innocent mom turned slut

Hey friends! Me karan back with squeal of poor mom turned bitch and to understand this story please read my last story and next morning I got up and saw my mom was still sl**ping. It never happened before but may be because of last night’s hard work. I went to kitchen where my s*s was preparing breakfast. She told me that mom is having headache.

So she prepared breakfast and lunch and we can have it when we want as she is going to Mausi's place and will return tomorrow. I took breakfast and went to academy for classer but I was not able to concentrate as whole scene was flashing in front of my eyes. I saw Mr. Murugan and Mr. Satish were very happy and may b laughing on me. I was feeling jealous of them as they fucked my beautiful mom like a whore.

Last night incident was not letting me concentrate in studies and I was in hurry to return back home. While returning back Ramu met me and I was astonished to listen that he saw my mom getting fucked by them and even saw me watching them and I saw lust in his eyes. He abused me and cursed me for enjoying watching my own mom get fucked. He said that he feels pity for my mom but even he can’t let go a chance to fuck her.

Me: I will never allow you to fuck my mom.
Ramu: consider me as your friend as and I will help u come out from landlords trap. Me: how?
Ramu: I know many secrets of landlord on whose behalf you can blackmail him and but I will only tell if u allow me and my friends to fuck your mom.

I was shocked to listen all this and thought that I have to accept this offer otherwise landlord will use my mom regularly. I said him, but promise me that u will tell me that secret. He said sure and that he is man of words when I came back and I saw my s*s had already left for Mausi's place and mom was alone at home she was cleaning the room. I saw her innocent face and thought of coming night about which she is not aware at all. The very thought of coming night made my body shiver with fear and hornyness.

It was 8 pm and mom went to kitchen for dinner and I went to take bath. I saw my mom's bra panty. I got horny and started masturbating while imagining my mom with Ramu and his friends when I came out my mom was ready with dinner. We had dinner and after that mom went to sl**p and I started watching TV and then I received a call from Ramu and he asked me when to come.
I said come when everyone sl**ps in colony after an hour Ramu came with his two black friends who were also carrying bottle of whisky with them.

I was shocked to see them and even they were surprised to see me as they were (gabar and ranjeet) peons in my academy. I was feeling ashamed and they were excited. Ramu asked about mom and I said she is lying inside. He went inside and sat beside my mom. Mom was afraid to see Raamu in her room and called me. Ramu asked me not to waste time and tell the deal. Mom started crying knowing all this, but Ramu consoled her that only this night and then she will b independent as he will tell some secrets of landlord to us.

Mom had to accept the offer without any other option. She agreed with numb eyes. Ramu looked at me and I understood his signal. I went outside to call his friends inside my mom's room. They were drinking outside they came inside with already bulged pajamas. There bulge showed something really big was in the store. They came inside and wished my mom 'namaste' and laughed.

Mom asked me to go outside but Ramu asked me to stay. Mom said she can’t do this in my presence then Ramu asked her to drink, then she will feel comfortable then they made 5 pegs but I refused and they did not f***e me. They took it together and then another three rounds of whisky and mom was out of senses. They surrounded mom and started caressing her.
Then Ramu offered gift to mom and asked her to go inside and wear it.

We all were sitting and waiting for her and Gabar and Ranjeet were looking at me and smiling and saying something about me. I was so embraced then mom entered the room. Omg! She was looking like whore even I was getting hard in my pants.
She was wearing tight blouse with big cut making hot deep cleavage almost her boobs visible who it seemed were struggling for independence from that tight blouse which was bare from back her hairs were tied at back in juuda her soft lips were bl**dy red, her black eyes were appealing horniness, her long deep naval with belly bottom onher fleshy belly was reminding me of vidya balan in dirty picture.

A chain on her fleshy belly above petticoat were appealing sexy and pair of ghunggroo on her beautiful soft feet were making her sex goddess but the most appealing ornament was her nose ring making her look like a slut and I saw lust in the eyes of Ramu and peons and their mouths were watering and they opened another bottle and made peg for mom and them, mom was now out of senses.

Ramu played music from dirty pictures and I understood Ramu's plan as he brought these clothes to make my mom look like Vidya and then make her dance on ooo lala oo lala oo lala oo lala they all were dancing and I was watching my mom between three low class men, entertain them. Now Ramu picked the bottle and started pouring on mom’s cleavage, navel and inside her petticoat.

The sexy moves of my mom's waist, her moving big ass and the step to move her boobs inside out were making all of us horny they all were horny and started removing their clothes omg! There dicks were so thick, black and huge. They surrounded mom started pressing their dicks against her ass, navel, and other parts of body.

There big hands were exploring her boobs, ass and squeezing them watching all this, my dick was wet and flowing pre cum they now started tearing mom's clothes and removing her ornaments as mom caught there huge dicks with lust in her eyes they made my mom bent on her knees and surrounded her face with their monsters.

