Birthday Gift To Mom

this is Krishnan once again after a long time gap, from Chennai. It has become one and a half year since I posted my last story - Mom mercilessly fucked by me. During this one and a half year I fucked my mom at least thrice a week and she became pregnant two times, she abortion both time. First I want to introduce myself and the characters in the story for those who are all reading my stories for the first time. I am Krishnan finished MBA, the characters in the story are; my beautiful mom Sitha, she is a homemaker, 42 yrs of age but she looks much younger and her structure is 34DD-32-42. Two years back her structure is 34DD-28-38, her butt size increased 4 inches, I think it is due to vigorous fucking by me. Talking about the structure, previously I got it wrong, recently I found out about how the bra sizes are measured. I think most of u has this doubt, here is an explanation for your understanding. The smallest band size (size in inches just below boobs) is 28. From there it goes 30, 32, 34, 36...The smallest cup size (boobs size) is AA. Smallest to biggest: AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, H..

Radha is a widow, age 38 one of the servant in our house, she is also beautiful. Her structure is 38G-34-44, two years back her structure is 38DD-32-40. In mom and Radha’s body the part I love is their boobs and I always used to tell them that I want to taste breast milk. Ramesh and Prabhakar are other two servants in our house. This story is the continuation of previous stories, so pls do read my previous stories (Servant fucked by servants, Servants banged my beautiful mommy, Dream came true with maid Radha & Mom mercilessly fucked by me) to better understand this story.

The happy news is Radha became mom for a healthy girl c***d within a year after her husband death, so it doesn’t created any problem. But when Radha was found one month pregnant after three months of her husband death, it created a doubt in my mom’s mind and she was sure that her cause for pregnancy is Ramesh and Prabhakar, So to confirm this she one day called Radha to make her to tell the truth without any of our knowledge. When she asked Radha she refused to say anything, my mom became angry and she threatened to throw her out. Now Radha became very much scared and told everything like my affair with her, my plan to let my mom being fucked by Ramesh and Prabhakar and she also told that Ramesh and Prabhakar don’t know about me fucking Radha and mom. Mom was shocked to hear the nasty things about me.

Next day morning while we were having our breakfast, my mom was looking me in different way, as I didn’t find Radha since morning, I asked mom about Radha. For that she asked me “why do you want to fuck her morning itself?” I was shocked to hear those words and then I tried to divert the topic. For that she told “don’t try too much, Radha told me everything about your affair with her and you letting Ramesh and Prabhakar to fuck me”. After that for a minute I was silent and don’t know what to tell her, interestingly she didn’t looked angry. I myself gathered guts and said “I made them to fuck you because I just want to make you enjoy a most incredible sex and I will make you to enjoy many more incredible sex in future also” she was stunned to hear these words from me, then silently I left the place.

After that incident I didn’t talked to my mom and Radha much. After a week my mom came to my room and said “I accept that u gave me incredible fuck and u will give it in future also”. I was happy to hear those words and she asked me why I fucked Radha, I told my liking towards her since 18. Then she asked Radha to come in and said here is your Radha u can fuck her also, I became very happy. And mom asked Radha how many times I and Ramesh & Prabhakar used to fuck her, Radha told that I will fuck once a week and Ramesh & Prabhakar will fuck atleast four times a week, Mom was shocked and said that Radha you really are one horny lady.

I want to live my mom one incredible sex on her birthday which was three and a half month away, but I didn’t have any idea. I don’t want to fuck my mom till her birthday and even I don’t want to make Ramesh and Prabhakar fuck her. My mom asked why I’m fucking only Radha and not her. As I want to give her a surprise fucking gift, I told that as Radha is pregnant and cannot be fucked after some days, so I want to fuck her for my satisfaction. My mom always wants to help poor people, so on her birthday she wanted to do some good to the poor people. One Friday We went to the temple and after worshipping I asked my mom to wait near the gate as I will bring the car from the parking area. While I was driving towards my mom I found that she was surrounded by beggars she gave them some money and I noticed that most of the male beggars are watching her huge assets in a very lustful way.

