Hi friends and I am Sahil 30 years and my wife is Snehal 28 years. We have been married 5 years before we haven’t planned any baby yet. Snehal is a typical Punjabi women, she resembles very much to actress Juhi chawla. The only thing is that Snehal is having huge 40 size boobs and our sex life is normal,

Snehal is a very horny women, she knows how to satisfy a men according to me I think she can satisfy 4 to 5 men at a time. She loves sucking, licking, and wild sex. She is having one weak point, if someone will put his tongue in to her pussy then she becomes uncontrollable and at that time if 10 men’s will also fuck her then she will allow 10 men’s to fuck her and I was having an old fantasy to fuck her with someone and see a satisfaction of fuck on her face but she always pretends herself a very honest and one man women kind of wife in front of me.

Basically we are from Surat and recently I got transferred to Pune as we don’t have any k**s, Snehal wanted to work somewhere as she got bored in the house whole day. So I spoke to one of my friend from surat who was in Pune and working as an operations Manager in a leading international call centre after an initial interview, on the recommendation of my friend, Snehal got the Job but she has to complete her paid training of 1 month.

There was a 30 days training schedule given by company. The training batch consists of 8 women’s and 20 men’s. After one week of training on Sunday for some extra training session the trainer Sushant called three women’s Snehal my wife (28 years) , Anita (32 years) and Payal 30 years along with 5 guys Sandip(21 yrs), Irshad (20 yrs), Joseph (21 yrs), Karan (19 yrs), Rahul (20 yrs).

The strangest thing in this special training was that, the total women’s were 8 in the training but Sushant called only the married women’s among them and on the other side sushant called only 5 guys among 20 guys and the strangest thing here was that, the all 5 guys were the youngest and Body builder among the 20 guys. That day Snehal wore a nice deep necked, sleeveless, red coloured salwar suit along with red coloured thong and bra.

She was looking damn sexy every man could get erection by looking at her. At sharp 11 am cab came to pick her. That day her training shift was 12 to 10 when Snehal reached there, all of them were already arrived, she tooked her seat beside Karan. Anita and Payal was also looking stunning, Aanita worn a black coloured transparent saree with backless blouse and Payal was wearing Jeans and a sexy spaghetti.

After two hour of training, Sushant asked peon to bring snacks and soft drink. After that Snacks party. Sushant kept an Idea of playing game truth or Dare. All 9 players including Sushant seated in the circle. Snehal is sitting between Payal and Karan. The bottle Spinned for the first time and it pointed towards Irshad. He tooked dare and Rahul gave him dare to kiss the ass of the person sitting to his left. So Sandip was sitting there. He immediately opened his pants and shows his ass to irshad

Irshad kissed his ass now Second Spin its Sushant this tim he choose Truth. Joseph asked a question that if sushant get a chance to lick pussy of one women among Snehal, Anita and Payal so to whom do you lick? All the three womens got shocked with the question but smiling looking at each other. Sushant answered that he will love to smell and lick the pussy of Snehal.

By this answer Snehal was completely wet and aroused, she was in 7th heaven by thinking of it. Third Spin it’s Rahul this time. So Irshad was happy because it was a revenge time for irshad. Rahul took dare. Irshad asked Him to open his pants and underwear and sit naked. Rahul started removing his pants and then underwear when he removed his underwear every one shocked looking at his tool of around 9 inches.

All three women’s surely got wet in their panties. Fourth spin it was Payal.. She tooked Dare Joseph told her to kiss Snehal on her lips for one minute. Payal went near Snehal and started kissing her passionately while kissing, Snehal started creasing boobs of Payal. Fifth Spin it Joseph now. He took Truth Anita asked him that, did he fucked someone in his f****y, if yes whom and how?

Joseph answered yes he Fucked his mom. He was 18 years old and the only k** of his parents. He belongs to Goa and his father is working in cruise. So he will be out for 9 months in the year one night my mom was missing my father and so she started drinking wine and crying when I saw her crying I went near her and hugged her with sympathy.

She looks like Zeenat aman and having huge boobs, so when i hugged her I feel the softness of her boobs. I got hard on in my pants and she noticed that. I sit on sofa and put her head on my lap so that she will sl**p but, she unzipped my pants and started sucking my dick, That day and till now we fucks each other even my 4 year old b*****r is not my b*****r but my son.

I don’t like using condoms, so I fuck my mom without condoms and I fill moms cunt every time with my sperms. She loves to be filled by me. Once my father was at home for fifteen days, he fucks my mom every night when at home. Immediate the day when my father left for cruise my mom get menses. I was very disappointed, because from past fifteen days due to my father I haven’t fucked my mom and I wanted to fuck her anyhow.

