let me show u my love

Jay looks into katies eyes as he asks" Honey do you love me?"
"Baby......let me show u"said katie with a smile
she brushes her lips upon Jay's
as she kisses his lips, her hand goes up his shirt to feel his chest beneth her fingers she feels his body pressing against hers. " Does that answer your question." said katie as jay takes her lips again, his hand slips up her shirt and starts to feel her breasts a moan escapes from her lips as his hand moves over her nipple
his hand moves to the small of her back as he pulls her closer and brings katie into another kiss
she feels his tongue begin to slide into her mouth
she can feel his muscles in his arms as he hold her close against his hard body
her knees go weak as his hand moves lower and lower
she starts to unbutton his pants
he moves her hand away just before she could grab his cock, he rubs his cock against her makeing her moan with desire
he lift up her skirt and takes her panties off
katie starts to feel jay's hand travel up her thigh then she feels his finger slip into her pussy toching her wetness makeing her gasp" I want to make you happy baby" tony says as he pushes her up against the wall and pushes his finger in deeper and his kiss becomes more passionate as his tongue slips into her mouth, her hand goes behind his head and holds on too him hopeing this passionate kiss will never end as he pushes his body up againest hers she feels his finger inside her while his other hand caresses her breasts , her hands go up and takes his shirt off so she can feel his bare chest againest hers . jay's cock is getting harder as katie kisses his neck and nibbles on his ear. she hears a groan escape from his mouth when he starts to rub his cock against her leg she takes her hand and moves his cock so it rubs up against her pussy but his body says it isn't enough he wants to take her for he feels he mite explode if he doesn't."Baby please take me now!" katie whispers as if she knew his thoughts. with a hard and swift thrust he enters her body, she leans back as his cock goes in and out of her harder and faster makeing her cry with pleasure for she never thought it could feel so good by the movment of his hips she can tell he wants more just as much as she needs it, katie starts to move her hips back and forth encourgeing him to go deeper and fulfill her desires.as he does he starts to suck on her nipples teaseing and nibbleing on them, she arches her back as she feels herself getting wetter. she cums makeing his cock warm and wet. her hands start to rub his back as he thrusts inside her going as deep as he can then with a moan he cums inside her makeing her moan in his ear he kisses her forhead as she smiles up at him. " I love you katie don't let any one tell you different" as her eyes fill up with tears she says" I love you too" he holds her close and cuddles with her all night till they fall asl**p in each others arms
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3 years ago
Very nice. I liked it.