Hot time in the hotel room.

I had just finished some extra training for my fire dept. and decided to take acouple of extra days off and lay by the pool side in virginia beach Va. The day was going just fine out by the pool by 9 am and just watching the mothers play with their k**s. Getting bored with this started back to the room for lunch. When I heard two men cussing out beside the front desk, Ran into two large black men with their bags and ask what's wrong. Found out their names were John and Ted and they couldn't get into their room until almost 3 pm. John said they had hoped to change and hit the pool and drink acouple of beers before dinner. I told them they could leave the bags in my room and change into swimming trunks there if they wanted to. Both of them jumped at the offer. We got back to the room and we all had a cold beer, john said they had a party to go to later on that nite. Both men asked if they could shower first before going to the pool, I said fine no problem. John went first so Ted and I downed some more beer and when John came Ted jumped in the shower. As ted was in the shower john spoke to him for acouple of mins and I heard Ted say "Go for it" John came back out with the towel still wrapped around him and sat in the chair and we talked for a few mins. Ted then came out with just a towel around his waist and sat on the bed. John finished his beer and asked me to get him another out of the cooler which I did. He looke at Ted and said "looks like we've got us a white slave boy" and laughed. Ted said yea and get him a beer too. which I did. As John downed this beer he want another one but first "Aren't slave boys suppose to be naked" Ted said yea. and I was ordered to strip off my tank top and shorts. as I was standing there Naked I was order to fetch 2 more beers. Ted grabbed his beer from my hand but John just looked at me and then he spoke "ON YOUR KNEES BEFORE YOUR MASTER" I dropped to my knees and my head was starting to swim. AS I looked up John pulled his towel off and spoke again "SUCK YOUR MASTERS COCK SLAVE" Which I did. I hadn't saw a cock in almost 7 years so I really loved the feel of his beaufully black cock going in and out of my mouth. After some time Master John grabbed the back of my head and said "I'm cumming" and he did my mouth was filled in 2 pumps of his large cock. It was then I heard Master Ted say my turn. Now master Ted was more of the loving type. He had me lay beside him on the bed and talked to me as he kissed my nipples and tugged on my hard dick. As Master John was watching he began to question me, "How many Black dicks had I suck on before?" my answer None. "how many little white dicks had I had up my pretty little ass?" Again none. Both said cherry and started to grin. I then told master ted I was almost to the point of cumming he then had me on my knees beside him on the bed. Master John got behind me and began to pump my cock with his huge hands. As he was doing this he began to kiss my neck and call me names-white cum slut-black cock whore were just a few and he wa right as he pumped my cock his other hand was on my chest and belly holding me tight. I felt his cock in my butt crack and pushed my butt back into his cock. I then heard my own voice beg him "plz fuck me master" He said no later he would pop my cherry. as he bit my neck I start to cum I looked down and saw i had came all over Master Ted cock and balls and he himself was jacking off on himself. After he came I was f***ed to lick all the cum from Master Ted cock and balls. After this was done I was f***ed to my knees in front of Master John and Master Ted and a large black dog collor was placed on my neck with a long chain. Then I heard Master John say "Just wait until they see him at the party tonite." My Dick started to get hard again
100% (9/0)
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Wow, who will trow me a bone?