Sarita, do what your husband is doing to his mother. She is going to suck his cock, so you better suck my cock!" Vicky ordered my wife who bent down in his crotch. I could feel mother's hot breath on my balls as she placed her wet mouth on my cock.

Mother's full lips wrapped around the swollen head of my penis as I groaned.

She was incredible as she began sucking gently on the head of my cock. Her tounge swirled over the sensitive head as she lowered her head and took my cock deeper inside. I felt her chin rest against my balls and her mouth began to work magic on my cock.

"oooo...God...mom...you are incredible....suck me...lick me....suck my cock!!!" I moaned, my eyes were closed with excitement.

She continued to make love to my cock with her lips, tongue and mouth. She knew exactly what to do to make me go crazy with lust. My wife was sucking Vicky's big cock like a lollypop and he was holding her by her hair and slapping lightly on her face.

I watched her take his cock in and out of her mouth. Sarita released Vicky's cock from her mouth and leaned down to lick and suck on his balls.

I was pumping my mother's mouth and my cock was bursting with lust. She cupped my balls and I felt that I would cum soon. "Are you going to cum in mama's mouth?" she asked. She was doing wonders on my thick cock. The realisation that my mother was sucking my cock made it heavenly. Now she was not so gentle. She began to deep throat my cock fast and hard, massaging my balls in her hand.

As I groaned and began to shake she took me all the way into her throat and massaged my cock with her mouth... causing the most intense eruption my cock has ever experienced. I exploded into mother's mouth. I was done. My cum dribbled from her lips, running down to her boobs. She released my cock from her mouth and sat up. She smiled, opening her mouth to show me that it was full of my cum, and then swallowed.

My wife was bobbing her head on Vicky's cock who was lifting his ass in a fucking motion. He slapped my wife hard on the face. Sarita's face was red from his slaps. I saw the urgency in his movements as he bagan to shoot his cum in my wife's mouth," Ohhh Gaaaad.....you are good...Sunita...your daughter is best cocksucker....yes she is as good a whore as you...Sunita!!"

I leaned forward and pulled mom and laid her in front of me on the bed. I rolled her on her back and spread her thighs. Then I flung myself on top of her between her legs. "Mother, it is now my turn"

I dropped down quickly and drove my tongue straight between her soft pussy lips. I wanted to make her explode. I focused on her clit... sucking and licking it with pleasure.

Her moans and groans excited my limp cock back to life, and the bucking of her hips made me so crazy that I could not control myself.

I was driving one finger into her pussy and one into her asshole as I continued to lick her cunt. I pushed my fingers in and out of her cunt and ass as her cries grew louder and her hips rammed into my mouth.

Finally she grabbed my hair and screamed," Ohhhh.....Rohit...yes...yesss....suck mama..fuck me....I am cumming...ohhhh.... motherfucker.....suck my pussy!!" Her pussy and asshole gripped my fingers and juice began to flood out of her pussy. I slid my fingers out of her and held her legs spread as I continued to suck hard on her clit through her orgasm.

When I stopped the bed was drenched with sweat underneath her ass. She was lying limp with her eyes closed.

"Ahhhhhh..Vicky....dont...pleaseeee...I have never done this...dont...not my ass....pleaseeee....leave me.....lick me!!" I heard my wife cry out. She was on her fours and Vicky was kneeling behond her, his tongue moving over her asshole, his fingers sunk in her cunt. My wife had her legs open for her new lover who had sunk his tongue into her ass.

"Oh fuck her good Vicky....she needs it bad...she has been asking for you.....treat her as she deserves and desires...." Mother was saying and then turning to me she said" You wife is a hot woman, Rohit...She is hot and horny like me, your mother!"

My mother was now holding my cock in her hands. It was hard and ready for fucking my own mother. I kissed her on the mouth. But she wanted me to treat her roughly. She grasped my cock hard and said, "Make me your whore... fuck me hard.. treat me like your fuck toy... use me and abuse me... I love to be treated like a whore...Your mother is a dirty whore....your wife is going to be a dirty whore...we are a dirty f****y, son, fuck me!"

I pushed my cock deep in mother's pussy in one clean stroke.

"FUCK ME" she yelled.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her legs on my shoulders. My cock was in her pussy and I started to fuck her. I pushed in hard. I could feel the head of my cock touch her womb. Her cries were a mixture of pleasure and pain as I abused her pussy.

As I fucked her, her hands gripped the bed sheets. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open. She was making sounds that I had never heard. On the other side of bed, my wife was still kneeling while Vicky was trying to push his cock into my wife's ass. Her tits were hanging. Vicky spat on his cock and entered her asshole. He muttered, "I'm going to stick my cock in your ass, you dirty cunt!" and to my surprise, my wife said,"Fuck my ass Vicky...take my ass....I have not let my husband fuck my ass...you are the first...fuck my ass, you bastard!"

