Threesome With Friends Mommy

I am Raju and I’m 22 years guy lives with my mother Rekha. My Father had passed away when I was just 9 years. My mom is very beautiful lady. Although she is 42 years in age but she looks like 32 years only. She is 5.2 tall, extra fair complexions and her figure is 42-32-36. She looks dam sexy in sari low at navel and off sleeves blouse with deep cut in neck.

We got house of our own at dehradun with two bed room and one drawing cum dining room although our room is separate from mom but now I sl**p in her room as we have deep sexual relations for last few months. I had a fast friend Vishal. He lives with her mom alone as his father is in abroad for last six months. I had fucked his mom Seema and last Sunday we fuck my mom Rekha.

I use to go his home and I had fucked Seema many more times. He had also fucked Rekha few times when I was out of home once Vishal came to me and ask me to make some plan so that he could fuck his mom. I say ok and make some plan. Next day I went to his home and meet Seema. She was in the kitchen. I reach behind and huge she and I press her boobs.

I ask her to get ready tomorrow morning to be fucked as 2-3 days had passed without having sex. She says ok and I leave her and came back to college and meet Vishal. I tell him about my plan and ask him to do as I say. We got one closer friend Deepak. He was also standing near to us. He asks us what we are discussing but I say him that you can’t share in this matter and say him to tell later.

Although Deepak is a close friend but he lives with his father and one married elder s****r. She had married one year before but she is living with them due to some f****y problem as his mother had passed away. Next day morning I reach to Vishal home at 9 am. He had leaved his home but he is waiting for me at some distance.

I meet him, he tell me that his mom had gone to have shower. I spend some time with him, I ask him to come back to home after some time and move to his home. I reach his home and knock his door, Seema open door with a sweet smile. She had just come after having shower and she is in towel gown, her hairs are still dropping and some drops are running on her face even.

I got inside and huge her to lift high in the air and I kiss on her face lick all drops of water and ultimately I gave a long kiss on her lips. I slide my tong in her mouth and suck her lips. I left after some time, she ask me to close door and move to her bed room. I turn and shut the door but let it unbolt and follow her to bedroom. I go closer to her and pull string of her gown, put my hands on her shoulder and took off her gown.

She was in a printed bra panty set. She unzip my pant, pull hand on my cock and rub it hard. She was too horny that moment. I took off my T-Shirt, she unbutton my pant and pull my panty down to floor. She guide me to sit on the edge of bed, she kneel down and hold my cock. I put my hands on her shoulder, she start licking my cock and squeezing my eggs gently. I put hands on her back and unhook her bra, slide it down.

I press her boobs, her boobs are quit big and hard even. I squeeze her nipple, she mourn in pleasure. I saw Vishal came in room silently and she was having back towards door. He opens his zip and took his erected cock in his hand and slowly he came close to his mom. Seema feel some one at her back, she turn back to see. She is surprise to see her son standing behind her, he ask us to let him join also.

She turn to me again and look at me as if she was asking that what to do. I shook my head to give her sign to carry on, she got my signal and she get normal. She turns to Vishal and holds his cock, rub his cock and say how big you had grown up my son. He unbutton his shirt and throw it to floor, lift Seema to stand and reply darling don’t say me son either call me friend or lover. He holds her face, start kissing her face and down to her boobs.

I also stand behind her, hold her waist slide down her panty and rub her trimmed hips. She kneel down and hold our cocks in her both hand, we came more closer and she starting licking both the cock one by one. I lift her to stand push her to sit on the edge of the bed, he get up on bed and kneel down by the side of her and took hold on her boobs.

I was standing right in front of her, my erected cock was inviting her to suck. He was busy in pressing her milky boobs, she hold my cock, take in her mouth and shaking even. After some time I took out my cock from her mouth, bent on her start sucking her boobs and I was pressing her boobs even. She turns her face to Vishal and start sucking his cock. She was mourning in pleasure.

I push her more to lay now my hands are pressing her boobs and squeezing her nipples. My tong was licking all her navel and tummy. She was busy in sucking his cock and her hands are slipping on his hips and eggs. I lift her legs and put on the edge of bed, spread her legs and lower my tong to her pussy. She was mourning loud after some time we change our position, now he was sucking her pussy and pressing her boobs.

I came close to her face, she hold my cock and start sucking my cock. Vishal made her pussy all wet and he stand and put his one leg on edge of bed and put his cock on her pussy. He gives some pressure to his cock and it insert half in her pussy. She moans in cry and hold my waist tightly. He again gives more pressure and his full cock was now in her pussy. He starts slipping his cock in and out of her pussy.

He raises his speed and start stroking hard. She was flying high in sex storm. He continue his strokes for some time than took out his cock, we exchange out position. I get down from bed and take charge on her pussy and he came close to her face and start pressing her boobs. I put cock on her pussy and press it to insert in her pussy slowly my cock pond deep in her pussy.

I start my strokes, after some time I was stroking her hard. She was mourning loud in pleasure. My full length cock disappears in her pussy on each stroke. Her boobs are shaking at every jerk. She was trembling; she is cuming her pussy got all wet, now she was begging to stop for some time. I slow down my strokes to stop. She controls her breaths and I got up on bed and sit on the head of bed.

I lift Seema and kiss her face and she put her arms on my thighs. I hold her boobs and press them and she licks my cock. She is now in doggy style. Vishal go behind her, hold her hips and lick her pussy well. He put two of his finger in her pussy and shakes her pussy. He knee down and put his cock on her pussy, gave a sudden jerk and his cock pond in her pussy.

She was not prepared for jerk so she came more forward and my cock hit her throat. She moans to cry and he got crazy and hitting her pussy hard by his cock. His strokes are much harder than before. Seema mourning in pleasure and asking to fuck her hard as deep as he can and she holds my waist tightly but even my cock goes deeper in her mouth at every jerk.

He is mourning and saying Seema my sweet heart I will fuck you as hard as you want and keep on his strokes after some time he tremble and he shot his load in her pussy. He takes out his cock from her pussy and came to take my position. She lifts her towel gown which is lying on bed and put on her pussy. She cleans her pussy well and makes it dry again.

I take his position and put two fingers in her pussy, her pussy is burning like oven. I hold her hips; I put my cock on her pussy and gave a hard jerk to enter my full cock in one time. She mourn to cry. Vishal hold her boobs and she was licking his semi erected cock. I start stroking her pussy hard by my cock. I got crazy, I got mad and I was trying to stroke her fast and fast.

I was fucking her as hard as I can and slapping her hip as well after some time I tremble and eject my load in her pussy. I keep on stroking her pussy till I eject my last drop of my load; I take out my cock from her pussy and bent on her back. I take control on my breaths. Vishal give me a signal to go and have shower. I got up and collect my cloths and go to bathroom.

I came back after having shower, I look at Vishal, his cock is now erected again. I ask them to let me go. Vishal and Seema say thanks to give her a good sex partner they came to door to see off me, they are still nude and Seema was holding Vishal cock in her hand to let it erected. Seema gave me a hard kiss on my lips and say bye. Friends tell me how you like this story.
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