My first time

Ahhh hahaha... Well... She invited me over to help her unpack her shoes (becuz she just moved) and wine,
'mos**to'. I got there I poured us some wine becuz she
didnt know how to open the bottle with the cork in it.
Of course I did! Lol... We started talkin about everyday
things, f****y, friends, jobs, lost loved ones, etc. I
had poured us another glass of wine, she hooked up my
ipod to her stereo, by that time I was feelin the wine
and relaxing more. The whole time she was on one couch
and I was on the other. 3rd glass of wine, I was tired
of talkin bout current events,and I bluntly asked her
why she was over on that couch. That prompted her to
come sit by me. I told her I was brand new to it all
and for her to make the first move... She planted her
mouth on mine so seductively, It made my pussy quiver and I immediately got wet!
LOL.. We were goin at it for a few minutes just kissin
and lickin each others lips, suckin bottom lips, playin
with tongues & titties... Tops came off, she put her
hands in my pants, while I nibbled on her ample
titties... WOW!!! I couldnt wait to taste her, so I laid her back and
spread her legs, her pussy was so fuckin wet! I didnt know
the wetness felt the way it did, I mean feelin my
own wetness for some reason I didnt know there was a
differance. I rubbed it dry so I can really taste the
pussy, (you know, being unsure and all) [;)] Me being a
rookie just dove in, I aint even take my time, I was so
surprised at myself! DAMN THIS PUSSY TASTE GOOD!
Hahaha.. She pulled my face up to hers and tongued her
pussy juice from my mouth, She whispered to me if I wanted to go to the bedroom, I said yeah but let me go
pee first! Lol... It was the wine! [;)] I pee'd and
wiped very well, found a washcloth in her linen closet! had a
quick lil horse bath, By the time I came to
the room, She was layin across her bed on her belly, I
grabbed her hips and pulled her up on her knees, I
squatted down and tongued her from behind. It kinda
took her by surprise because I guess she didnt think I
was gonna do that. She said OH MY!! hehehe... My goodness
she tasted so sweet! The smell of her pussy was
mezmorizing! Wow... I eventually turned her over on her
back and got comfy wrappin my arms under her thighs and
pullin her pussy open for me to get better access to
her clit... mmmm... she girated her hips in such a way
that made me so fuckin wet, I think my pussy was
drippin! Lol... She finally reached her orgasm which
was so fuckin sexy, to hear and watch her moan and me
tasting her cum, it was mind blowing to me, and also I was so
friggin tipsy I think I was a maniac!! Lmao... She
finally started on me tickling my clit with her tongue.
It didnt take long for me to cum since
I was pretty much close to climaxing anyway! And to feel her
gentleness, just it coming from a woman was a turn on.
She went and got her dildo and made me hold it while
she got on top and straddled me while coming down on
it, OH MY GAWD!!! She road me while I held the
dildo. I was so outdone she was sexy as hell. I was
layin there lookin like a lost c***d at an amusement park! LMAO... I was so turned on by her I ate that
pussy for the second time. She was so fuckin creamy
that 2nd time, I just dove in, tongue and fingers, I
was tryin to be extra careful because I just got my
nails done that day, meaning I hadnt had tips in years!
Whyyyyyy did I have to get em that day??? Lol... Long
story short (yeah right!!) Lol... I put that mama to
bed!!! Lol... She rolled over and got under the
sheets, thinkin I was gettin in with her... I went and
got dressed and came and told her I had to go, she was
knocked out! I kissed her goodbye and left. We never
got to unpack her shoes! LMAO...
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7 months ago
damn....just the kind of fun i like to be in
love to hookup with you and another lady
11 months ago
Nice read. You should write more.
1 year ago
Great story. Just wish I was a fly on the wall
To see it all go down!!! Lol..
2 years ago
Great story got me ready to eat some wet pussy
2 years ago
Nice story, seems you may have to go back to unpack those shoes though.. :)