huby organises gangbang

Hey horny people and I am Tanya Punjabi Slut 27 years old from Brisbane, Australia. I have been reading a lot of stories on ISS and thought to publish and share my best experience with you all. First of all, I will describe myself. Both me and my husband are always very horny and I love cocks our sex life is simply fantastic as we try different things all the time.

I am sexy and have been giving instant hard on to boys since last 4 years of our me and my husband Rohit, 29 years swinging life. My boobs size is 36B and I love men squeezing and playing with them. I always keep my pussy shaved as you may never know my mood to get fucked. My urge for sex is really high and I can go on and on for hours.

We have been too many sex parties where I have been fucked by every single guy present in the party except my husband as he was fucking other pussies. Let me share my Best Gang Bang ever happened 5 months ago where I was the only girl and 5 guys with their full attention on me. Rohit organised it as he loves sharing my holes with other guys and I love him for that.

We were planning for this from last couple of weeks and contacted my regular fuckers Vijay, Col, Sam and one of his friends Matt. Col initiated to have it at his place as his wife was out of town. Vijay picked us up from our place at around 7 pm and we were at Col’s place at 7:30pm. All other boys were waiting for us. Oops I forgot to tell you what I was wearing! I have a collection of short and sexy gowns.

Rohit chose a green and black one which gives ample view of my assets. It’s a short piece just below my butts with black lacey straps and quite deep neck from front and back. It was giving a good view of my boobies till my nipples. I was not wearing any bra or undies as it is a mere wastage of time to remove before and find after the bang. Vijay got an instant hard on when

I got in the car after reaching at Col’s place, I hugged and kissed every guy and they complimented on my partial naked body they squeezed my tits and butts while hugging which I loved and my pussy started getting wet. I suggested the boys to have a few drinks before playing as I love to get d***k before wild sex. I had 3 patiala pegs of Vodka and a Tequila shot within 30-45 minutes.

All boys were hot and ready to jump on me and use me for their sexual satisfaction. I was sitting on a chair and my naughty husband Rohit came from behind and removed the only cloth gown from my body. I was fully naked in front of 5 hungry boys. All other 4 boys were looking at me with lusty eyes when Rohit gave them an invitation to use me to their likings.

Col had already setup his lounge room with candles, rocking music and some nice and soft mattresses on the floor which made me mad. All I want now was a damn fucking lick and a hard core fuck. I asked Rohit to watch us to start with and then join in later they all got undressed and their semi erect cocks were in front of my eyes. I was so excited to taste them all.

All of them were all over me and started kissing me everywhere. Col and Vijay were playing with my tits, Sam started to rub my pussy, Matt was kissing my neck from behind and squeezing by butts simultaneously. My hands went to Vijay’s and Sam’s cocks and I started stroking them. They all carried me to the mattress and lied me on my back. Vijay spread my legs and started to tease me.

He was kissing and licking my inner thighs and going pass my pussy and not touching my pussy at all. I was getting mad as I wanted damn hard lick. I pulled his hair and brought his mouth closer to my pussy. I started moaning as he was so good with his tongue going in and out of my pussy. He licked me like a hungry dog and was pulling my clit in between. I was close to my first orgasm already at the same time

I caught hold of Sam and Matt dicks in my both hands. I took Sam’s first in my mouth and licked his balls and made his cock wet with my saliva. I was changing turns with them, sucking one and stroking other with my hand let me tell you that I am the best cock sucker in the world according to Rohit.

Col was playing with my tits he was squeezing and fondling them and was licking my hard nipples. I was on cloud nine and soon had my first orgasm and gave my love juices to Vijay. He hungrily licked all my juices. I was ready to take one of them in my pussy. Sam was hard with all my sucking and Vijay asked him to fuck me. I had my legs wide open for Sam & he inserted his 7” cock in one hit.

I was screaming as it gave me a little pain but was soon transferred into pleasure. He started giving me deep strokes while rubbing my clit with his fingers. I was enjoying the first dick of the night and moaning like a crazy bitch. I told all the guys that I am their slut and they should tear all my holes. Vijay came close to my mouth and I started licking his balls while stroking Matt’s cock.

Col was still playing with my boobs like a c***d wanting some milk from them. I think he is just crazy for boobs. Rohit was clicking some pictures while his horny wife (me) was getting banged & used by other boys. He is just so happy and crazy to share me, I am really lucky to have him. I love to share him too. Rohit captured the whole night in handy cam also while Sam was banging my pussy.