The sight of my wife being fucked in the ass drove me wild and I went on pounding my mother like a b**st. Her pussy was pulsing and gripping onto my cock as her juices flowed freely. I remembered her words and decided to fuck her hard.

Vicky's cock was going in and out of my wife's ass easily by now. He still slapped my wife's tits and rammed his cock in her ass. My wife was panting like a bitch in heat. I wanted my mother like Vicky was having my wife. I slapped my mother on her cheeks as I fucked her roughly." I want you to fuck my ass just as Vicky is fucking Sarita's ass, son. My lover has asked to fuck my ass but I have not let him...But now that your wife has given hin her ass, you may take mine. Rohit, take mom's anal cherry, fuck my ass!!"

I looked at mother's naked body and was glad at her request. I withdrew my cock from her cunt and kissed her boobs." If I have to fuck your ass, then, bend like a bitch, mom!" She complied. I oiled my cock and leveled my cockhead on her asshole and pushed it in, causing her to groan loudly.

I pulled her head back by her hair and said "Mom, take it...Dont complain later...It was you who asked me to fuck your ass...Ohhh God...I love it.....Ohhh fuck, your ass is so tight, whore" I was pushing all my cock deep into her asshole.

I felt her ass relax a bit and began fucking her tight shit hole. The entire time I was uttering obscenities. With my cock was abusing her asshole and my hands were gripping her hair tightly, I was truely making her my whore.

Beside me my wife had swllowed Vicky's entire cock in her ass and he was pounding her mercilessly.

Her body tightened and she gasped out, "Oh, God, Vicky, I'm cumming! Oh Rohit, he is fucking so good, yes, I'm cumming!"

Vicky kept fucking my wife. "Vicky, not so fucking rough, my wife has never been fucked in the ass. Be gentle!" I said between my thrusts. But he pulled at Sarita's hair and fucked her like an a****l. His cock thrusts were causing her to cry out again

"Your wife is a fucking slut? I want your wife and your mother as my whores! I am fucking your wife's tight hot unfucked ass!!" he growled.

"Fuck my ass you bastard, dont slow down...give all your cock to me, Vicky! Fuck my virgin ass!" my wife yelled.

Vicky kept pounding at her.

My wife must have gotten accustomed to the feeling of his cock slamming into her ass, as she gasped out, "I'm going to cum, Vicky!"

"I am cumming too, bitch!" he slammed his cock back into her asshole. "I'm going to shoot my cum in your ass!"

Vicky cried out, "Oh fuck!" as he began to shoot his load and as he was cumming . I could see my wife was too into the throes of a screaming orgasm.

I had almost forgotten my mother in whose ass my cock was burried, "I guess you liked watching your wife get her shithole fucked by your mother's lover, didn't you, Rohit?" my mother asked.

"Wont you take revenge by being nasty and dirty with Vicky's lover, your mother?" Mother leered at me.

I resumed my mother's assfuck seriously, plunging my cock deep in her tight ass. My balls slapped on her ass," Ooooh," she cried "Nasty bastard, fuck mom hard, I love you.....I love dirty fuck!"

My massive cock was stretching her ass around its girth as I fucked her hard. She bit her lip and cursed under her breath as my cock slid into her ass.

"Oh my fucking God!" she howled. "Your cock feels so fucking good!"

I began pounding mother's tight hole as she screamed and begged for more. The feeling was incredible.

"Mmmmm," she continued to moan.

"You like that mother? You prepared Sarita to fuck your lover? God, my wife likes to fuck just like my whore mother does!" I said, continuing relentless thrusting.

"Oh yes! I love it! Be rough with me, son! Do with me what Vicky did with your wife! I'm all yours. "I'm your dirty little whore!"

Mom's words were exciting me. Reaching forward, I roughly grabbed her tits and squeesed hard. "Yes!" she howled. "That's it my son! Fuck me like a whore!"

My mother was my whore! There she was, on her hands and knees getting fucked up the ass by her own son! She was a whore. And she was loving it!

There was nothing she could do, except moan in ecstasy at the feeling of my thick cock violating her lovely ass hole.

My hips were slamming hard into her ass as I increased my speed. Her ass was burning with pleasure and I thought she would explode any time now.

I was about to cum and I had planned to cum over my new whore's face. I pulled my cock out when my mother's cunt was flooding juices,"Oh yeah, you slut!" I said, moving my cock to within inches of my mother's whore face. "I'm going to cum all over your fucking face!"

My hand was pumping my thick cock. She felt my warm, sticky cum hitting her lovely face. The wet cum ran down her face to the corner of her mouth before dripping down on her shoulders and boobs.
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