With Mrs Sharma, Mom And Maid - Part II

Hi guys this is Shanu again I really-really hope that you enjoyed the first part of my story and I am thankful to all those who sent me emails and commented on my story. I am here as promised with the second part. For those who didn’t read the first part of my story I request them to read it before reading this one.

It’s posted on www.indiansexstories.net and for those who couldn’t find it I will be glad to send those personally on request through my email id shanu.super44@gmail.com you have to just mail me.So let’s go back to the story. You read how I fortunately got a chance to make love with Mrs. Sharma and now I welcome everyone back to the sequel of my first story.

Part 2: Maid
After my experience with Mrs. Sharma I felt really shameless towards women thinking that anyone would enjoy sex with me and no one will reject me as my opinion about Indian woman had changed. But I acted like an idiot and roamed around-not far from my house- and started following women on the rainy morning, I made kissing sound towards them and rode away in full speed when they turned to me angrily.

That continued till I felt guilty and aware of my mistake. It was the very next morning after my fucking night with Mrs. Sharma and I was free coz my mom wasn’t in home, the maid whom mum appointed wouldn’t come today as I had called up a local worker( whom I had believed to be her hubby) near her home and told him to tell her not to come. That morning, The phone in my home rang and I picked it up

Mrs. Sharma: hello?
Me: yes Mrs. Sharma!
Mrs. Sharma: ha shanu today Prakash (Mr. Sharma) is coming this evening so I’m extremely sorry that I can’t come to your home today.

I was shocked and angry so I started complaining and accusing her for not wanting to have sex with me it continued for some time till she agreed to come to my house with breakfast and fuck me. Afternoon hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm faster Shanu didn’t I teach you that to excite a woman you should be fast said Mrs. Sharma who was beneath me gasping for breath as I was fucking really hard.

I am doing it faster than ever. It is you who wants more and more which is the problem with most women in the world. I said smiling at her hhmmm, she continued gasping so when is prakash coming exactly? At 5 o clock hmm- the baby cock’s face I want to see after he spoiled our free week. He said he wanted to visit his old teacher that is why he applied for holiday and came. And he has never known about your affairs, she kissed me and said never

We stopped and changed into the 69 position oh yes umm-umm shanu just there just on the clit. licked her clit rapidly and enjoyed her tongue on my dick. After 15 minutes we discharged and lay next to each other facing each other, Ummaah’ was the kissing sound made by us as we kissed now tell me about that worker you talked about yesterday and how was his session with my mom.

Ummaah, we actually thought that he was good enough for your mom as he had a decent 6 inches dick and the ability to satisfy women but your mom didn’t like the sex as she was used to your dad’s 8 inch cock. I smiled and we kissed again. I pulled her over me and crushed her boobs against my face and I bit her brown nipples with excitement. My mum is still unsatisfied then? um- yes!

I took most of her huge melon in my mouth and started sucking while I fondled the other. This continued for some time till my dick was hard again and ready for the finals. I pushed it in her easily and started fucking violently with her over me, Oh yes oh yes she cried, I was thrusting really hard now as though it was my last fuck ahahahah we both gasped as we had orgasms. After the fuck we cleaned ourselves took pictures with my web cam and with final kisses she went away.

That evening I was feeling really restless without sex and I didn’t want to jerk off but to excite myself I watched mine and Mrs. Sharma picks. I really didn’t know what happened after that but I remembered going to sl**p by falling on the bed being tired and when I slightly woke after 5 minutes I found the maid staring at the pc. I was shocked remembering that I had left the pc on with the picks on it.

I kept my eyes closed out of embarrassment while the maid looked at me and then I got another shock that I was not covered over my dick which was in full view. After some time she cleaned my room and chuckled to herself and went away. I was happy that she didn’t think badly about me and I got up and changed to pyjamas. After some cleaning she went inside the bathroom to wash clothes and I locked our front door.

As expected after the wash she wanted to go home but couldn’t as the door was locked and she had to come to my room. Shanu please open the door’’ she said I was reading sex magazine and she saw the cover with nude blonds on it I kept it down and said. How much do you take for a month? 500 Shanu but how much will you take for an hour? She didn’t understand but as I moved my hand inside the pajama to my penis

She understood and ran to the window next to the door I followed her and hugged her from behind she tried to stop but I massaged her weak point’ her vagina’ over the saree and she stopped resisting. I slowly lifted her saree and found that she had no underwear. Maybe coz she couldn’t afford. I lifted it and caressed her ass. She started responding to me and I inserted my penis in her vagina in almost a doggy position as we were standing.

She inclined her leg so I could easily penetrate and when I did I realised that her pussy was wetter than Mrs. Sharma’s. I lost control and started ramming her as hardly as I could.
‘ummm ah-ah-ah yes’’ she moaned, As I didn’t want to finish fast I lifted her and dropped her on the bed.

I fell over her and removed her whole dress then I undressed and inserted my cock in her. I didn’t start the intercourse but instead I took her small but firm breasts in my mouth.

Oh yes she was so-so sexy I was lucky enough that she was careless to have sex with me um- she was the now the best 4 me but I knew that the opinion will change after I fuck Mrs Sharma in her ass. After some fondling I started the fucking againummaahhh we kissed in missionary position with me giving her powerful strokes. I called your hubby today and told him not to send you today.

Another kiss whom? That worker? He is not my hubby he just got me job here and every1 thought him as my hubby’’ she replied then she got up and took my penis in her mouth. Oh my, she was a natural what blowjob I was getting.

She continuously spat on my cock and made this slurp-slurp sound. She looked like she was well experienced in it and then she started circling her tongue around the head of my dick. I was in another world now really she had won me.

Let’s not keep your pussy waiting’’ I said. She sat on my lap with my dick in her then slowly she started moving up and down or in other words riding me. We were really enjoying each other and fucking like a****ls. I made her ride faster and we both were gasping then we slowed.

I need to go out fast I have 2 more houses to clean’’ she said, Wait my jaan without ejaculating I can’t let you go’’ I said and she rode harder.

And after a few more thrusts we cummed together. She dressed and hurried to the other homes and I went to the hall to pick up the phone call.

Shanu its mum listen I am coming tomorrow due to your uncle’s illness okay?’’
Ok beta bye’’

I kept the receiver down and wondered. Why is mum coming when uncle is ill she should be with him in those times then I remembered that mum had spoiled her weekend with Mrs Sharma and the maid? I was mad at her and went inside to text Mrs Sharma. So how was it? I hope all of you liked it.
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