My hot neighbour namrata

Hi Guys, this is Gary from Delhi. I am 34 years old and have shared intimate moments with a few women including my bhabhi, neighbourhood bhabhis, and a couple of girlfriends so far but the best fuck I had, was with my sexxy neighbour in Mumbai.

I still like having a good time with ladies and do get lot of chances, as I travel quite a lot on work. If any of you sexxy ladies is interested, please let me know on my email id I would love to give you a good time as well and have a nice time.

Anyways, coming back to my story, this is about 3 years back, when I shifted to a new locality in Mumbai. It was quite a posh n premium building and when i shifted, i was thrilled by the beautiful, gorgeous n sexxy women there. I had a few sexcapades earlier and it was a awesome feeling, of having a great opportunity here as well.

However, the apartment next to my house was vacant and the society guys told me that a f****y is coming there shortly. I was eager to find out, how good my luck would be this time. Almost a month later, one fine Sunday morning my door bell rang.

I saw a young couple with two k**s standing out and they wished me and informed that they were my next door neighbours. Coming to the focus of this story, the lady was an average looking lady of medium built, slightly on the plump side, but an amazzing figure and a very very clear complexion. She wasn’t very gorgeous, but had a mischievous and naughty sparkle in her eyes..

During the interaction, I came to know that her hubby was in merchant navy and used to be on the ships for 2-3 months at a stretch. And hence, he was looking for good friends close to their house, so that in case of any emergency the f****y can seek assistance. They invited me for the dinner in the evening. Needless to say, I accepted happily.

Till this time, I didn’t have much interest in the lady, as I thought she is a mother of two k**s and will be a conservative simple woman, not like the fun loving ones, with whom I had interesting encounters earlier. Anyways, I got ready and went to their house in the evening. As soon as the door opened, I was stunned with view on the otherside of the door. Namrata (yes name changed offcourse) was standing in a figure hugging sari n sleeveless blouse.

She was looking stunning with a very light makeup. She thanked me for coming and asked me to follow, to the living room. . As soon as she turned, I saw a deep back cut on the blouse and had an instant hard on. She had such a smooth and silky back, with perfectly shaped bottom..Neither too small, nor too big, just perfect...I asked her where was Manoj (her hubby), and she told me, that he has gone to get some wine for us and will be back in some time.

She then went inside and was back with a glass of water. While serving, she bent a little and there I had the view of an amazing pair of boobs, inside that sexy sleeveless blouse. Looking at those perfect melons and an amazingly toned body, I had all the hormones inside me, erupting like volcanoes... And I was mentally prepared for another steamy encounter.

The rest of the evening was a usual party, and I won’t go in the details. But then onwards, I was always on a look out for a chance to speak with her. A few days later, I came to know that Manoj was going out for an assignment and will be back after three months. I was waiting for that moment and one day my lucky moment arrived.

Forgot to mention, that I go to the gym regularly and also run 10 rounds of our building in the morning, to keep myself fit for all the charming ladies...One fine morning I was running in my shorts and a t shirt and I found Namrata staring at me from her balcony. She smiled at me and kept on staring at me, even after I wished her back & continued for my run.

My instincts told me that she was looking hungrily and may be liked my atheletic built as her hubby was a fat man and didn’t take proper care of his body. When I came back to the house, I saw her standing at the door (as if she was waiting for me)..She asked me.. Do you exercise regularly.. I said yes.. Then she did an unexpected thing... She just touched my arms and said, Wow, Quite a muscular body..I must say that U have maintained yourselves very nicely.
I smiled back at her and said in a flirting tone.. All for the beautiful and gorgeous ladies like you and winked at her. She started laughing and said ..Hmm seems you like the company of women a lot...To which i replied, even they like my company.

Going by my past experience, I knew that she was attracted towards me and I wasted no time in letting her know my intentions. I told her that she doesn’t look like a mother of two k**s and looks really sexy.. I would like to be in touch with you, with an extra emphasis on the word touch and again winked at her.
She asked me, why don’t you join for a coffee.. I got to know that her k**s had gone to the school and she was alone till late afternoon. I told her give me 15 min, as I was all sweaty after the run and will be back after the shower. She agreed and said even she will have a bath in the mean time. I was surprised, why she is telling me, that she will have a bath. She could have said that even I will be ready.

