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About Me
It's hard to fit feelings, in words, but I will try to do so. And sorry if my English is not that good, but at least I am honest enough to admit it, and try my best.
To begin with, I'm a very lonely guy, but it's not because I am ugly. It's because what I'm searching for, doesn't fit most of this kind of sites. I am not alone because it's my choice. I am alone because I have a bad thing inside me that makes me feel that sometimes I'm cursed. What's that? FEELINGS!!! I am not into anything anal, so I am not searching for fuck. I repeat, for those who didn't get it...I AM NOT SEARCHING FOR FUCK.What I really miss right now, it's a hug. Cause I've never been hugged. And I really don't know how it is to be hugged. And someone who's next to you when you cry, just hugs you, and lets you cry, till your last teardrop....don't know what that is, and how it feels.
I've never heard a "Don't worry my friend, whatever happens I am here for you", although I offered my soul to some people. What I gained from it? They just tore it into pieces, and stepped on the pieces, to be sure they will brake into sand....So can you imagine someone missing a hug, although it doesn't know what a hug really is? Can you imagine someone being 33 years old and never been hugged in his life? Huh some might think I'm overreacting. Yet I'm not. This was my life. Cause I wanted something more than "JUST A JERK OF"
I am into friendship a lot. When I meet someone, my first words wouldn't be "Hello, what are you looking for"...but it will most probable be like "Hello my friend, how are you".
The most important thing in a friendship, is NOT, i repeat, NOT to share your sorrow, or problems. That's the easiest thing to do. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN A FRIENDSHIP IS TO KNOW HOW TO SHARE YOUR JOY. YOUR SUCCESS.Cause if your friend is happy, and he chose you to share his happiness, with one single wrong word, you just threw him down from the skies, and ripped him.
I would never go beyond my limits. My limits are : NO fucking, and no anything anal, like fingers or rimming or anything like that.
I am a very sensitive guy, so I cry a lot, when someone is in pain or suffers or most of all, IS ALONE. Cause i know x-actly how it feels. So if you're planning to "play" with my feelings, then please don't bother adding me as your friend, or chatting with me. The only thing you'll succeed is hurting my soul. And thanks a lot mate, but my soul is heard enough all those years. Don't need another wound.
I am a MAN, although I am gay. What does that mean? I AM NOT GIRLY,GIRLISH, OR WHATEVER THEY CALL IT. I see you, you see me, we speak, we do what we do, we finish, and then, we go for coffee talk bout anything else, and be men. Don't try to talk "dirty" in my bed, and most of all, don't try to talk like Marilyn Monroe. If I hear the words "Baby", "My love", or anything that Marilyn would say in her bed, then you're off my life.
I'm gay, I'M NOT A FREAK. Homophobia, is one thousand times worse, than homosexuality. Cause at the second case, at least you know what's going on. So if you're afraid of homosexual people, or if you hate them or something, I RESPECT THAT. But please be a man enough to respect ME, who's not responsible for what I am. I WAS BORN WITH IT, AND THAT'S WHO I AM.
Loneliness is a word that haunts me for years and years, so if you come to me, come as a friend. Try to talk with me, have a chat, and then decide if you wanna leave me or not.

My fetiches :
If you don't have any of these, IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE NOT WELCOME.Everyone is mostly welcome. Those are just my fetiches. I would love to have a muscled fit guy in my room, and I would give him THE BEST MUSCLE WORSHIP MASSAGE, until he massively cum, five times.

And as for the end, I have something for you. Never try to be, or show me, you're someone else. Either that means fake photos, or fake chatting or anything. THE ONLY ONE WHO LOSES IS YOU. Cause having me as a friend, BELIEVE ME, is like having a treasure in your life. And you don't have to believe what I say. Again, you have every right not to. But YOU WILL BE SURPRISED, to see that in a porn site, you can find a person like me.

As for a quote, I have something for you, that will surprise you. Michael Jackson, in one of his songs says the followings : "Before you judge me, try hard to love me. Look within your heart, and then ask : Have you seen my childhood"? Well....Have you?

