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Hi this is Sushma again to conclude the story of that night when my husband and his three friends and their wives and we both husband and wife after the card game where we all ladies were on stake in their game and in first round of 45 minutes all four ladies had a fucking session with the different man according the result of card. Now I tell you ahead

All we went in the bathroom to clean ourselves and when we all gathered in the hall and narrating the scene to everybody and Kamini asked me about her husband how is her husband in sex and I said perfect and good lover and she told me about my husband he is really a good cunt sucker and I was shocked to hear because my husband very rare licked my pussy whereas I have always and every time suck him to give excitement and Kamini told me he preferred licking me and in last 2-3 minutes he did intercourse and due to time constraint in intercourse they separated without climax.

Then all the men started drink again and this time they made a bit large peg for ladies and this time I felt really I am enjoying my drink and feeling was great and after one peg of ladies and two pegs of men they start the planning of second round it was 12.30 pm and I saw all ladies were desperate to hear the next .

Raman said in second round two ladies will have to wait and two will have two men each and it will be decided by card and I thought please god don’t spare me

I was needing cock badly at that time and it is confirm god gives you what you want with real wish and two ladies who were winner were me and pooja so husband were not allowed with wife so my partners were bit too and Raman and with pooja my husband and Kailas and time was allotted one hour and at that time all ladies screamed no it should be min 90 minutes and Kailas said remaining two ladies will get late in their turn they said no worry and they will wait time should be 90 minutes and condition was same after 90 minutes who doesn’t come outside is not entitled for next round.

I came in the room and in 2-3 minutes both bittoo and Raman came in but having glass of whisky in hands I said please don’t drink much otherwise they will be not Sensitive toward me and bitto said sushma really I wanted you since last 10 years so badly that I could give everything of mine for you and this known to everybody except your husband and today he is very happy and blessed and he looked at the celing and said thank you pooja you planned it very well

I was shocked to know that it was pre planned and Raman was d***k and said really sushma I wanted you but couldn’t tell anybody and I was again amazed that all this men are really after me and bittoo was annoyed to hear this and he showed it by putting glass on table very f***efully but their confession proved beneficial for me later because they tried very hard to please me and better than other.

Samething I asked them go to bathroom and take bath and clean the body and they said don’t worry but you will do this thing and bittoo took me in the bathroom f***efully and said ok go ahead and clean me as you wish and I gave a very sexy smile to bitto and asked him to remove the clothes and in seconds he was nude with half erected penis and his precum really moistened the upper part of his penis and after hot shower start

I asked him to come and stand under the shower and he said come you too so I have to remove my clothes and stepped in with him under the shower after putting shower cap and and bittoo immediately started to fondle my breast and I was rubbing soap on his chest and crotch and in the mean time Raman came in the bathroom and saw the scene and said sushma may I clean you and I gave him a smile and said do whatever you want and tell me what you want from me to do.

Raman finished his drink in one gulp and removed clothes and came behind me in the shower and started rubbing me all over and in 5 minutes we all cleaned up and came out because we were feeling cold and came in the room and we were nude and I said bittoo bhaisahab aap mere ko age se karo and raman will lick in my back and after 10 min position will change the positin they said ok and bit too started smooching me and raman with tongue exploring my spine top to bottom and I was now in their control and my pussy started dripping and bittoo bitten my lips and inserted full tongue in my mouth and I responded him by sucking his tongue and raman was now sucking my hips and he said sushma your skin is very thin and where I sucked in hip is totally redden and very dark I said please don’t make any mark but he laughed and started sucking second hip and bittoo now was sucking my nipple

I saw him stood with full erected penis and it was like a rock hard and I said let us switch off the light and do in the light of night lamp and both said no and bittoo start licking my tummy and naval and I was like flying and that time I felt bittoo should insert his fingers in me but he came down with mouth and started looking at my pussy and said my god sushma you are so beautiful in lower area and your slightly golden hair looking very good

I have golden hair at my pussy so Raman also came ahead and wanted to see and he said the same and said to bittoo let us eat simultaneously when you insert tongue in pussy he will suck my pubic hair and when he will give a break for inhale the oxygen then raman will suck so my pussy will be licked without a break of seconds and they put me in the bed and started licking and my! It was such a experience.