So without any hesitation and without any protection with all bl**d around I fucked my mom. That day mom told me that she got much pleasure and organism than other days. Next month we were waiting for her menses for a pleasure fuck again but she missed that. So we went to a doctor, doctor confirmed that she is pregnant. We were happy that she is having a baby of her own son in to her womb. She immediately informed my dad that she is pregnant. My Dad thought that its of him, so he got happy but we know that, its mine

Sixth spin its Anita now she took dare and she has been asked to remove her saari and blouse and sit in bra without any hesitation she started removing her saari, then she started opening thread of her blouse every one shocked in pleasure to see that she has not wore bra inside blouse. Now she was sitting with her open 36 size milky boobs.

Spin Seventh its Karan now he took dare Anita asked him to suck Rahuls dick for 2 minutes. So Karan went near Rahul and started sucking his cock like a gay. Spin Eightt its Snehal now everyone was praying that she should take dare but she took truth. So Sushant asked her what is her fantasy for sex and if she will get a chance will she go for it? She said I am having a fantasy that my husband should have 4 mouths

And I will be lying nude on bed closing my eyes and certainly my husband comes with his four mouth and at one time he shall start sucking my two boob with his two mouth, third mouth starts kissing my juicy lips and fourth mouth started licking my pussy. All got stunned with the answer.

Spin Nintt its Snehal once again now she took dare as everyone wanted to see her huge globes so Joseph asked her to open her bra and give it to him till game ends. Snehal wore a tight kurti , she tried but failed to remove her bra without stripping her kurti. So she opened her kurti, removed her bra and throws it towards Joseph everyone’s mouth was opened looking at her milky melons.

Spin Tenth it was Anita and she took dare it’s also a revenge time for Karan so he asked Anita to suck his Dick for 5 minutes. Anita went near karan with her open 34 size boobs opened his pants took his 8 inch long dick in her mouth and started sucking like a whore. Last Spin it’s Sandip now and he took dare. He is been asked to lick Payals pussy. He immediately went near payal and started opening her jeans she resist as she is from a conservative f****y and never tried oral before but sandip pushed her hand a side opened her jeans and panty.

She was having a hairy pussy, now sandip parted her legs wide and started searching her clit with his tongue. Payal was in 7th heaven and she started moaning loudly in pleasure. By looking at this scene, Irshad jumped in between and take out payals spaghetti and bra. Irshad started fondling her boobs and kissing her on another side Rahul went near Anita and started kissing her wildly by seeing this karan went near Anita and started licking her pink pussy.

Now Snehal who was watching all the two women’s in pleasure, starts pressing her own boobs. By seeing this Sushant went near Snehal and kissed her neck and whispered in her ears that today you are going to fulfil your fantasy honey in reply she said, for that I required 4 mouths and I think two mouths are there for me and others were busy with Anita and Payal Sushant said you don’t worry about that and just close your eyes.

Snehal closed her eyes Sushant take out his hanky from his pocket and blind folded Snehal. Now Sushant called two man who were in another room and watching all live on cctv. The two men come in to the room. Now That two man Sushant and Joseph opened thear cloths and went near Snehal first man started kissing Snehal on her lips, 2nd man started sucking Snehals left boob, Joseph jumped on the right boob, and now a great licker of all times

Sushant parted her legs and started licking Snehals clean shaven pussy. Today Snehal fulfilled her old fantasy and moaning in pleasure but she wanted to see that who were doing this. So she opened her blind fold and she was shocked seeing that the man who was kissing her was none other than her husband Sahil. Yes, that was me, and Sushant was my friend from Surat who was working in call centre and the 2nd men was Sushants boss Siddharth.

Actually in Surat I and Sushant were fuck buddies and we fucked many of our girlfriends and aunties together in Pune when we met and I asked him for Snehals job at that time he confessed that he wanted to fuck her since when he saw her in our marriage. Then I also told him about my fantasy. So we both planned all this and one more thing one women was also involved in this plan that was Anita.

Because she is a wife of Sushant and a very old player of this game, we did threesome, Sushant Anita and me before one week after our first meet in pune. Tell you in next story and that day we fucked in a group orgy and Snehal was pretending like fooled by us and she don’t says that crab and one man women and all. I can challenge you and bet you that every man and every women, including your mom dad s****r b*****r girlfriend wives, all around 99 % have been fucked at least once other than their husband or wife.

70% (1/1)
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