A Wonderful Ordeal Part 2

Saturday Morning Sometime before dawn

I must have fallen asl**p. My wrists where no longer tied to the bed post but they were still tied together and I was still on the floor. My legs were no longer tied. Don was pushing me with his foot and ordering me to wake up. "Who said you could go to sl**p?", Don asked.

"I'm sorry. I must have....", before I could finish my sentence I was slapped across the face.

"Who do you think you are speaking to like that?"

"Stop it. That hurt.", I was slapped again.

"Did that one hurt too? You better learn to speak to me correctly slut. Assume the position."

"Don please, you're hurting me." He slapped again harder then before. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes.

"Assume the position."

"The position...", he cocked his arm back and was ready to hit me hard, "sir?"

"On your knees, forehead touching the floor." Don looked very angry and I was worried that he was going to hurt me. I wasn't sure what to do. "Do it now, CUNT!"

"Please sir, don't do this. I promise I'll be good." He brought his hand up again and I quickly "assumed the position.

"You'll be good when I'm through training you. I just have to beat the bitch out of you." Don pulled my skirt up around my waist and my panties down to the tops of my stockings. Don had a wooden paddle and brought it down hard on my bare rear-end. He gave me three smacks and I cried out in pain with each one.

"Aren't you going to count, bitch?", he asked.

"Three.", I said.

"No, the ones you didn't count don't count. Start at one.", he brought the paddle down on me again and again as I counted his smack until he reached ten. I could not believe the pain I was in. "That was for falling asl**p. Now for being disrespectful."

"No, please sir. No more, please sir. It hurts so much."

"Good that means you will remember it and will not be disrespectful again. He delivered another ten smacks to me and by the time he was done I was crying from the pain. "Get up, he ordered. I struggled to my feet. Don untied my wrists. "Strip.", he ordered. I quickly striped down to my underwear and Don stopped me. He told me to go clean up and put my make up back on. He reminded me that if I was thinking about climbing out the bathroom window, he had my keys and my id. He know who I was and where I lived. I went into the bathroom and washed my race and reapplied my make up. I did look long and hard at the window and thought of running. I didn't know where we were and I was and I was worried that if I did run Don would come looking for me. I came out of the bathroom and Don pointed to an outfit that he wanted me to put on. It was a short gray skirt, white blouse and black sweater. It looked like an outfit that I would wear to an office job if I was a clerk. I had taken a demotion since last night. I put on the out fit that he had picked out. I noticed that when I moved the lace edge of my slip would peak out from under my skirt. I started to slid if off but Don told me to leave it on. "I thought you liked it when you slip peaked out. Fucking tease. The black stocking have to go. Do you have any others." I went to my bag and pulled out a pair of nude stockings. "Those are better, put em on." I sat on the bed as Don watched my slid my skirt up and I unfastened the garter belted stockings I was wearing. I put the new ones on and put my shoes back on. "Now you are perfect.", he said. Don retied my wrists, placed a leather collar around my neck with a leash attached and guided me to the door. "We are going for a little ride.", he said. He blind folded me and lead me back to what I think was my car. He put me back in the trunk and told me I better behave myself. We drove for about a half hour or so and then stopped. Don opened the trunk and unblindfolded me and untied my wrists. "You better be a good girl and do as you are told. Do you understand?"

"Yes.", I answered. I was quickly smacked on the ass. I winced from the pain. I was still hurting from earlier. "Yes, sir.", I corrected myself.

"Now, we are going to go inside and I'm going to have a little something to eat and you are going to stand right beside me and keep your eyes down at all times.", Don helped me from the trunk. It was my car. We were at a truck stop. "Clasp your hands together like you are praying.", I did as told. "Good girl. Remember eyes down and stay three paces behind me. When I sit down you will stand next to me. You do not open you mouth to anyone unless I tell you to." Don picked up the leash and I followed three steps behind him. We entered the truck stop and went to the restaurant. Don was seated at a booth and I stood beside him. The waitress had not noticed that I was on a leash until Don placed the loop that he was holding around the coat hook at the booth. I stood with my eyes down and hands clasped in prayer as Don ordered and ate. I could feel the truck drivers starring at me as they ate. When Don was finished he said, "I have to use the restroom, you stay put." When he left I noticed that another man followed him out. They returned together.