Nonetheless, I took the bath quickly and got ready. I wanted to shag off that time, as my dick was rock hard bcoz of the interesting turn of events. But somehow i controlled my urge, as I felt, today might be a lucky day... And i didn’t want to disappoint her with a poor performance, just in case I got a chance. So i just had a couple of mugs of cold water on my six inch dick and patted him to be patient for some more time.

As I rang the door bell, I was all excited and my pulse was racing like Usain Bolt sprinting for his career best... She took a couple of minutes, before she opened the door and there I was again watching another beautiful scene.. She had just emerged out of the bath it seems. Her hair were all wet and she was wearing a knee length floral skirt and a semi transparent sleeveless white top with buttons in the front. The top two buttons were open and I could see a flash of her wonderful cleavage. The sight of her wonderful assets inside her top, was so hypnotizing that I forgot to even say anything for a few seconds.
The amazing fresh fragrance of her shampoo was simpy intoxicating. I was so mesmerised with the look that I kept on staring at her and forgot that she was waiting for my response.. I somehow managed to blurt... Woww. Someone looks sooooooooo sexxxxxxy...

She laughed and asked naughtily, Do you compliment like this to all the women... I smiled and replied.. No, Only to a few ones, who are breathtakingly gorgeous and with whom I like spending time with..She again laughed and told.. I have never seen a better flirt than you.. And I am sure that women would simply love your company..

I was overjoyed to listen to this and knew that she is ready for a steamy encounter. However, still it was all yet to start and I had to begin it somewhere. And it happened so fast that despite so many sexcapades in the past, I was a bit clueless, how to start, as we haven’t talked much or knew much about each others’ preferences. I guess, she too sensed this and gave me an opportunity.

She told me ..I am going to make coffee, and if you want you can join me in the kitchen. I went along her and was standing at the door, trying to size up her wonderful figure with my eyes. She asked me, So how would you like to have your coffee. I sensed this opportunity, and told her soft n smooth... and winked... and then asked How abt her highness? She replied, I like it hard and strong and looked mischeviously at me.. I had an instant hard on with her reply. I asked again, naughtily taking the double meaning talks forward, Why is it Namarata, that Men like soft n smooth and Women like hard and strong...ummm.. I mean coffee...

She said, Well bcoz women are already soft n smooth and like the opposite.. Isn’t it. ..I could not stop from replying back... Well thats true, you seem to be soft n smooth indeed..and sexy as well and I winked.. She was taken aback, as she didn’t expect this reply. But she gained her composure quickly and asked, How do you know how soft and smooth i am.. I took it as an invitation, I said Well, I know by my previous experiences and I am sure you are really really soft and smooth and came near to her.

She looked in my eyes naughtily and said, you might be wrong... as if she was daring me to come and take the initiative. I came further close and said, I am never wrong in case of gorgeous women, and touched her lips with my fingers. I told her, see how soft n sexy your lips are, a man would not leave a chance to kiss them.. and then just held her closely and gave a small kiss on her lips. It seems she was also waiting for the moment, and she said, enough of talking Mr.. and then we both started kissing there in the kitchen itself. I sucked her bottom lip. She responded by parting her lips and soon we were exploring each other wildly.

Needless to say, there was no need of coffee at that time, I just switched off the gas, and there we were again with our hands all over each others’ bodies. I started touching all over her back and gave a squeeze to her bottom, while kissing her... Trust me guys, she went absolutely wild (and so have many women earlier.. a squeeze on their buttocks, while kissing simply sends the sexual urge soaring like rockets) ...

She was trying to press her body against mine and I just lifted her top and started exploring her bare back with my hands... She was all soft and smooth and it was an ecstasy touching her bare skin. We just moved from the kitchen to her bedroom. And again started kissing wildly... She was an amazing kisser and I love women who are good at kissing... There is nothing like a good foreplay before hitting the sack... I opened the buttons of her top and and my dick was like a missile ready to launch in the sky.