My mom used to keep the hanky in front folding of her saree and it fell down and one beggar took that without her knowledge and after she came into car I noticed those beggars are sniffing her hanky and they were fighting for hanky. Then my mind started to think cunningly. Next day I went to those beggars and gave them some money and asked them to make sure that their health is fine. They were confused, I asked them to take medical checkup but they showed no interest, I took 3 male beggars along with me to the hospital and I asked the doctor to do HIV tests for them. Doctor told that result will arrive only after 3 months.

After that I advised them not to have sex till the results arrive and to make them not to have sex, I told that there is some sort of competition going on, for which they will get bumper prize after the results arrive. If they have sex in these three months means it will be found out in other test and then u will not receive any prize. For that they told that they were very much bored to fuck the ugly ladies out there, so we can control our urges. But to make sure, after a month I sent one beautiful prostitute to them for fucking for free without their knowledge, but they refused to fuck her.

Finally the HIV result arrived and it showed that there is no HIV, my plan almost succeeded. Then my beautiful mom’s birthday also arrived, on the early morning itself me and mom went to the temple and immediately after getting out of car I noticed that those three beggars were looking at my mom lustfully. I asked my mom to go into the temple, those beggars came to me and asked about the bumper prize they were going to receive. I showed my mom who was going towards the temple and asked do you want her bumper, their face turned bright and said sure. Then I asked them to be ready in an hour.

After dropping my mom in home and I picked those 3 beggars and reached home. On that day all the servants were on leave and as usual my dad was also on business trip, so it was only my mom, me and 3 beggars in home. When I brought the beggars into home, mom was irritated and asked me why they were in our house. I took mom to her room and said they are her birthday gift, she was shocked and started to scold me.

I made her to calm down and asked “do you want to do some good to the poor people?” she said yes. I said it is the best thing that she can give to them, and they never fucked beautiful women from high class and no one can give this kind of gift to them except her. After some argument she somewhat calmed down and asked what if they had AIDS or something. For that I gave her their HIV test result. She sat on the bed silently, and then I asked will you give them what they want. She looked at me and said nothing, I understood that before she changes her mind they should start fucking.

Then I called the beggars into the bedroom, showed my mom and said “here is your bumper prize”. I went out to the balcony, where I used to watch. Slowly beggars started to touch my mom, mom looked still she was in shock and slowly she turned towards them. One beggar said “madam thank you for everything because no one is going to give this kind of opportunity” she said it’s ok. The beggars looked very sticky and unclean which made my mom uncomfortable.

Name of the beggars are Renga, Mari and Muthu. Among them Renga was a well built men and looks somewhat ok, Mari looked very ugly with some stains in his teeth and Muthu is short and fat fellow. All of them were in between 35-45. Renga was the one leading them, he started to kiss my mom’s eyes, nose, neck, etc. Muthu stood behind my mom and started to feel her boobs and mari sat down and started to feel her legs, mom slowly started to make herself comfortable with them.

Renga started to kiss her on lips, my mom also respond to him by crawling her hand behind Renga’s back, Mari started to fondle her boobs over the blouse and fondled her navel in the other, he kissed her bare back and neck. Muthu got into the saree and started to kiss her thighs and felt her pussy over her panties. This continued for some five minutes and then they exchanged positions. When Mari came to kiss her lips, mom little bit hesitated because his mouth looked that much ugly, without waiting for her reaction Mari immediately locked his lips with hers and holded her head tight from behind and kissed her for almost 10 minutes, my mom also responded to him. Now her chemistry with them was very good.

Then Mari asked my mom, “madam shall I remove your pallu”, for that she told, I’m yours for this full day, so you all can do whatever you want and don’t call me Madam, call me Sitha. These words made them very happy and they removed her pallu, they were amazed to see her mountain like boobs, her cleavage and her deep navel. Then they started to kiss her all over the body and then Mari removed her blouse and saw a black bra which was finding it difficult to hold her huge melons, immediately they released the melons also. Those beggars were amazed to see such a lovely boobs which a having a dark areole, which is 5cms in diameter.

