Jamie stood in the corner of the locker room. Only guy guy was there a big muscular guy. He was standing at his locker trying to close it before he ran back out to the field. It didnt close. Jamie quickly ran over to the open door and found a pair of jocks. Taking them to his nose he sniffed. Within seconds his cock was hard. He began to touch himself. Then suddenly the guy was back. It was Caesar. A huge man of pure muscle and he wasnt happy. Looking at Jamie he ran at him and grabbed the jocks from him. Jamie pushed to run away but Caesar was to strong and f***ed him to his knees. Opening his shorts he made Jamie suck his cock. Gagging him. He shoved his body against the locker so Jamie couldnt move. When Caesar pulled back jamie got to his feet and ran. Just as he got to the door he ran into another man of pure muscle. Towering over him was the almight Zeb Atlas. He grabbed Jamie by the vest and dragged him back to Caesar. Zeb shoved him back to the floor as Caesar stood over him. He moved in close to Jamie and spat right in his face. It dripped down his cheeks and into his mouth. Zeb started to get hard so he too spat in Jamies face. This continued until Jamie started to beg to be let go. But Caesar had another plan. They both dragged Jamie only to the bench and ripped off his vest top. Caesar pulled him in close to him as Zeb tied his arms to the legs of the bench. Now not being able to move Caesar started to fuck him real hard. Zeb started to use his mouth. The palce started to get noisy. Just then 11 more big muscular guys walked in, seeing what was happening they cheered and moved in to join. The rugby team had landed. In the 11 guys was Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas, Sonny Markham, Marco Rossi, Matthew Rush, Francois Sagat, Carlo Masi, Erik Rhodes, Mark Dalton, Mitchell Rock and Bailey. Daniel and Pedro moved in to start to double fuck Jamiies mouth. Zeb moved back to join Caesar as they took turns fucking him hard. Matthew Rush noticed all the spit on jamies face and he called the others to join. So Matthew, Carlo,Marco, Mark, Sonny, Erik, Mitchell,Franois and Bailey all gave Jamies face a good spitting. Looking at ach other Marco and Mark had another idea. As they talked it over Caesar and Zeb moved aside to let Daniel and Pedro double fuck Jamie as he started to scream in pain. Sonny and Erik moved up to double fuck his mouth. Francois started to suck Jamies cocks while Mitchell moved in to help Sonny and Erik. The room was full of hot muscle guys fucking this poor twink. Mitchell removed the vest so the could turn Jamie over and fuck him harder. Zeb lay down on the bench and shoved his cock in then Carlo slid his in too. One by one each guy took turns to double fuck him as Jamie lay on top of Zeb.
Jamie could hear Marco talking to Caesar about his plan. Then Sonny walked away with his cellphone. Pedro laughed in Jamies face because he knew what was coming next. After half an hour of being double fucked Jamie was pushed to the floor. The room emptied and he saw this as an opportunity to leave. He stumbled to his feet and looked around for his clothes. As he gathered them up and walked towards the exit he could here more people talking. Different people. Looking around the corner he could see about 16 guys walking towards the locker room. He knew what was next and he couldnt take it anymore. He turned to go the otherway but the exit was blocked by the last 13 guys who fucked him. He fell to his knees and strted to cry. Heres a taster for whats coming yur way you dirty perv, Caesar shouted at him and opened his hand. It was a used condom. Hegrabbed Jamie by the neck and poured the cum over his face and watched it dribble down his cheek. He got his fingers and scoped it up and shoved it in his mouth. Looking at the other 12 guys they each had a used condom. Crawlin on his knees back to the main door he stopped and looked at his shoulder. In horror the biggest cock he had ever seen was just sitting there. Looking up he fell back to see Castro standing over him. Behind him he could see more guys Aaron Ridge, Brian Pumper, Eddie Diaz, Kamrun, Malik, Marc Williams, Race Cooper, Landon Mycles, The Peters Twins, Adam Killian, Dean Monroe, Gianfranco, Mukhtar and Rod Daily. Things where about to get very messy.
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3 years ago
Great story, Alex! Now, write the rest!