They were holding mom very roughly and using foul language like saali, raand, gasti, chup apne yaar ka then Ramu opened my mom hairs and now she was looking complete whore with not even single cloth and ornament on her body baring nose ring and belly bottom. Now they asked my mom to suck their dicks which my mom started doing obediently.

She started sucking Ramu huge dick from head moving her tongue like whore till his testis and shaking others dicks then she hold his dicks head with her red soft lips and tighten them and moving them forward and swelling his dick inside she slowly started moving her mouth slowly when Ramu caught her hairs and said sali raand pura loda muh me le jaise sardar ka le rhi thi kal raat.

He caught her head and started giving her mouth fuck at rapid pace moving his dick deep inside her mouth till her through making voice of chap chap chap then gabar and Ranjeet also made their dicks sucked by my mom and mouth fucked her by now mom's pussy was also wet. I noticed that she never looked at me while sucking and even her eyes were wet which made me think.

She was in full senses as alcohol may have reduced its effect and she was feeling guilty but was helpless. Now Ramu again got hard on and threw mom on bed and went upon her. He parted her legs and kept his dick on my place of birth and gave hard push and his huge dick was inside in one go maybe because mom's pussy was loosened last night. He started fucking her in missionary position.

Now Ranjeet and gabar were also ready and asked Ramu to get side. Ramu was not happy with my mom's loosened pussy so he thought something else. He lay on bed and asked mom to sit on him and entered his dick in her pussy from below. Now he asked gabar to enter his dick in mom's pussy, I was shocked to listen this.

My mom pleaded for mercy but Gabar did not listen. He kept his dick on entrance and tried to push but it was not entering. So he spit some saliva on mom's pussy, applied some on his dick head. Now again he tried but was not successful. In frustration he started abusing my mom to let loose her pussy and then he entered his left hand finger inside my mom's pussy one by one.

I slapped mom's ass cheeks hardly with right hand to turn them red and his hands got printed on her white ass butts. Now he removed his fingers and caught her hips with both hands, placed his dick near her pussy and gave hard push, which made mom scream like ooooh aaah oh oyi ma aaye haaye below ramu was sucking mom's breasts so that she gets horny and let her pussy loose.

This time Gabar got success and half of his dick was inside my mom's pussy which left my mom in pain and she was shouting for mercy aaah ooohhh yeah ayi and this lead Raanjeet to enter his monster inside her mouth to make her mouth shut. Now Gabar moved his hand all over her back softly to calm her and caressed her fleshy hips. It seems they were professionals.

He asked me to bring water bottle and ice cubes. I brought and made it drink to mom on his instructions only little water went inside her mouth as rest flowed over her body to her nipples which Ramu drinked as it was mixed with mom's sweat. Now gabar slowly started entering his full dick inside mom's pussy and slapping her butts continuously.

I was standing in front of mom as she was crying with pain and I was helpless. He caught her hairs tightly from behind making her neck at 90 degree with backbone and pushed further tears were flowing from her eyes and running toward her boobs where Ramu was drinking them while sucking her boobs. By now Gabar's whole dick was inside mom's pussy and now slowly both started fucking her slowly.

Gabar now took that ice cubes in his hands and starts rubbing on mom hips and back which were quickly melting then he rubbed them on her nipples making her shiver. Then he took one large solid ice cube and kept on my mom's ass hole and pressed it with his thumbs while fucking her pussy and soon only water came out and in the process cleaned mom's asshole.

Now he asked Ranjeet to fuck mom's ass hole while they were fucking pussy. Mom asked for pardon but they did not listen and increased their pace. Ranjeet came from above and entered his monster in mom's tight ass hole and started fucking this again let her scream with pain as moan of aahhh yeah hmm were filling the room with abusive language of sali raand acting kar rhi hai.
Kya mast gand hai teri maa ki saale tu bi maar liya kar ab to itna acha maal hai tere pass to and now all three were fucking my mom at same time and I went behind them and masturbated as it was getting out of control.

Ramu and Gabar finished soon but Ranjeet was still left and he then caught mom by her hairs and took her to kitchen and started fucking her pussy on kitchen shelf from behind and put chapati roller's belan handle in her ass hole and smacked her ass.
Soon he finished and cum in her ass and fell on her back. Mom was completely tired now but they were in no mood to let her go. Now Ramu and Gabar caught her legs and arms and took her to bed room where they all fucked her till morning and she was just lying under them like dead body and they were fucking her continuously in morning around 4 am.

They left and mom was so tired after two nights of back to back gang bang when I entered room I saw she was not conscious and completely drenched with sperms all over her body, face, boobs and dripping out of her pussy and asshole even I was feeling sl**py now and slept on mat at floor and entered into dream world.
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can you send me an invite to be friends so i can read your story 1.