Bath house

Well it has been a while since my latest adventure but today I decided to go to a men's bathhouse. I arrived about 4 o'clock and got a room got undressed wrapped a towel around myself and began to cruise. It was not crowded and I didn't see much interaction going on between the guys. I finally ended up in the steam room and I sat down on a bench. I'm not sure what guys are looking for but they will come and they will go it's almost impossible to see because of all the steam but they will look and leave and it baffles me. Finally one guy comes up and offers his cock to be fondled, I grab it and then finally suck on it soon he was moaning and shortly after that he came in my mouth. I swallowed and he left. I went to the other room in the steam room and there were two guys fondling each other and the one reached for my cock I let him hold it while I fondled his and then bent down and sucked on his cock while fondling the other cock that I went back-and-forth sucking one and then the other. The first guy came in my mouth and I swallowed then I worked on the second guy and another younger guy comes up and I suck on his for a while. I was hoping to get fucked but so far I haven't seen anyone that I thought was looking to fuck a nice ass. After leaving the steam room I go to the maze and one of the guys asked me a question and grabs my cock so I do the same for him. I've bent down and start sucking his cock and he last about a minute and a half and starts coming yummy another load. I decide to go back to my room and I lay naked on my stomach on the bed with the door open hoping that someone gets the hint that I need to get fucked. I dooze off for a while and nothing happens. I leave the room take a dip in the pool wonder around finally end up in the steam room again and once again I suck a cock for short while. I leave there go to the maze lay down on one of the tables but there's no one around and it just seems like no one wants to fuck. It's around 8pm and I decided to give the steam room one last try and I go and sit down and wait for a while and then I see someone come in and sit on the opposite end of the bench that I'm sitting. It was too steamy to be able to see who. I played with my cock for a little while and I thought he was playing with his but I could not tell, eventually I got up enough nerve to go over and feel his cock. I notice it's a good looking black guy( my weekness) and when I grabbed his cock it is one of the thickest cocks I have seen. I wrap my lips around it and it is very smooth and tastes great. He moans and I continue to suck for a while then he asked me if I would like to go back to his room. I knew that was an invitation to get fucked and I was more than willing to go with him. Once were in the room with both take off our towels that immediately start sucking his cock. It is so big that I'm not sure I can get it in my ass, he pulls away from my mouth grabs a condom and some lubricant and I immediately get on my hands and knees. He takes some lubricant and start finger fucking me to loosen me up, soon I feel the head of his cock at my entranceway. He slowly and gently pushes his cock into my ass. I am so happy to get fucked and it hurts so good. Soon this big cock is deep in my ass, I've had longer cocks but nothing this thick in my ass. He's very good and very patient he realizes it does hurt but I'm able to take it up my ass soon it get where he can slowly moving in and out pounding me deeper with every stroke. We change positions several times and he lasted about 20 minutes before he comes. When he pulls out and takes the Condom off I immediately grabbed his cock and suck it clean. He is very sensitive and I enjoy giving him the pleasure. So his cock starts getting hard again and to help along I rub it against my ass. This cock has me crazy. I want it up my ass again so I reach around and push it up my ass bareback,(only done it once before with someone I know well) it slides in and feels so fucking good. I'm now riding him and his big black cock is sliding in and out of my ass. He pulls out so we can change positions and I immediately suck on his cock again getting the juices off his cock into my mouth. He lays me on my back and enters me with my legs on his shoulders I just can't get enough of this big cock after about a half an hour we finally are exhausted to the point where we have to stop. I will always remember this as the biggest cock I've ever fucked. I hope that we can get together again sometime he said he lived on the West Coast and was in town on business. I hope we can meet up again.

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6 months ago
true story?
7 months ago
fucking great story spunked so much to this
7 months ago
very fucking hot
7 months ago
That sounds like fun tell me more about the room
7 months ago
sexy storie
7 months ago
I enjoyed going to the bath house in Denver but I use to drape my towel over my shoulders as if to say that my mouth, ass and my cock was available to use. They had one room there that you go through a door and then a black curtain. Once inside the room you could NOT see anything, no matter how long you were inside. To even find the curtain again was a chore. All you could do was to walk around with your hands out stretched until you bumped into another naked body or two and then the fun began. A lot of fun was spent in that room.