Hi this is Raj Patel from Ahmedabad. I am regular reader of all this story & I love to share my true Experience. I am working with call center in Ahmedabad as team leader & 23 yrs old with 5’9” height & 7” thick dick.

This incident happen when I was 19 yrs old & studding in college. I am staying with my parents. My dad is having his own business & mother is house wife. We are staying in top floor of apartment & our apposite door only 1 lady is staying & she is 33 yrs & divorce.

Name of that lady is Smita & she looks very pretty she got 5’5” height with 36-28-40…stat & unbelievably fair…….I always dream to fuck this kindda lady but don’t have any chance to do this……so normally when I am alone at home I masturbate dreaming Smita aunty only. I have few pic of Smita aunty & I upload that on my computer so when ever I masturbate I see that pic & masturbate.

Now I start the real story I think it 2 long introductions to the reader. It was summer vacation & my parents are out of town for few days so they also told Smita aunty to take care of my food & other things. I back from my collage on afternoon time & open the house & direct go to my room & start my computer. After that I remove my all cloths & put Smita aunty pic on my computer screen & start stroking my dick. I was also telling to Smita aunty pic ( pls come out once so I can suck u nipple & suck u pussy wanna fuck u hard pls come out of pic).

I was above to eject my load & I listen big sounds Raj what the hell you are doing……..when I turn back & see I was shocked like anything bcz it was Smita aunty who was standing there……I was now shocked & don’t know what to reply bcz may be she is watching me from long time so she also heard the lines which I speak in front of her pic. She come close to me & slaps me hard on my chicks. She again shout on me what the hell you are doing u dog & few Gujarati bad words. I try to take my cloths but before I reach to my cloths she grab it & threw far from me. Again she slap me hard & now I am so scared started crying & my dick was become so small bcz of fear & I told Smita aunty I will never do this again pls don’t tell this to mom or dad. She keeps on shouting on me & made me feel that I had done very much wrong thing. I just cover my dick with 1 hand & again made request to Smita aunty but she is not in mood to listen me & she hold my hand & push me out of my room. I show the main door is also open & she pushes me towards the main door. I again told her I am sorry but don’t take me in this way pls let me put on my cloths but she told me you are now not allowed to do anything if u don’t do what ever I say then I will tell this to u mom & dad & every one in apartment.

I started walking with her with 1 hand on my dick. She ask me where is my mobile I took my mobile & give that to her. She f***e me to go out & behind me she locked my apartment. Now we both are on corridor where I can see the lift & stairs & the air is touching all over my body. I really like this but don’t want to be there nude. She asks me to open her house & get inside. Now again we both are in her house. She told me to seat on floor. I seat on floor & she seat on sofa & ask me since when u r doing this. I told her this the fist time I do this & caught bye you. But she didn’t believe this & ask me again tell me the truth or I will tell this to your mom, dad & throw you out from her house so you cant run any ware bcz u don’t have cloths. I told her I am doing this since last 6 months.

Smita aunty told me that u had done mistake & she will punishment. I told her I am ready for any kind of punishment but don’t tell this to my mom & dad. She told me ok but u have to do what ever I say & if u try to break the rules of punishment she will told everything to my mom & dad & she will make me walk in our entire apartment like this only. I also agreed on this she told me to stand up & remove my both the hands from my dick. I do the same when Smita aunty shows my dick she laugh & told me it’s very small. You are just small boy. I reply her Aunty still it’s not hard & bcz of fear it’s very small. Smita Aunty told me to make my dick hard again. I started playing with my dick bcz I am in front of my Sex Goddess. With in few seconds it become hard now its 7” thick hard iron road I told Smita aunty to touch & feel it bcz now it’s hard. She touches my dick & presses it & told me now its look like young boy’s dick. She told me to masturbate I was not believing my self I am nude in front of her & stroking my dick. I started stroking my dick very hard & when I was above to eject my load she stop me again. & this time she started playing with my dick & told me this is your 1st punishment she will not allow me to eject my load. 2nd punishment I am not allowed to wear any cloths until she order me. 3rd punishment I have to do what ever she says. I agree on the same.

We both hear the door bell. I was now sacred & try to hide in bedroom but she told me to stay on the main room & don’t cover my dick. I request her it can be any one & what people will think. She replies me it’s only a house maid & she is here for house work. She doesn’t mind to see u nude. I know her house maid also. Maid is 24 yrs young gal & she is not married I understand that before punishment will over Smita aunty will use me as her slave & she will make me nude in front of everyone. She open the door & I see maid come in & she shock when she show me nude with my 7” dick hanging. She turns 2wards Smita aunty & try to ask question but before that Smita aunty told her Raj has done very big mistake & he is on punishment. She asks me to help maid for house work. I was above to speak anything but she jut remind me the rules & if I don’t do what she says she will throw me out of her house. I tell you about maid she is 24 yrs old with 34-26-36 stats & fair gal she was staring at my semi erect dick & I know she likes to play with that. So she ask Smita aunty does she play with me. Smita aunty told her yes you can do what every u like if u wish you can take him out also like this. She laughs & ask Smita aunty how can she take me out nude.