She was wearing a black bra which was in sharp contrast to her fair body and has an amazingly chiselled boobs. They were so perfect as if, some god damn engineer has spent hours on a precision equipment like a CNC machine making them. I just looked at her and told, Namrata, you have a marvelleous body.. which is soft and smooth as well.. Now you know, i am not wrong...

She didn’t reply anything, but was looking hungrily at me.. and said, will you keep standing with all your clothes... come let me help you, and she took off my tshirt and pulled off my jeans. We again were rubbing our bodies against each other and I unhooked her bra & pulled her skirt off.

She was looking hot standing their only in her panties..I just started kissing her boobs and told Namrtata, these are the best boobs, i have ever seen... she started moaning with pleasure and replied... So mr... ohhh... how many boobs have you seen so far...aaah... do you really like them..ooohhhhhh
I was too busy sucking her nipples to reply and in the meanwhile, I tookout her panties also, and there was my sex goddess, totally nude in front of me. She was moaning with pleasure, which was obvious as it had been a a few days, that her hubby had gone.

She just moved her hands towards my dick, and on pulled off my boxer shorts and started squeezing my dick...It had been almost a week that I had been with a woman, and even my dick was rock hard with her touch. Both of us hugged again tightly and I could feel the heat from her body... The fragrance from her shampoo was making me go wild...

I couldn’t stop myself and pushed her on the bed and staright away went on her top, with my knees on the bed, my dick very close to her pussy and we explored each other’s tongue.. After a couple of minutes, I started sucking her soft and supple boobs . Her nipple were rock hard..
Namrata was moaning loudly now, as the teasing touch of my toungue on her boobs had her nipples hard & erect.. She was like... Ohhh Garry.. U are so wonderful... Ummmmhhhh... aaahhh... I am all yours... Ohhhhh... Take me .... ahhhh... don’t stop.... I want you Gary.... Ufff.....

Then I started rubbing my palm over her pussy.. Trust me guys, more than inserting the fingers, my experience has taught that most women enjoy by rubbing of palms on their pussy... It just turned her on beyond control. She was almost begging.. Oh Gary, don’t stop... ohhh, i can’t wait anymore.... Come inside me.... I am all yours.... Ahhhh.... Plssssss ....

I felt this is the right time and inserted my dick slowly inside her pussy. She was all wet inside releasing a river full of fluids... I started stroking her slowly and she was full of pleasure...

I increased the stroke frequency and in the meanwhile my hands were on her boobs, squeezing and teasing her... I said... Ohh Namrtaa, you are so sexy...I will fuck you hard today.... Ohhh...and kept stroking ... fast and faster... Both of us were wild now and moaning with pleasure... She was holding my back tightly and scratching my back with her nails... Boy, she was some tigress....

In next few minutes i kept on drilling her and she was almost shouting now, as I could sense, she was having an orgy... I just blasted all my load inside her and was mad with the pleasure... So was she...

Even after i ejaculated inside her, she didn’t leave me... We were lying in each other’s arms, back to kissing each other and spent the next 10 min like that only... When I was all loose, we pulled apart and then I told her, Namrata, you are one tigress... She smiled and said, Come my tiger, lets go and have a passionate shower.

We spent next 15 min caressing each other all over under the shower and kept on kissing. She was one of the best kissers, I have ever met till now..
It was almost 11:00 am now and was the time for her maid to come. So even though both of us were not willing, I had to leave. But not before kissing again wildly for next 5 min.

We had a few more encounters after that. She being alone at house from morning to late afternoon made it very easy for us. All I needed was to take a sick leave and hop over. It went on for almost 6 months and we had amazing lovemaking sessions. But the first one was really special.

I still like having a good time with ladies and do get lot of chances, as I travel quite a lot on work. If any of you sexxy ladies is interested, please let me know on my email id I would love to give you a good time as well and have a nice time.
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You are amazing!! I wake up everyday and read a different story written by you!! Mmmmmm. Hope it helps to know you have made me have many great orgasms!!!