I was literally yelling to fuck me harder and faster, in between sucking 2 cocks (Matt and Vijay). I was on top of the world where I was being used by 4 hot men. Sam is bl**dy good at giving pussy jerks; he is a damn good fucker. I love the way he rubs my clit while fucking me in this position. This continued for about 20 minutes, but I was still hungry and same as the boys.

I then turned around and bent on my knees to suck Matt and Vijay’s cocks while Sam fucks me in doggy style. I made their dick and balls so wet. I took Vijay’s cock deep in my throat, still holding Matt’s dick in my hand doing to n fro. Sam was close to his orgasm and he released his cum in his condom what a waste, he could have cum in my mouth. Col then came and inserted his fingers and started to fuck me.

I will call these ‘magic fingers he was fucking terrific then all 4 boys made me stand up against the wall. Col started squeezing my boobs, Matt started slamming and rubbing my butts, Sam gave me a wet long smooch whereas naughty Vijay was rubbing his cock on my clit and pussy. It was an awesome feeling where I was surrounded by 4 sexy boys touching and playing with every single part of my body.

Rohit could not film my body in this position as I was not visible this continued for about 20 minutes. I desperately needed another drink as I said above, I fucking enjoy sex when I am d***k. I alone had another 2 tequila shots after having shots; I was again on my knees surrounded by still horny and hungry 5 boys Rohit joined in now. I was sucking cocks while stroking others. It was like a dream come true, credit goes to dear Rohit.

He told all the boys that I am a whore and to use me like a slut. I asked Vijay to lie down on his back so that I can show my talent in horse riding in this position my clit gets rubbed while I am on top doing too and fro or up and down as Vijay was already hard so I jumped over his cock facing him and it was deep in my pussy in one thurst. I started riding him really hard and fast, while he was moving his hips, in between kissing and sucking his lips and exchanging saliva.

I ordered Matt to bring some lube and apply around my anal. I always wanted to have dp ’double penetration. It was going to be for the first time. He applied the lube and I asked him to insert his hard cock slowly in my ass hole. He inserted his tip in and stopped for a while. I asked him to push a bit more, slowly and steadily whole of his 7” was in my anal. I asked the boys to fuck me slowly to start with and increase the pace as I get used to it. Rohit inserted his cock in my mouth.

Wow, imagine guys, my all 3 holes were getting banged. OMG, honestly every girl should try this once in their life. I saw Col & Sam stroking their dicks. I asked them to come closer to me so that I can stroke them, bl**dy this position made me multi-tasking. I was on top of the world, believe me guys, bl**dy awesome. I apparently enjoyed anal more than pussy being fucked.

This went on for another 20 minutes where I had multiple orgasms as Matt was fucking me without a condom in my anal, he discharged his load in my hole and I really enjoyed that unique sensation then Vijay’s position was taken by Rohit (I had my dearest hubby’s cock in my pussy first time during that night). He asked Col to insert his in my anal as I could go on and on for the whole night.

His massive and thick cock was about to fuck my anal on my husband’s order. It hurt me a bit to begin with but Matt’s fuck had widened my hole a bit. It took me only a few seconds to get used to it and I asked him to go harder and faster while we were fucking, Matt had cleaned up and left. Rohit was off my pussy and Col was banging my ass hole like a dog holding my hair and slamming my butts while.

I was sucking Sam and Vijay simultaneously. Col almost tore my ass hole as he fucked me so hard for 15 min and shot his load in my anal. The other 3 boys were ready to cum and I got on my knees and asked them to cum on my face so that I can taste them. Sam was the first to shot his load while I had my mouth wide open for him. I took my tongue out and licked his dick clean.

Vijay was next and he shot his cum deep down my throat which I swallowed it all. These boys tasted really nice. Rohit took me to the lounge and made me bent like a bitch and inserted his cock in my pussy giving me deep and hard strokes. He fucked me madly calling me a slut, whore and bitch for 10 min and filled my pussy with his thick cum, shot loads and loads of hot sperm in my pussy. It felt so good. We then relaxed for 10-15 min and then went for cleanup.

We rested for next 30 min and had some drinks. Guess what? Boys were ready again for the 2nd round. I was used again all over again in all my holes. It went on until 2 in the night after finishing, we left for our place and Vijay dropped us back home. My dear hubby suggested him to sl**p with us overnight and use the randi whole night. I am sure you all can imagine that how I was banged and used another story which I will share with you next time. I hope you liked my gang bang and please leave your comments at
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