Then they went crazy and started to suck and bite her breast one by one, mom closed her eyes and started to enjoy their acts despite of their ugliness. Now my beautiful mom is standing in black panties in front of three ugly beggars. Finally Renga removed the panties, they were much more delighted to see a cleanly shaved pink pussy and my mom is standing like a sex goddess in front of a 3 beggars and then they undressed themselves fully.
There was a shock for my mom and for me as well, because among the three it was Muthu’s cock which was unbelievably big and fat as well, who was short and fat. Others cock was somewhat small compared to Muthu’s. Mari’s cock was ugliest among all. All are in front of her face with the monsters in their hands. Renga asked her to hold and kiss his cock, she did as said. The kiss of her hot, spongy lips made him moan offf.... damn hot ur lips are he cried with passion.

Take it in and suck it nicely Sitha, while other two was looking at Renga’s face expression. He made to hold her other hand his big monster cock and started fondling her stiff nipples. Renga’s cock was also big that she struggled to take half inside but she was professional in blow job and managed to take a 3/4th deep inside her throat and now with other hand she was massaging Muthu’s big cock. Slowly Muthu and Mari’s hands cupped her both the melons and started squeezing it hard. Mom wants to cry with pain but no way for the sounds to go out from her mouth. Her eyes were red and tears rolled through her chin.

She was sucking in complete rhythm bearing all the pain, Renga suddenly with a quick push inserted his full length in her throat. Her eyes bulged out and face becomes red, after giving some strokes inside her throat, then he released his first thick load in her throat which went in her stomach directly. Renga was moaning argghhh... ah..... oooofff... what a sexy blower she is and kept his cock inside for some time, then took out, a long stream of his sperms and her saliva hanged from her mouth to his cock. His cock didn’t remain still in the same erection. Others were happy that Renga had finished as they were waiting for their turn.

As soon as Renga removed his cock, Muthu showed his cock in front of her face which is very big and certainly smelled disgusting, I can understood this by my mom’s expression, I thought that my mom will not take that cock in her mouth, but to my surprise she holded that ugly big cock and guided to her mouth, which was a big mistake. She could not take it fully as it was an abnormal size but Muthu was forcing hard holding her head from the back. She waved her hands in no signal but Muthu want that to go in her complete.

She cried bitterly but sounds were muffled only her .nnnnnn........m.mmmmmmm....annnnn........ were coming out. In the mean time Mari was squeezing both her boobs hard with his hands biting her nipples senselessly by watching her sexy face and sexy moanings coming out of her mouth. Mom inspite of her severe pain moved her head here and there trying to pull her head away but all went in pain. Muthu won in the struggle and his monster cock was completely in her throat with a loud cry from his mouth yeahhhhhhhhh......

Her throat was swelled upto her chin and eye balls dropped out from the eyes, she kept beating the ground with both the hands. Muthu was still for a while without any movement and then slowly pulled out his cock. She gasped some air and coughed a while, again Muthu pushed in completely. Then he started moving his hips like flash in and out with great f***e and speed. She holded his laps and he was riding hard and hard in her mouth. In the mean time Renga started to eat her pussy and bite her thighs which created more struggle. Her body started shivering but no pity in any of those eyes, nicely mouth fucked and shot his loads after loads in her.

All she could do is to swallow them, Muthu was happy to realease his first shot and started giving jerks again without any stop. Mari said, enough Muthu she is ours for a day and we have other holes in her body. Muthu took out his cock, immediately mom pushed mari and renga and got up and asked “are u all insane, I almost died” for that Mari told, ‘but u are not dead Sitha” and then they asked to lick and clean Muthu’s dick, for that she gave a very angry look. Immediately Mari kissed her lips and said, sitha you are the only one who can give this experience to us, these words calmed her down, then she licked to clean the sperms in muthu’s cock.