When I was listening this I started hard again & Smita aunty see this & she told maid he is hard again if u wish u can play with him..U can play here or u can take him where ever u wants. But don’t allow him to fuck you or don’t allow him to suck or press your boobs. Maid agrees on that & she told me come with her 2wards the kitchen & I have to obey her. Once we enter the kitchen she hold my dick so hard I shout in pain. Smita aunty come inside & asks maid what happened. Maid told her the moment I hold his dick he shouts in pain. Smita aunty laughs & told her to screw my dick hard. She told maid you have to hold dick like this if u want to take control on man. She came close to me & hold my dick so hard & push me hard to the main room I was shouting with lots of pain but she didn’t bother & keep on walking fast so I have to walk also fast because its really paining & she in not in mood to leave me she keep walking fast in all over the main room. I started crying bcz its paining a lots & maid was laughing like anything. Smita aunty now relives me & told maid to take me with her so she can play with me.

Again we both are in kitchen & I request her to pls don’t do any nasty thing I will do what ever she says. She laugh again & this time she touch my dick softly & started playing with it now I become hard again & she keep on rubbing my dick slowly she increase the speed we both are standing in the middle of the kitchen. Again smita aunty came in kitchen & ask maid to suck my dick. She told smita aunty she has never done that before but smita aunty told her sucking dick is grea8 pleasure & you should do that. So she goes to her knee & started sucking my dick I was now in heaven slowly she understands how to suck dick & she keep all my dick in her mouth. With her 1 hand she was playing with my balls I was really mad & wanted to have fuck so enjoying this & now I am above to cum so I hold her head with my both the hand & started fucking hard her mouth & with in few second I eject in her mouth & she stand up & act like vomiting half of my cum was on her face & few drops are on the floor.

Smita aunty become very angry & told me u breaks Rule. Now get ready for the punishment. I am also very scared bcz I don’t know what she will do with me. She told maid to take me with her & make sure Raj do all the work & u r master of Raj. Maid took me to the kitchen & told me to clean all the bartan….& she was watching me…..I feel very much embarrass bcz I am nude in front of gal & washing bartan…..but some how I manage & finish that then she order me to do clean work zadu & pocha of all the room. I told her I don’t know how to do that bcz I had never done that before…she hold my hand & took me to Smita aunty & told her He don’t know how to do zadu & pocha. Smita aunty become very angry & told me do u remember rules….now you are breaking rules…. She told maid to throw me out of house like this only…..I start crying pls don’t do that but maid was pulling me towards the main door she open the main door & f***e me to go out but I am very much strong in compare to maid so she called Smita Aunty to help her & Smita Aunty come close to me & hold my semi erect dick so hard & push me towards the main door & now I have to follow her again I am out of house they both push me hard & went in the house the door was half open I was trying to get in but they are not allowing me to come inside the house. In between I see the lift is coming up & now I am so scared I told Smita Aunty to pls let me inn some one is coming but she told me very loudly u break the rules & done big mistake & every one should know that what u had did….then she allows me to come in & lift also stop at our floor & we found a lady sales Gal was there to sale her product.

Smita aunty was talking with her & I was inside the room with maid. All of sudden Smita Aunty ask her to come inside she know I will feel fish out of water but she didn’t care & she come inside & when see show me nude she was shocked. Sales Gal was medium age lady around 36 black but medium built with good stats. She watch me for some time & didn’t give any reaction & start showing her products to Smita Aunty. Aunty told me to bring 2 glass of water. I offer water to lady she also drink water & again give look at my semi erect dick. Smita aunty asks her did you like his dick. Lady reply not much bcz its small her husband is having long then this. I feel so embarrass. I told lady I have 7” dick but she told me her husband is having more then 9” & very thick. Then she ask Smita Aunty why I am nude...Smita aunty told her all the story & she also told Smita Aunty he need big punishment keep him like this only for some time & yes if possible use him or fuck his ass. Aunty ask her how can its possible (I was in kitchen & listening this maid was busy playing with my dick) Lady told smita aunty called up few guys & make him suck dick & let those guys fuck his ass.. Then he will understand the mistake which he has done. Now I am so scared bcz if Smita aunty called guys & if they fuck me what to do bcz I am not Gay but I am straight. Smita aunty told her she doesn’t know any guys who can fuck Raj. Lady gives few numbers & leave the house.

Aunty called me out again maid pulled my dick & takes me out in that way only. I told Smita Aunty Need to go for pee but she didn’t allow me to use her washroom & told me if u wanna pee go to the terrace & do it there. I again request her but she didn’t allow me to pee in her washroom. Then she ask maid to took me to the terrace & if I don’t do what see again she told me she will throw me out of house like this only. So I started going out with the maid & still maid is pulling my semi erect dick we both reach at terrace as I told you I am staying on top floor & its only 2 apartment on each floor so once we reach terrace I told maid to take hand my dick so I can pee. But maid told me pee here she wanna see bcz she has never see any guy doing this. I told her to take here hand bcz I don’t wanna pee on her hand but she is not ready to do that so I started pee & she is watching this & laughing & I found this very much odd. After finish I told her lets go down but she told me now bcz she wanna play with my dick again & this time she hug me so hard & told me to kiss her hard. I kiss her so hard on her lips & started pressing her boobs & nipple I try to put my hand on her vagina but she didn’t allow me & just told me remember what Smita Aunty told u. if she comes to know about this only Raj you will be in big trouble. Now my dick is again hard like rock & I need to fuck this bitch bcz she makes me crazy & hot.........

Guys Wait for the 2nd part........Lots happned to me.........had walk on nude on raod & have sex with guys & gals both........
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