I will never, NEVER, delete someone from my profile, ban someone, ignore a message or a friend request. Never. As long as it comes from a good heart, and as long as it is honest. :)
Come to me with a smile, you gained my heart. Come to me with a handshake, you gained my mind. Come to me HONESTLY, you gained my soul.



Do you have those? The rest is just a matter of time
Thank you for reading, and please....Follow those I'm saying.
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8 days ago
Thanks for add
19 days ago
thx for bfiendship, Greetings from norway
28 days ago
Hi, thanks for adding me as a friend :-)
1 month ago
1 month ago
Thank you for your invite, I am pleased you asked
1 month ago
Thanks for the invite! HOT vids and pics - NICE cock!
1 month ago
Big hug, baby! Thanks for the invite and don't worry if you hit me up and the English ain't perfect. The only thing that is ever perfect is the connection and fucking hot sex between two connected nen. But hey- you hitting me up says we are BOTH into that!

1 month ago
hi sexy add my skype john.paul630
3 months ago
Hope all is well. Come hang out,visit, and check out my new hottie. ;) :)
5 months ago
Thanks for the invite.
5 months ago
Thanks for the invitation! I see you share my interests!
6 months ago
Mostly welcum kaloyn
6 months ago
thanks for the invite
6 months ago
Thanks guys thank u very much for ur good words
6 months ago
I d love 2 chat with u soon my friend
7 months ago
u r very handsome
7 months ago
thx for the invite!
7 months ago
Welcome friend, and thanks for the friendship add. Hope to chat a lot more with you soon. XXX
8 months ago
Thanks for invite us! :)
8 months ago
TY 4 ur friend request - hot avatar sexy greek man, ur hairy body is hot;)
9 months ago
damn lovely
9 months ago

Γεια σας

Είμαι ένας άνθρωπος από το Μεξικό και την ελληνική μου δεν είναι πολύ καλή, συγγνώμη.

Διάβασα το προφίλ σου και το βρίσκω πολύ συγκινητικό, συχνά χρειάζονται, επίσης, μια αγκαλιά και με χαρά θα σας δώσω ένα, αν ήμασταν κοντά, αλλά αν μπορείτε να διαβάσετε αυτό, κλείστε τα μάτια σας και να αισθανθείτε την αγκαλιάσει η ναυτιλία που με μεγάλη αγάπη.

Θα φαίνεται σαν μια μεγάλη άτομο με εξαιρετική αξίες, ελπίζω ότι μπορείτε να πάρετε τυχεροί και να βρείτε κάποιον που σας εκτιμά ότι και πολλά άλλα.

Με όλο τον σεβασμό και την εκτίμησή μου.

9 months ago
Thanx for the add
9 months ago
I want to say thank u all 4 the good words. Sorry 4 not answering. Thank u guys
10 months ago
Thanks for friending me. Peace, Lucas
1 year ago
perfect cock and great vids
1 year ago
That is one of the deepest "About Me's" I have ever read. If you are feeling downtrodden, try to contact me by pm'ing me or by cam request or BOTH! I understand your feelings, I am experiencing a lot of the same thoughts and situations as you. We are more alike than we seem. Also, if you can't get a hold on me, try to imagine a T-Rex trying to make a bed or imagine a T-Rex trying to do the movements of "If you're happy and you know it CLAP YOUR HANDS!" song. Whatever is going wrong with your life, just simply remember that there are those, in this world, who are experiencing the same thing. I wish I can give you a simple hug to just let you pour out all of you emotions. Have a wonderful day and the days to come!
1 year ago
It's funny my friend. I was looking at how hot your Avatar is and realized we were already friends. So I read your profile. Must have read some of it before but, this time read it all. I appreciate your heartfelt comments and applaud your honesty. Great words my friend. Take care, Jack.....
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite. Love a real man with hair.
1 year ago
thanks for the friendship

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