Then they made her stand, Renga and Muthu took one melon each in their mouth, Mari made my mom to extend her leg to get a good view of her pussy and started to suck it. Renga and Muthu bitted, nibbled and chewed her boobs like small babies drinking milk from the breast, Mari to make her aroused started to tease and bite her clitoris in her pussy, these babies have got big strong teeth’s which hurted her, but she controlled to make them happy, she just moaned and cried with pleasure and pain.

While sucking the pussy Mari caressed her both the holes which made her moan louder with more feelings. After a few minutes of boobs sucking they started to massage and crush her boobs with their fingers. Her chest was swelled with some marks of their teeth’s and was jiggling like huge water balls. Mari still bite her clitoris which made her week to stand on her legs and fell down, even then he didn’t let her go he continued to bite her clitoris which resulted in her first huge orgasm. They laughed and said now your boobs and pussy look good, her hard boobs were made soft as milk cream.

Mari said, now we are going to fuck you Sitha. In this round we want you to make the choice that is which cock in which hole, you can tell this. Mom was little bit worried of taking any of this in any holes as she was not mentally prepared for such long cocks. Cocks she took in all her life till now were smaller when compared to any of those cocks. After a minute of thinking, she told Mari – Mouth, Muthu – Pussy and Renga – Ass.

She guessed that definitely if Muthu put his one in her ass first means it will be torn. So she accepted the Renga’s cock in her Ass as it can somewhat try to accommodate his Cock. And at the same time she want to give Mari a very nice blow job in return for her great orgasm she ever had. Now they all were happy as they also wanted the same holes to be ploughed by them first. They again made her stand, widened her legs, Muthu knelt in front between her spread legs and Renga went back, knelt in between her ass. Muthu holded her thighs apart and inserted his tongue in her sexy juicy pussy and started licking it. In the back Renga holded her tight ass parted it and started licking her asshole.

Mom was completely aroused of this double action, she moaned louder and louder Mari put his cock near her mouth by standing on the table, she holded the most ugly cock tight and started to suck 3/4th of the cock which is inside her mouth. All her pain was disappeared and her both the hands started fondle heads of those licking dogs as well. She was moaning in pleasure with Mari’s cock in her mouth mmmmmm.. ...unhhhhhnhnn. ..mmmmmm and again her pussy began to flow with her hot juices. Muthu was eagerly swallowing all of this sexy ladies juice.

Muthu was abusing my mom, bitch you are soooo... tasty that i will eat your pussy and then told to others that she is ready for the ride of her life. Then they inserted one finger in the tight holes and made it fully lubricant so that she could not get hurt in the first time itself. Then they inserted two fingers inside her holes and fucked for some time. She screamed with little pain oeeeeee..... but Mari holded her head tightly towards his cock.

Both of them finished their job and stood up, now Mari was about to reach the climax, mom holded his cock very tightly so it made him to last for some more time and while ejaculating he struggled a lot and finally while cumming he pushed his cock all the way inside her mouth and made her to swallow all his cum. Now they watched her face and eyes, they were very lusty. They made her lean with her back on the bed and Muthu parted her pussy bent down and licked it again for sometime, inserted his two fingers and gave a finger fuck. Mom realized that he is ready to dig her pussy, she saw with pity in the eyes of Renga and Mari. Renga noted her position and convinced her dont worry sexy Sitha, he is a nice fucker.

Just a little pain in the starting and then you will be in heaven. She somewhat convinced herself and tried to tell something, but her words were blocked by Renga’s cock. She turned her head and waved his hand saying to be gentle...... but Muthu enjoyed her afraid eyes and laughed loudly, hold her waist tightly with his hands, placed the head of the cock right at the opening of her pussy. Mari was squeezing and fondling her boobs while Renga fucking her in mouth, Juices were flowing continuously from her vagina. Muthu started pressing her waist towards his cock and his cock to her pussy. With a loud shout aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann....arrrrrrrrrrr......he slided his cock inside her with a huge thrust.