"Celeste, this is Bill. Bill is a friend of mine. He likes you and you are going to go with him. You do what he tells you to do. He's paid good money for you so you better make him happy.", Don handed my leash to Bill and Bill lead me outside to his truck. It was very hard to climb up into the cab of the 18 wheeler in heels and a skirt but with Bill's help I was able to make it in. "Don put it out on the radio that he had a hot little cock sucking slut. I hope you are as good as he claims." Bill undid his pants and pulled out his cock. "Don't just look at it girl. I paid good money for a blow job get to work.", I couldn't believe that Don was pimping me out. I sat motionless for a minute I thought maybe I could get away. I could just open the door and run. "Don told me to remind you of what will happen if you don't do as you are told. SUCK MY DICK, BITCH!" I didn't want another spanking since I was still hurting from the last one. Bill yanked hard on the leash and pulled me off of the seat and closer to him. I took Bill's cock in my mouth and slowly sucked his dick. I varied my rhythm from hard and fast to slow and easy. If Don asked, I wanted Bill to say I was the best he ever had. I used my hand to jerk him off as I sucked his dick. Up and down my head bobbed. "Oh good girl, Celeste. You've done this before......Suck me faster slut." I did has he ordered and he quickly came in mouth. I swallowed. "Good girl, get out." I climbed down from the truck and headed back inside the truck stop. Don meet me before I could make it all the way back in and he was with another man. I walked up to them. "Celeste turn around." I turned my back to Don and the other man. I thought he wanted the other man to get a good look at me but I was surprised when I received two very hard smacks on my ass. "Celeste, turn around. Do you expect me to pick up your leash? Should a man have to pick up his sluts leash?" I nodded no. Don smacked he across the check. "Answer me when I speak to you."

"No sir.", I answered.

"Pick it up and hand it to me, cunt." I handed him the leash and he handed it to the other man. I was lead back to another truck. I knew what was expected of me so once we were up in the cab I unfastened his pants and gave him what he paid for. It didn't take him very long to cum and I was worried that he would tell Don that he wasn't happy. Instead he told me that I was the best cock sucker he had ever had. I got down from the cab and headed back into the truck stop. I could feel eyes watching me from the dark truck cabs. My heels clicked loudly in the early morning calm. I felt very vulnerable. If anything happened there really wouldn't be much that I could do. I didn't know where I was. I had no money or ID and I was dressed like a girl. I walked a little faster and my heels clicked a little loader. When I came back into the restaurant Don was not there. The waitress pulled me aside and asked me if I needed help. I shook my head no. She told me that I shouldn't let any man treat me the way that Don was. I was worried that Don had asked her to talk to me to see if I would break my promise not to speak with anyone. I didn't want to get spanked again. So I just smiled to let her know that I was okay. She sighed and pointed me to the truckers lounge. Don was watching TV and I went and stood beside him. I was holding the leash in my hands so that I could offer it to him when he was ready. Don stood up and started to leave. "Come on, Celeste. I'm disappointed. I really thought you would make me more money then you did. I'm feeling generous though. I'm in the mood for giving presents." I followed behind like a good girl. We reached my car. Don tied my wrists and ankles and put me back in the truck. It was almost dawn.

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3 years ago
Wow! That was great. I didn't quite make it to the end. The signs of a good story. I'll finish later. :)
3 years ago
can't wait for the next installment!
3 years ago
mmmmmmmm nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
What happened next?
3 years ago
Looking forward to the next chapter this was very hot and interesting thanks