I can’t describe in words and in 2-3 minutes they both made to come in their mouth and they kept going for another 10 minutes and I came again in their mouth and luckily both were tasted my ejaculation once and now Raman asked me who will she preferred to fuck in front and who will be in back hole and I said I will like to take bittoo first in cunt and raman in back because I knew bittoo is hyper and will cause a pain in back and first raman asked me to give cream and I gave him and he first with quantity of cream he inserted his figure in my back hole and lubricated it well and I felt very strange feeling there and then he very slowly put his tip of his penis at the gate of the hole and pushed and I felt pain and he knew it so he did not allow me to escape f***efully in another 10 seconds his penis was 2inch inside me and I was in severe pain but he hold me so tightly

I couldn’t move and then I felt pain is getting subsiding slowly and when Raman felt that my lower muscle is bit relaxed he started the journey of his penis deep inside me and in 2-3 seconds almost 5-6 inch of his penis was inside me and I felt every space is full now but he again gave a powerful thrust and almost his 7-8 inch long penis was in my back and I was feeling some sensation in my spine and in 15-20 seconds now his penis was giving me immense pleasure

It was third time in my life when I had a penetration in back and in last 15 years of marriage life my husband did it twice and both the time he ejaculated in the half way so full fledged penetration I had first time and I came to know that without having full length of the penis inside is not pleasurable and bittoo asked Raman fit ho gaya ya baki hai and Raman said almost but quarter inch remaining and with another thrust he was full inside me.

My lower muscle were crying with ecstasy Raman please give some more and he said to bittoo he is full inside me then very slowly he started roll our both bodies to place me in upper position so bittoo can come in my front hole and he did it comfortably without let coming out a bit of his penis and when I came in upper position I gave a slight push so his penis come in me fully and bittoo saw my face and told me sushma your face is bl**d red are you feeling pain.

I said no only pleasure and it was red due to pleasure and he asked me will I like to taste it first or he should direct come inside me and I said no come direct in me he asked me why and I said we have ample time so I feel in first round we all three going to get orgasm early so to make again hard their penis then I will suck and bittoo said sushma you are real using your mind and body simultaneously.

I said I don’t want any inhibition as all the men staked their wives in game of cards so why not ladies use all the men as their dogs. I knew Bittoo and Raman did not like my reply and now they started treat me like a whore and Raman without any soft feeling pressed my breast so hard that I screamed in pain and bitoo thrusted his penis with great f***e and make me shout in ecstasy and now

I was not in senses and don’t know I started moaning loudly and seeeeee and oh ohoh and mar agyee pleaase dheeeere and jjjjjoor ssseee kaaaaaaroo na words coming from my mouth and in excitement I started abusing bittoo like Bittooooo mera raaaajjjjjjjaaaa kameene kar jor se dikha kitna dum hai and both were pumping like pistons and my siskaree were very loud now haaaaa seeee please aur jjjjooor sssssssee. At that time pallavi knocked the door and said softly sushma are you all right are you in pain?

And Raman replied it is ok and he put one hand on my mouth so I can moan softly and never in life I moaned so loudly because pleasure was so intense I could not control and in 15 minutes all we three had shattering climax first came Raman and then me and in last Bittoo but it was the gap was in seconds so all we were breathing very hard because we did it so f***efully. It took almost 10 minutes to calm down and then Bittoo got up first

I felt relieved from his weight of body and then Raman again rolled me down and came out easily and his penis got cut in vigorous thrusting and slightly bleeding and he went to bathroom first and when he came out and he showed me and put some cream there and he was feeling better. But he said he is ok but cant penetrate in back again so with remaining two ladies to fuck he will do intercourse in front only

I was lucky that now in next turn he was entitled for my pussy and said sushma go and clean so we can start again as we have 40 minutes more. In another 10 minutes we all cleaned ourselves and I said Raman first I will suck you so your cut will be healed and very softly I sucked him and he was rock hard in 5 minutes and I came near bittoo and smiled and said aab Bittoo ki bari hai and I started suck him so hard that he screamed and he was ready in 5 minutes

Bittoo then laid me on the bed came in my back hole very easily and this time I did not feel any pain only pleasure and Raman was in front and now raman started pumping his dick slowly and smooching me and again I was in heat and this time we came to close just one minute before alarm went off and I hurriedly put on my nighty and came out while tying my hair in the hall and pooja and my husband and kailash were there

I aked them when they got finished kailash said 10 minutes before as they did only one time and we did it two times.bittoo and Raman said they need rest for at least for two hours they are tired so it was decided to sl**p for 5-6 hours and play will be continued and next day nobody is going out and whole day balance rounds will be finished and then my husband and me came in the room

I went to bathroom had a bath and came in the room and my husband looked at me said how was the experience and I said ok then he said ok you moaning so loudly we all heard it all the time and he said he never expected that I will enjoy this to that much extent and then he without saying anything he turned his back and slept and I thought what bastard he is that he put me on the stake and if I enjoyed then he is not liking but happened has been happened so I decided to sl**p and I knew that in morning again rest of the game will go. Remaining last day detail I will give you in next letter.
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