Hey everybody! This is Raman & I wanted to share this experience with you kinky readers. I was working as a personal trainer in a gym, so I had a few personal clients whom I used to train one-on-one. One of them was Naveen, in his mid-thirties who started treating me like a friend. He started telling me everything about his life. Things like where he works, what he does, about his wife & k**s and pretty much everything. He was a nice guy who had everything but only one problem. He was unhappy with his sex life. He started telling me stuff like how he & his wife used to have sex regularly & how it diminished from fucking everyday to 3-4 times a week to now only 3-4 times a month. He loved his f****y but was getting frustrated day by day due to the lack of sex. I felt for the guy so tried to help him. I gave him a few very dirty porn to watch with his wife, he told me she wasn't interested in watching movies at all, she is just reading every time. So I thought about making her read something DIRTY. I wrote a few erotic fantasies with her wife as the main girl & gave it to him to give to his wife to read. Next week he told me that she got very horny after reading those & she fucked him like never before. He wanted me to write some more.

I told him that it takes time to write something like that & I wrote a few because you're my friend but I don't have that much time. He said he wanted more & was willing to compensate me for my time. So I agreed & wrote a few more fantasies for her. He showed me her pic for inspiration purposes but that's where things changed. When I saw her pic I just wanted to fuck this pretty wife. She wore reading glasses, her hair was falling to her shoulders, she had nice breasts & a great juicy ass. She wore simple casual clothes. The most I liked was her face, she had one of the prettiest face I had seen. So I thought a little & started writing threesome fantasies for her. I wrote a few kinky fantasies in which her husband & his friend fucks the life out of her in every corner of the house. He told me that she was thinking of being fucked by two guys. I asked him if he was upset about it & he said no he is now having the best sex of his life almost every day & he doesn't want to ruin it. That's when I told him that we can make that a possibility by giving her a threesome. He told me he will think about it & ask his wife. A few days later I asked him how it would go & he said his wife desperately wants to get fucked by two but is a little scared.

I told him you guys can trust me with privacy & other things so let’s make it happen & we started planning about it. I even talked to his wife on the phone a couple of times so she can get acquainted to me. I went to their house on Wednesday as the k**s were at school. I sat down & started talking to them if they were serious about it. She said we want this so I got up & sat close to her, she was wearing a casual green shorts & a white loose top. My leg was touching hers & I asked her if she liked reading those fantasies which I wrote. She said yes & I asked, "did your pussy get wet reading those? Did you thought about a young hard dick fucking you senseless? Did you thought about ME to lick, suck & FUCK you like the little married slut that you are?" she shifted a little & nodded her head. I grabbed her chin & kissed her soft lips as my hands started rubbing her thighs. My tongue went inside her mouth & started exploring her mouth & tongue. I got up & removed my t-shirt & pushed her down on her knees. She looked up at me as I opened my pants & took out my hard dick. She grabbed my dick & looked at Naveen who nodded his approval. She opened her mouth & took my cockhead inside & washed it with her tongue. Then she took half of it in & started sucking on it going up & down on half of it. I grabbed her hair & started guiding her mouth, she looked up at me with those glasses covered eyes & I started moving my hips with the rhythm. The underside of my cock was gliding on her tongue giving me immense pleasure & watching that pretty face full of my cock was getting me close to cum. I grabbed her face with both hands & started fucking her mouth, the saliva & pre-cum was dripping from her open mouth & covered my dick, her lips & chin. I kept pumping as I shot my cum in her mouth. Some of the cum she drank & some dripped out from the corner of her mouth covering her chin in more liquid. I withdrew & sat back on the sofa.

She crawled her way towards Naveen who was sitting in a chair & unbuckled his belt & pants. Then she started sucking on his cock, watching her on her hands & knees sucking on her husband’s dick was HOT. I got behind her & removed her shorts, I slapped her hard on that juicy ass & watched the skin ripple. Then I slapped 4-6 times more making the white skin of that round ass become red. She was moaning on her husband's cock as I started fingering her wet pussy & the bent to lick that juicy pussy from behind. I gave a few long licks to her swollen pussy lips. My dick was hard & I placed it at the entrance of her pussy & pushed it in. She withdrew his dick & moaned looking back at me. I was licking my lips & I grabbed her hair & pushed her mouth on her husband's dick. I started sliding my dick in and out of her tight wet pussy at a steady pace. She kept moaning & sucking on his cock. I grabbed her hips & increased my pace as her husband started cumming in her mouth. I slapped her now red ass-cheeks as my cock was getting buried in her tightness on every in-stroke. I held her t-shirt & ripped it apart freeing her jiggling tits. I held them as I fucked her hard & fast doggy-style on the floor and she came hard bathing my cock in her juices. I withdrew my cock & sat on the sofa. Now it was Naveen's turn so she came to me crawling on her hands & knees, her ass swaying & her tits jiggling with each move. She kept her hands on my thighs & looked at my cock. My cock was shining with her juices & she took it in her mouth & started licking all of her pussy juice from my cock. Naveen started thrusting his cock in his wife's pussy holding on her hips as his wife was licking her own pussy cream from my cock & balls.

I held her head & started moving my hips up to feed her more of my cock as Naveen was making loud grunts fucking his slutty wife. I was about to cum but wanted to fuck her some more so I grabbed her hair & pulled her head up & kissed her wet lips roughly shoving my tongue inside. She was sucking on my tongue & I could feel her moaning in my mouth due to the thrusting of her husband's cock in her pussy. I grabbed her shoulders & pulled her up which made Naveen's cock slip out of her pussy. I made her sit on my cock as Naveen laid back to watch. Once she was sitting on my lap with my cock buried in her pussy I started moving her hips up & down on my cock holding them tightly & sucking on her tits. I felt my fingers sinking in the soft flesh of her ass & I increased my pace. She was moaning loudly & started kissing me. I stopped moving & got up, with her legs wrapped around my waist & her hands on my broad shoulders. My hands were holding her ass-cheeks tightly & I started pounding my cock into her well fucked married pussy. She tightened her grip on my shoulders & came violently screaming as my cock kept pounding into that squirting pussy. She kissed me hard & I felt my balls tense up & my cock erupted deep in her pussy flooding it with my cum.

We kissed for a few more seconds & I put her down & sat on the sofa. I was covered in sweat by now as I watched Naveen fuck his wife who was also wet with sweat lying on the floor with Naveen in between her legs & fucking her. A few hard strokes & Naveen came hard shouting. He collapsed on top of her & I started getting dressed. I was ready to leave when she came close to me and said we should do this again sometime & kissed me putting her tongue in my mouth. I sucked her tongue for a few seconds, then withdrew & squeezed her erect nipples. I just nodded my head & said we'll sure do it again & left the naked married couple alone. Tell me how you liked this story. You can contact me at Have a nice fucking everybody.
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