Only half his cock was inside, Mom cried with pain aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn........ her mouth wide opened, her eye balls bulged out and black round went up showing complete white balls of eye turned to red with pain due to the severe pain she bitted Renga’s cock in her mouth and he too panted in pain aaaaaa.aa............ u bitchhhhhhh.............. The area was filled with a loud sound like a bomb blasted.

Muthu did not showed any pity and started going in and out, after some 10 strokes his cock was fully inside my mom, while Renga pulled his cock out of her mouth. Tears were flowing continuously from her eyes some bl**d oozed from her pussy. A pinching pain in her pussy walls made her almost u*********s but the f***eful strokes of Muthu was not allowing her to go u*********s also. Her eyes were half closed like someone fully d***ken and bite her lower lips.

Muthu kept going in and out his full foot length cock, after fucking her for half an hour slowly he found the walls of round small pussy was relaxing and got stretched. At the same time my mom started moving her waist and again started sucking Renga’s cock in passion. She started moaning in pleasure again which made satisfied three beggars, that she is now ok. She looked at them with lust that she wanted more. Mari went below the table and started to insert his finger in her ass. Then he started to finger fuck her.

Mom was gasping air bearing all the internal deep pain like this for the first time. After a fifteen minutes of fuck he pulled his cock out completely, bl**d started flowing from her pussy. Then he again inserted it completely in and started moving his hips to and fro in a slow and steady motion. By the time Renga also started ramping her mouth slowly. The sounds like ummmmmm..... anhh...... were coming out of her mouth. She had totally lost her conscious of what she was doing, this made her pussy go crazy and started moving her hips to and fro in rhythm. After fucking her slowly for 15 minutes he saw her vagina was stretched nicely so he pulled it out.

At the same time Renga also pulled his cock from her mouth and get down from the bed. But Mari was still playing with her ass, boobs and navel like a c***d, mom also encouraged him by caressing his head. Now they started to change the position. Now its Renga’s turn to ramp her ass. He spread her legs wide opened and took the position in between her legs with his erected long cock in the hand. Muthu inserted his cock in her mouth which was mixed with his precum and her juices, she loved that mixture, ate all and started sucking with great pleasure and Mari started to bite and fondle her swelled boobs and played with her belly button. She was ready for everything now and started sucking Muthu’s long black cock nicely. Renga placed the head of his cock in the opening of her tiny pink asshole.

Holded her waist firmly and pushed his cock with a wild f***e. He made a harsh sound aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh.......due to the solid tightness of her little ass. At the same time mom made a loud cry aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ..........rrrrr.... with her mouth stretched up to her ears inspite of the big cock in her mouth and her eyes almost popped out. But Renga’s cock was just 3/4th the way inside her pussy and she started to shiver due to the unbearable pain in her ass, then after some slow strokes his cock fully entered her tight asshole. He holded for some time, bl**d oozed from the side walls of her ass. In the mean time Mari brought some ice cubes and ice water and poured it on her pussy.

This sent a shocking wave inside her body and it made her pussy to shiver in cold and it little bit shrinked her pussy. Then Mari Started to suck her pussy vigorously, this act made her more aroused and started to push her ass to meet the renga’s cock, this act continued for some fifteen minutes and yet again my mom had a shivering orgasm. Mari d***k all her pussy juice. Both Muthu and Renga looked exhausted but my mom didn’t. So they lied down on the floor. Now it is Mari’s turn to fuck my mom. He said that he was now happy, mom asked why, Mari said “now it is only u and me”. Mom smiled and welcomed him to fuck her with a great passionate lip kiss.

Mari made mom to lie on the edge of the bed and placed his cock on the edge of her ass and slowly started to penetrate his cock in my mom’s ass, though she was fucked by Renga in her ass, she found it difficult to accommodate his cock, it is because Mari’s cock is little bit fatter than that of Renga’s. In contrast to other two Mari was very passionate towards fucking mom, after several strokes he got inside mom, the strokes slowly stretched her asshole. He fell on her for a minute and he started to fuck her in a great pace, she enjoyed the fuck thoroughly as her moan said it all mmmmyessssssss…. Uhhhhyyyyesssss….. llllikkethatttttt… fuckkkkkk…. It…. After some twenty minutes of fucking. Mari pulled his cock out and bl**d slightly oozed out of her asshole.

They all were very tired and they rested for some fifteen minutes. Mom lied on the bed and 3 of them were lying down. They discussed something and Muthu asked mom, Sitha why don’t we try some new position, as mom was ready for all, she said yes. This is the biggest mistake she committed because that position is going to fuck the hell out of her. Mari lied on the edge of the table and asked to sit on his cock, without much difficulties Mari’s cock entered her pussy, she wanted the nice fucking to be continued so she moved her hips up and down fucked herself, then he made mom to lie on him. After that Renga came behind her and placed his cock towards her, mom thought that he was going to penetrate in her ass, but he started to penetrate in her pussy.

She wanted to say something but was muffled by the mouth of Mari. He locked her mouth with his mouth and started sucking it harshly. Renga started moving his hips back and fro quickly, as he settled down to rhythm. Renga started his ride stroking his back up and down. In a fraction of minutes mom was drowned in passion river making sounds ummmmmm...... anhhhhhhhhhh. ..fu ck..... ....hard morrrrree.... then came the real hell, Muthu stood on the table and placed his cock on the entrance of her ass hole. Mom was terrified and tried to scream but Mari holded her head tight for a kiss.

Somehow she released her mouth and said please don’t do that. Mari told her “just bear a pain for little time and u said that u are completely ours today and more over this is our only chances please satisfy us”. She bit her teeth and murmured you guys are shutting my mouth by this point every time. Then she said please Muthu please be slow, as it will hurt a lot. Now they were happy and Muthu slowly started to enter her hole. It created a huge pain to my beautiful mom but she was somewhat able to control her pain. After 20 minutes of struggle mom’s hole accepted Muthu’s cock completely in. Then all the four lied motionless for a minute in a position of mari lying on the table on his back mom lying on mari, Muthu lying on mom’s back and renga standing infront of the table.

Then slowly they started to move their cocks inside mom’s pussy and ass, after some two minutes of fucking they all looked comfortable and mom also started enjoying. Then slowly three of them increased their speed and they started stroking with full f***e. The speed made my mom scream like bitch eeeaaa... ann....... haaa..... oooooooo.... mmaaaaaaaa... anhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm....... ummmmmmmmm... unnnnnnnnaaaaaananan .......... eeeeeeee.... oooooeeeeeeee...... yaaaaa...... her sexy voice was giving them more power and their cocks began to grow in her holes ready to be filled.

After 30 minutes of fucking one by one shot their heavy gallons of loads in her holes. She moaned ahhhhhhhhhh....... dont t.....ake..... out..... please........unnnnnnnn anhmmmm ....... They took their cocks out after draining their cum deep in her holes and saw their cums oozing out of her holes mixed with her juice and bl**d. Mari took the oozing cum of them and swallowed some and spit some in her mouth, she also swallowed those. On seeing all this I cummed myself. Both of them liked the taste of the mixture. Mom was tired enough, but beggars cock didn’t loose its rigidness and they were ready for another round. Now they changed positions. My beautiful mom was not prepared to another round but she was convinced and fucked asusual.

After that till morning they fucked her asshole and pussy continuously in turn by turn and in various positions without any break, because they don’t want to miss the golden opportunity. She lost her consciousness sometimes but their hard fuck made her to come again to conscious. But she thoroughly enjoyed this incredible fuck. Next morning when they got ready to go, she gave them a very good blow job, they all cummed deep inside her pussy and I’m sure that their cum must filled her entire womb and I’m sure that their sperm will penetrate her egg.

Then I dropped them in the temple and gave them some money, but they returned the money and said it was the happiest day, so they don’t want the money. When I returned home I saw mom was just out from shower and she was finding it very difficult to walk, then she gave me a hug and said thank you for your wonderful birthday present. And she said that she will also give me a very good birthday gift for me on my birthday.
To be continued…….
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